By Eric Leijenaar, BosNewsLife Senior Special Correspondent

Patriarch Abune Antonios was replaced by a government official.

ASMARA/AMSTERDAM (BosNewsLife)– Eritrea has detained 15 monks in the capital Asmara for allegedly planning actions in and outside the African country against the “government’s interference” in the Eritrean Orthodox Church, rights campaigners confirmed Tuesday, July 7.

Netherlands-based advocacy group Open Doors, which supports Christians persecuted for their faith, told BosNewsLife that the monks planned to publish details surrounding the choice of patriarch.

More details surrounding the arrests and their names were not released, apparently amid security concerns.


Amid government  Patriarch Abune Antonios pressure was replaced by a state-appointed official, but Orthodox rules say the church leader can only be dismissed for “immoral” activities, according to church observers.

“The arrests of monks are remarkable as they are part of the Eritrean Orthodox Church which has been officially recognized by the government,” said Open Doors spokesman Klaas Muurling. So far, he said, “Persecution mainly focused on Christians outside these churches” and towards believers “who actively want to share their faith with others.”

Some 2,800 Christians are believed to be detained in Eritrea, including in prisons, underground jails, containers, military camps and labor camps. They live in horrible circumstances, Open Doors said.

The Eritrean government has denied mass Christian detentions saying  “no groups or persons are persecuted in Eritrea for their beliefs or religion.”


  1. Whoever wrote this article may be able to deceive Europeans with this cheap lie but not Eritreans, Christianity was introduced to Eritrea in the third century AD, half of the Eritrean people are Christians (majority of whom are Coptic or in other circles known as Orthodox Christians). The first Muslims took refuge in Eritrea, around the city of Massawa, the first ever Mosque in the world was constructed in Massawa, before there were Mosques and Shrines in Mecca and Medina. Half of Eritrean people are Muslims. The Eritrean people accepted these two religions before the majority of the world and lived in harmony ever since.

    During the British military administration (1941-1952) they tried to ignite religious hatred and war between the Eritrean people by spreading false propaganda and even deliberately arming people to kill each other, cooler heads prevailed and a religious war was averted. During the Ethiopian occupation of Eritrea every trick in the book was tried to divide the Eritrean people using religion and ethnicity as wedge issues, and now after the Eritrean people frustrated and overcome artificially created divisions, the propaganda blitz against the Eritrean people has intensified by blatant lies like this one.

    Memo to the author of this hit piece disguised as legitimate news, the Eritrean people have been living in harmony for millenia, they accepted Christianity and Islam before the majority of people of the world and lived in harmony, your clumsy attempt at dividing the Eritrean people will not work. What is most laughable is that your attempt at trying to make the Eritrean government look like an extreme Islamist, for your information, the majority of the people in the government are Christians, get your facts straight.

    • too much lies & fabricated is by the aksumite kingdom in todays ethiopia that Muslims took refuge
      not in eritrea.eritrea is major exporter of thankless refugees

  2. Dear Abatmer,

    We don’t know what “Ethiopian occupation” or “British military administration” has to do with this news report on the estimated 2,800 Christians detained in Eritrea. Your sentences seem from a government textbook. Just for the record: this report is no “clumsy attempt” to “divide” the Eritrean people, but an attempt to inform both Eritreans and non Eritreans around the world about news developments in this country. As an independent news agency, we have no judgement on the religious affiliation of the government you seem to know very well. Yet, after reading your commentary, critics might wonder why so many Christians are detained if indeed “the majority” of “the government are Christians.”

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  3. Stefan Bos,

    The Ethiopian occupation and British military administrations are the first outsiders to attempt to divide the Eritrean people by artificially trying to brew non-existent religious conflicts. What proof do you have that there are as you put it “estimated 2800” Christians detained? as soon as I exposed your fabrications you resorted to accusing my comments of coming from the Eritrean government. I am a proud Eritrean who supports the government, if you have a problem with that, there is nothing I can do about it, but your accusations won’t stop me from exposing your lies.

    If you are a genuine journalist why not go to Eritrea and ask legitimate questions to the people and government? Your lies and I say again clumsy attempt at trying to divide the Eritrean people on non-existent religious persecution will not work with the Eritrean people for they know themselves better than some foreigner with an agenda and possibly an ax to grind. I don’t know if you misunderstood what I meant by the majority of the people in the Eritrean government are Christians, the message I was trying to convey was; why would Christians persecute their fellow Christians? any person with common sense can figure that out.

