Award winning Journalist Stefan J. Bos is the founder and Chief Editor of BosNewsLife. He was born on the 19th of September 1967 in a small home in downtown Amsterdam, in the Netherlands not far from the typewriter of his father, who was (and still is) a Reporter and Ghostwriter. Already at a very young age Stefan J. Bos decided to become journalist and finally arrived in Hungary in 1984, the same country where his parents had smuggled Bibles during Communism.

Stefan J. Bos has traveled extensively to cover wars, terrorist attacks and revolutions throughout the region as well as other countries including  Burma, Georgia, India, Iraq, Israel, Laos, Lebanon and Thailand for national and international media, such as Voice of America, Deutsche Welle, CBS-News, Belgium VRT Radio and Television, National Public Radio, Market Place Radio, Dutch Business Nieuws Radio, Vatican Radio and others. He received the Annual Press Award of Merit from the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for his coverage about foreign policy affairs including Hungary’s relationship with NATO and the European Union.

small_120_anesbosAgnes R. Bos is co-founder and Editor of BosNewsLife. Born in Rahov, a mountainous town in Western Ukraine, Agnes R. Bos began writing at an early age, including poetry and art critics amid difficulties with Communist authorities who persecuted her grandfather in a labor camp in Siberia. As she searched for more freedom to do her journalistic and creative work, Agnes R. Bos felt compelled to start a new life in neighboring Hungary where she arrived in autumn 1989 the year that Communism collapsed there.

Since 2000 she extensively covers news from Central and Eastern Europe for the Russian services of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Radio France International (RFI), after working as a researcher and producer for several national and international radio and television networks, like the Voice of America, Belgium radio and TV, Deutsche Welle radio and TV. She has traveled extensively through the region during the historical changes and covered the overthrow of President Slobodan Milosevic in Yugoslavia, expansion of NATO and European Union, also reported from other parts of the world, including civil war in Burma, persecutions in Laos and recent military conflicts in Georgia, Iraq and elsewhere in the world.