Uzbekistan Seizing 15,000 Bibles; Christian Fined

By BosNewsLife News Center TASHKENT/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- Uzbekistan on Monday, February 28, still refused to release some 15,000 Bibles that were seized earlier by customs authorities and the Bible Society of Uzbekistan said one of its staff members was fined for "violating procedures."

NEWS WATCH: Russia Transfers Christmas Billions To Ukraine Amid Concerns

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife russiaukrainenow KYIV/MOSCOW (BosNewsLife)-- Russia has begun transferring billions of dollars to Ukraine as part of a controversial economic deal that critics say is aimed at re-establishing the Soviet Union, and amid concerns over the mistreatment of pro-EU activists.

NEWS ALERT: Russian Christians In Meteor-Hit Region Appeal For Prayers

By BosNewsLife News Center with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos meteorCHELYABINSK/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- Christian missionaries and a pastor in Russia's Ural Mountains appealed for prayers late Friday, February 15, after a meteor with the power of an atomic bomb exploded over the region injuring more than 1,000 people.

NEWS WATCH: FBI to support Russian security at Winter Olympics

Listen to Stefan Bos' report: RealAudioMP3  By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife 130204125446-2014-winter-olympics-in-sochi-russia-5-horizontal-galleryMOSCOW/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)--The recent attack which left at least five people dead in Stavropol, in southern Russia, has heightened security fears ahead of the Olympic Winter Games due to take place in the Black Sea resort of Sochi next month. The United States, which will send 250 athletes to compete in the games, says the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will have dozens of people in Moscow and some in Sochi to assist the Russians.

Syria Christians Attacked Ahead Of Presidential Speech (UPDATE)

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos DAMASCUS, SYRIA (BosNewsLife)-- Beleaguered Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned Sunday, January 6, that those fighting against his rule would "go to hell",  after rights activists said a shell hit a Christian area of Damascus and a car bomb exploded elsewhere in the Syrian capital.

Tatarstan Christians Facing Arson Attacks On Churches

By BosNewsLife News Center in Budapest churchdestroyedMOSCOW/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- As New Year approached, Christians in Russia’s predominantly Muslim internal republic of Tatarstan were still awaiting the outcome of an investigation into the destruction of at least seven churches during 2013.

NEWS WATCH: Russia, US Hold War Games as Cold War Looms

Listen to this BosNewsLife News report via Vatican Radio:RealAudioMP3  By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife planeKYIV/SIMFEROPOL (BosNewsLife)-- Troops of the NATO military alliance and Russian forces are holding war games at different sides of the border with Ukraine, amid mounting concerns of a possible new Cold War between the West and Russia. In Rostov-on-Don where the ousted Ukrainian president Yanukovych has been staying, riffles, machine guns and rocket propelled grenades are used for war games.

BREAKING NEWS: Dozens Die In Moscow Metro Suicide Blasts

By BosNewsLife News Center in Budapest with reporting from Moscow MOSCOW/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- At least 37 people died when two female suicide bombers attacked two different locations at Moscow's underground metro system, including near the Kremlin, Russian officials and witnesses said Monday, March 29.

Christian Maya Don’t Believe End Of World Predictions

By BosNewsLife News Center earth MEXICO CITY/MOSCOW (BosNewsLife)-- Christian Maya looked on in wonder Friday, December 21, at the invasion of foreign tourists to ancient cities in southern Mexico and Central America where they expected the world to end based on ancient Maya predictions.

NEWS WATCH: Security Official Assassinated in Russia’s Ingushetia

Listen to this BosNewsLife News report via Vatican Radio: RealAudioMP3 By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife officialnowMOSCOW/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- Officials say a top regional security official has been shot dead in the troubled Russian republic of Ingushetia in an attack that the local leadership linked to his efforts to end violence.