  4. Dear Stefan,
    There is no independent press anywhere in the world and ours the best for we Eritreas we don’t buy your big lies where ever we are …at what ever circumstance …because we knew you more than you can imagine…Please you guys need to read Eritrean history esle ask your forefathers who failed to implement their evil thought …and the only secret is because we fear God ….not just like you moke and used for politics…but deep inside our heart…if you have an understanding mind…you should understand otherwise…leave us alone …we don’t anything from you …I would rather advice you to walk up from your deep asleep and help your needs brothers and sisters who are lossing their Godly spirit and each and every minute trying to dismantle people rather unit, fuel war rather stand for peace, you guys walk up!!!!!! May God Bless you !!!!

  5. Dear Asmara,

    Yes there is an independent press, but perhaps not in Eritrea. I don’t know what you mean with “we knew you more than you can imagine”. I trust it’s not meant as a threat to stop reporting. We obviously will continue to report on reported persecution in Eritrea as we do in all countries where news is made. And Abatmer, obviously the 2,800 figure is based on numerous sources and human rights groups. We are not the only news agency reporting the 2,800 figure, some even have said close to 3,000 Christians are detained.

    Representatives of the European Union have also expressed concerns about the situation in Eritrea and even suggested to hold up millions in financial assistance to the country. As a government supporter, that may not be something you like to see published, but we view it as a fundamental right for people to get information in a transparent way.

    It is perhaps understandable that I said your comments “seem” from a government text book, or perhaps government declarations, as they appear similar to for instance Presidential spokesman Yemane Gebremeskel. He told the Voice of America that reports that the Eritrean government is harassing, arresting, and torturing members of certain Christian denominations are false. “Fifty percent of the population are Christian, 50 percent are Muslims. This is a land of Christianity, of 1,300 years of Islam, which has been here since 700 A.D. You are talking about a very pious country which has little intolerance, which has Christians, which has Muslims, which has even a synagogue. So what are you talking about?”

    So it’s not only an “accusation”, plus you yourself now admit to be a government supporter. It’s up to you whether you support the government or not. We report, our readers make the decisions. Indeed I ponder as you: “why would Christians persecute their fellow Christians?” Who knows? Perhaps they view Christianity more as a religion they inherited, unlike many of the detained Christians who view it has a living personal relationship with a living God who revealed Himself in the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  6. Dear Stefan,

    Of course, genuine reporting is not a threat, but a pervert, non-existence, fabricate reporting is an axe of evil threat… Shame on you talking about human right… rather put the other way round…You said basic human right. “Seeing is believing” …I advice you to visit Eritrea…and then you will get the basics of human right…once you look the Eri-youth in Asmara and the Eri-refugee somewhere in your place…for your knowledge not long ago in Italy when Eritreans who denied their basic human right went to ask for and were put down, tortured in a way they have never see in their life…may be it was during colonialist period…but not in the new Eritrea. You know that very well …but non of the west media or what you call human right advocates voiced that…but only the Eritreans…did that accept it or not we Eritreans trust in God (Allah), our savior Jesus Christ, our government and our people…But never to the external media….may be we can entertain with…otherwise…don’t fool yourself…it is not as most of you would think…all in the west are intellectuals and all in Africa are not…you need to go around to see the reality on the ground…and that is indeed the main cause of all media hostilities against Eritrea…as it is hard for them to see Eritrea standing on its two feet…so you should be ashamed feel ashamed to talk about human right…human.. Eritreans or other fellow Africans are humans like you are with no less no more …if you have really a human hear there are millions of people just on your side help them…you don’t need to go or talk far to Eritrea…unless you don’t have a hidden agenda…and pretending like “a wolf in a sheep clothing” we are tired of it so will never buy it…just laugh at you…we are mature enough like you we are Christians like you we believe in our savior Jesus Christ…thanks God! For limiting humans capability otherwise they would destroy themselves like what we are witnessing these days here and there and every human is perceived and treated humans in the same eye and way ..whether it is from Africa, Latina, Asian, Europe, or American, or Arab…whatever God knows as his creature who lead the other creature on Earth…So the very question that you need to ask is why we people are doing evil although they are aware that it can harm people or other creatures…that is the genuine human rights but I don’t see with those who claimed themselves as human right activist rather become political tool to instigate crime and likes…we have the same capability, but we can cooperate each other genuinely not with conspiracy or ego.. …God don’t like people to be polarized each and every people has equal rights as the other humans have…but you are trying to do polarize people by assuming one more Christian than the other… Christianity is not pretention but faith and faith in God with your loyal hearth.

