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Rush Limbaugh has been released from hospital after suffering chest pain.
Rush Limbaugh has been released from hospital after suffering chest pain.

HONOLULU/WASHINGTON (BosNewsLife)– Thanking listeners for their “prayers and good thoughts,” America’s controversial conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was released from a Hawaii hospital, after experiencing severe chest pain and what he thought was a heart attack.

Limbaugh said tests at Queens Hospital in Honolulu, where he was brought Wednesday, December 30, showed however “there was nothing wrong” although he admitted that medics “don’t know what caused” his chest pain.

The 58-year-old host was rushed to Queens Medical Center Wednesday, December 30, after calling security personnel at the nearby luxurious Kahala Hotel.”All of my life I have wondered what a heart attack would be like…At 14.30 on Wednesday afternoon I experienced pain in my upper left chest like I never experienced before,” he explained. Because the pain didn’t disappear despite “walking around and sitting down,” Limbaugh called the hotel’s security staff who he said came “instantly” along with medical personnel.

He said he arrived “within 20 minutes” at the hospital. “Once I got here, I had no fears because of the manner I was treated,” he said, praising doctors and nurses who “alleviated the pain within half an hour.”


Limbaugh, who strongly opposes President Barack Obama’s plan for near universal health care for all Americans, said his treatment shows that the United States had the world’s best health care. “Based on what happened to me here, I don’t think there is one thing wrong with the American health care system,” he added. “It is working just fine, just dandy.”

Limbaugh, who in 2008  signed a contract believed to be worth $400 million, denied he received special treatment as a rich and famous person. “I got no [more] special treatment other than anyone else would have got. The care was extensive, it was personal and it was complete.”

The hospital said Limbaugh’s experience shows that people should take chest pain seriously and call in professionals as soon as possible.

The talk show host has a history of health problems, ranging from previous addiction to pain killers for back pain to hearing and weight problems. He denied reports that he is currently taking pain killers for back pain.”


Limbaugh described his recent health scare as “a very humbling experience.” “I am overcome with all of the prayers, the cards and the flowers that have come in from people all over the country.”

Separately, in a message on his Website Limbaugh told his listeners that he was “feeling strong and rested.” However he said he was taking “several days of rest over this weekend and the early part of next week.”

He pledged to be “back on the radio” sometime next week “taking the advice of so many of you to rest and fully recover.”

Limbaugh, who claims to have up to 20 million listeners, is a controversial figure. He has been praised by many conservative Christians and other Americans but also criticized by non-conservative Christians and even the White House for his tough formulated positions on issues ranging from immigration to health care.


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