    I urge you to stop pretending and come back to your core ..God…and don’t fool yourself by assuming yourself more knowledgeable about God…more Christian than other Christians..
    More human than others I have seen in my eyes human right activists what they do practically. If you think you really want to help serve God, you don’t need to advertise, or go far to Asmara, or somewhere, start from your very neighbor I know there are millions of people in the middle of Europe or States….or likes who are starving and suffering more than you would imagie in Africa so what is the truth then…those people running to Africa while they have millions on their side who can’t support themselves. “Those who really sever the word of God never publicize their deeds” because if you believe in God …God can see what is in your heart not what you posted on the news. So my friend get back to your sense…
    May God bless you!

  7. This news is true. Any Eritrean can call to families in Asmara and can confirm the news. The regime in Eritrea under Issaias Afewerki has committed similar atrocities against other faith groups, so there is no doubt that the monks are already in jail and it is unlikely they will face a judicial court in Eritrea, like many political prisoners, journalists and elders before them languishing in jails all over Eritrea.

    Fthi N

  8. Dear Asmara,

    I am happy to learn that you respect “genuine reporting” saying it “is not a threat”. Because that’s what we have been doing. No more, no less. We deeply respect the African people. I did not say I have more knowledge about Christianity. I just wondered why a government, that you say is mainly Christian, would detain 2,800 other Christians. I agree with you that there are people in other countries suffering as well. That’s why we also cover other nations. But this story was about Eritrea. As you can see on our website, we also report on other countries, including for instance reported cases of persecution in for instance Iran, China or Pakistan. And Fthi, thank you for confirming the report and sharing your concerns about the situation in Eritrea. We will closely monitor the country in the future as well.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  9. The great nation of Eritrea, a beautiful mosaic of nine ethnic nationalities whose population is evenly divided between Christians and Muslims, a model of cultural and religious Harmony based on historical and deep rooted traditions of religious tolerance and cultural harmony.

  10. Dear Stefan,

    Don’t twist my words, if you don’t understand the door the open otherwise these is an indication diverting things….Don’t ge me wrong ….respect people the way as you want people to respect you… I told you we don’t want you at all…..who are you at first place to monitor? don’t fool yourself …if you have a desire of monitoring a country…may be you can practice at your home, but not Eritrea….we don’t need lecture….information, money…..just simply leave us alone…. can’t you understand this……it means you have a problem…… You have indeed disclosed yourself…I recognized you from the beginning …and now you confirm you are such as tabular-rasa toothless stooge….puppet…walk up from you deep asleep… is really a curse when people don’t exploit their full potential, but the worst is when people are evil doing …although they new…and the ….God bless u

  11. Dear Asmara,

    I fully understand that as a very vocal Eritrean government supporter you don’t like our critical stories. As an independent news agency, not puppets, it’s our right and also our obligation to monitor news, wherever that comes from, including Eritrea. I am not twisting your words, I was just reacting to your statement that “Eritreans or other fellow Africans are humans like you are with no less no more…” I fully agree and once again say that we deeply respect African people. Yet you said something interesting. “We don’t need lecture….information, money…..just simply leave us alone.” I understand that you don’t like to read stories you consider “lecture, information” for reasons pointed out earlier. But money? Have you checked back with your government in Asmara? If so, this may be interesting news for the European Commission. They have announced an “indicative amount of € 122 million and will cover the period 2009-2013” for Eritrea. “This is funding from the 10th European Development Fund.” If Eritrea doesn’t need it, as you seem to suggest, perhaps it’s not too late to stop this transfer from European taxpayers, especially in this time of economic crisis. For the record, the EC is also concerned. “The European Commission remains concerned over the human rights and governance situation in Eritrea. The continued detention without trial or visitation rights of prisoners of conscience, the absence of a free press, severe restrictions on freedom of expression and violations of religious freedoms and the non-implementation of key provisions of the Eritrean Constitution are some of the matters that the EU gravely deplores. This situation causes human suffering and the Commission believes that Eritrea will only make significant strides towards economic and social development when there is improvement in this situation” the EC said in a recent statement. And to Debunker: We doubt that that the estimated 2,800 Christians detained in Eritrea will agree with you that Eritrea is “a model of cultural and religious harmony based on historical and deep rooted traditions of religious tolerance and cultural harmony.”

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  12. Stefan,

    Are you naive to waste your time arguing against this chump! I hate to be stereotypical but unfortunately elite Eritreans and its leadership are one and the same. It is a nation created with false hope of creating the African singapore, but tragically they trample thier own peoples basic right of worshiping…

    It is enough you give this cadre to voice his thought on your site, you don’t need to waste your time in frivolous back and forth……Just leave this cadre alone.

  13. Peace and Love for all Eritreans…… The British and Italians Tried it before and they never succeded and I Know will not succed because we Eritreans are well informed and will never get decieved.

    Man…Eritreans consider and we believe that Religion is between the individual and the Creator…Go to the Bar and Have some drinks and disturb in the streets you go to jail….Go to the mosque and when you come out hate in your christians friends and you will go to jail…Go to church and when you come out hate in your Muslim friends and you will go to Jail……..That’s Written on the walls on the streets in Eritrea and Also that’s what my dad told me in a small village in Eritrea called Halhal just around Keren. So I dont know why would the Governement Jail christian believers..There is no reason I think. The Eritrean population won their independance with nothing but UNITY and HARMONY….We didnt Have AK-47 to fight for independance we had to unit christians and Muslims to win independance..So how are the Eritreans going to win their independance fight for development and self reliance ……Your article is anti-christ… And that’s my conclusion mate.

    God is the Greatest

    Victory to the Masses

    keeping the promise of our Martyers..Will God shelter them in Heaven!!!

  14. Dear Johama,

    I agree with you in general, but at times some of the arguments were so strange that I had to react. And to Love: It’s obvious that the article is pro-Christ, not anti-Christ, perhaps you should read the story again. I don’t know why the EU and USA “supported” the “Ethiopian regime” to kill, if that is indeed the case, which I very much doubt. However that has nothing to do with this particular news story, which once again was not about Ethiopia, but about Eritrea. We have also done critical stories on Ethiopia. But this is about E-R-I-T-R-E- A.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  15. Dear Stefan,

    Have you seen the impact of blind sympathy to a dectatorial regime? Unlike in other countries, there are some in Eritrea who are happy when their people are killed, imprisoned, tortured by this one man government. You are the one, who can inform us and the World what is going one back home. What those supporters of Isayas are saying is, ‘stop talking even if our government imprisoned 2800 Eritreans. This is non of your business.’ I am deeply sad and shameful and ask my self; where are our shared values of humanity?


  16. Dear Stefan,

    Now you disclosed yourself that you are aka politician or puppet of west intelligence you don’t show any point that your argument pro-Christ….instead my brother told you what you are standing for is anti-Christ…I think he don’t know you in person, but he read from your blind argument.

    Don’t get me wrong about the “money” Eritrea gov’t is the only who don’t support aid …but cooperation of course…

    May God open your heart!

  17. Dear Asmara,

    I think reporting about the plight of 2,800 Christians detained for their faith in Christ is, even to the outsider, pro-Christ. No I did not get you wrong about the money. You said “we don’t need money”, so that’s why the 122 million euros of the European Commission for Eritrea came to mind. Sure the EC is more than happy to “cooperate.” What do you propose? Having discussions? Just check back with Asmara, because it once again is still not too late perhaps to prevent that money of going to Eritrea. Or do you mean: send the money, but keep your mouth shut about human rights? I don’t think that will be acceptable to Brussels.

    Best regards,


  18. Dear Stefan,

    I think this saying obey the word of God, but what you have put on your article contradicts with…so our argument sounds like… “agree to disagree ever”.

    “Sin in the scriptures means missing the mark and in causing little children to miss the mark by giving them and their families false and misleading information about their government and their God given country subsequently leads to losing ones identity, patriotism and dignity.”

    May God open your heart again!

  19. Asmara and Abatmer what if I told you I was in Eritrea a year ago and the government was really arresting Christians for their faith!!! If you are a Jehova Witness or Pente they will take you to jail and torture you until you revert to your original faith (Orthodox). I know a lot of people who died in prison and nobody was charged for their murder!!! I bet you guys are either Kids born in foreign countries and have never been to eritrea, or old Ass government supporters!!! shame on you guys!!!!

  20. Johama,

    First and foremost you got to understand your immature small brain won’t stop us from reaching our goals and aims. I would rather advice to take time to advance rather wasting your time to reflect your atter ignorance and lack of common sense ….

    May God Help You!

  21. Dear Humanity,

    Don’t through words just because you heard western media reported it….you need to look at the message from all its rounds…. You meantioned about humanity, dictotorship, I don’t think you have understood the meaning of these word in-depth….it sounds you are just borrowing from the media outlets …you need to realize to those who seek hegemony …humanity is killing the innocent people directly or indirectly by fueling war providing arms …etc Similarly dictotorship in the dictionary of those very people is…the one who is patriotic ,stand for his people and country, gave zero ground for those who came like a wolf in a sheep clothing….then when they gaveup with him they nick name him dictotorship…etc

    On the otherhand where masacred in mass , ethnic cleansing is common, corruption is high, and mock election( and can rule for 18 yrs)….But they serve the interests of those very people(to hegemony) while denying the intersts of their people and selling the resources and interests of their country…..are merely democractic, humanitarian…..

    and all these websites are outlets of those people (not free press)…..the only free press i can say for every people is his national news agency otherwise report that comes cross the border is for interst…not sympathy at all…..had they had sympathy they would send weapons to places where people are killed in massess ….and wouldn’t turn their face to those don’t ever requested aid…instead to those who really need food……

    A lots of things to know….my brother…

    May God open your eyes to be able to see the reality!

  22. Asmara and others
    The article is perfectly true if you are not sure call Asmara and comfirm. The entry code is +2911…landline ommit zero. If you are one of the Cadres who are commiting the crime ofcourse this and other simmilar articles will be headache to you. The current leadership of the ER government has failed in all aspects what is needed is peaceful transition by accepting the truth. How and when is a timely question but sooner or later will get answer and the criminals will get the price of their actions.

    Mr Stefan you have done right any one who denies the fact is a criminal who has blood in his/her hands so don’t expect easy words or knowledgeable arguements. They have lost their mind and keep piling their crimes one after another.

    Thank you keep it up.

  23. Hi everyone, Muslims and christians have lived vailence free in Eritrea before and after liberation. The difference is before liberation muslims and christians were always separated in weddings and all other social gatherings each proud of their own culture and values. Now after liberation the government wants both muslims and christians to celebrate national and other social events together, which the people are being forced and not being left free to choose on how they wanted to celebrate their ceremonies. Any one who opposes the government policy and way of doing is subject to imprinsonment, people who want to live peacefuly with their family then simpley accept the governments policy to stay away from prison. In regards to aid the governmet pretends that the nation is relaying on its people and not in foreign aids, so as a result most people at home and overseas belive Eritrea is so unique in comparison with other African nations because Eritrea is managing without any aid. In realities this is not true, Eritrea gets aids from EU, the world health organisation, Oxfam and other sources for national development and health care needs of the Eritrean people. One wonders why the Eritrean government keeps this secret from the very people it was denated from, and why Isayas stopped the food aid programme which could have helped the people in need but didn’t stop the money aid. Young people are leaving the country because the endless national service without any payment is unberable. It just gets worst when you think about the nationals imprisoned for simply expressing thier view this applies even to people who fought during the 30 years struggle, we Eritreans respect Isayas but please stop imprisoning national for bits and pieces.

  24. Dear Asmara,

    I admit I am a sinner, just as anyone else in the world. The Bible says: “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (-Romans 3:23). However the good news is that everyone’s sin debt has been paid and that those who accept that will have eternal life.
    “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (-Romans 6:23). And ofcourse: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only
    begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (-John 3:16). That’s what those estimated 2,800 Christians detained in Eritrea believe. And that’s what I have done as well. I hope you (have/will) also. This article was one of those, perhaps rare, cases where I did not sin. Unfortunately you miss the mark by suggesting that we have given children and their “families false and misleading information about their government and their God given country…”. I would not go as far by calling you a sinner for saying that. Everybody has the right on his or her opinion. And unlike in Eritrea, we welcome different comments on our site as long as they don’t call for organizing violence against a certain group, whether they are Muslims, Christians, Jewish people or anyone else.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  25. stefan bos,

    you are so naive man, you really don’t know Eritreans. I don’t think you realize who you are engaging with. Eritreans, the most irrational and stubborn people on planet earth. trust me, stubbornness is their trade mark. you will have a better discussion with the most unfairly judged people the Somalians than Eritreans. Mark my words, as some one suggested above, the reason why the Eritrean government is undermining Christianity is, because he has throughout his struggle against ethiopia been supported by Arabs and still being supported, so he has to impress his masters. secondly, Although he tries to portray Eritreans as integrated, the Muslim Christian division is so deep that, I won’t be surprised if you a few years down the line write about religious war in Eritrea. check out their opposition web sites, you will see a clear, highland(christian) law land(muslim) divide.

  26. Dear Truth,

    I would not say that all Eritreans are the most irrational and stubborn people. Ofcourse it’s clear for me that those with whom I have the discussion with are either die-hard supporters of the government and/or government officials. However as a matter of fact it is my impression that average Eritreans very much like to see change in their country. The Christians who are detained are not “irrational” or “stubborn” but would like to be able to express their faith freely. Unfortunately there are religious divisions in the country.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  27. Stefan Bos.
    Stefan i think you are Ethiopian.
    The choice is to you.
    choice 1. Keep your money and shut your mouth.
    Choice 2. If you want give us money give us but also shut your mouth.
    We Africans are not stupid people, we know how to rule our country. We don’t need you lies.
    Like Asmara have said: Seeing is believing” …I advice you to visit Eritrea…and then you will get the basics of human right. But i think you are born and growing in Ethiopia, so you will not understand that. People like you and Eritreans who never been in Eritrea leave alone in the past months like me would believe this kind of story’s.
    How can you be independent news agency if your work is only copy past lol, get the real picture brother. If you have never been in Eritrea to see if this kind of story’s are true or not, you cant be independent but just copy past journalist.
    Ok answer my Q. My family in Eritrea are Jehovah’s why are my family members not in prison.

  28. Dear All,
    To those who pretend that you are Eritreans or you were in Eritrea or Eritreans are the most irrational/staborn…etc negative… All these hearsays we Eritrea won’t buy it…you shed crocodile tears… But the policy and stance of Eritrea and Eritrean gov’t is very clear and very consistent….that is why those who seek hegemony…want accept… so the only think they can do is …lie to people…But what i am really upset with is that …using the Christ or God’s name for their evil works….these people even they don’t have a fear of God although they undermind the very innocent people….the only think we can do is pray for them to discover they common sense and act humanly and according to the word of God….

    Stefan, you tried to talk about sin and Christ… you are so naive or ignorant about Eritrea….Abatmer explained to you several times…Eritreans Christ and Moslem background is from the very beginning…But you yourself and your likes try to undermine our faith and install their made-up…or politically oriented and moke Christianity….I shouldn’t say but that is the reality….if you want evidence search the youtube about Revelation 13…and Obama…

    fool me once, it is shame on you, fool me twice, it is shame on me!

    God Bless you my friends!

  29. Dear Stefan,

    I do not like to start a tit for tat conversation with Asmara. I knew people like him. They are ready to defend the ugly face of this militarist/dictatorial government. I feel very sad when I remeber my elder brother who died to ‘liberate’ Eritrea. He died, I believ, for a good couse. To freed my people from the Ethiopian Empire and there by introduce justice, democracy and development. Now, where is Eritrea in terms of justice? How many Eritreans are in prison without any judcial procedure for years? Is there a constitutions that protects basic human and democratic rights in Eritrea? What is the percentage of poverty in Eritrea? Was there an improvement or a continues decline of livelihood? Stefan, is I believe not an Eritrean. He posted the truth; if not, the where about of those Christian Eritreans will remain silent. On the contrary my fellow Eritreans are protecting or trying to justify injustice. When I observe this and other similar realities, my brother come to my mind and feel very sad. Will there be a time for our country where people can live in peace and without any fear?

    I will pray for that.

  30. Dear Peace,

    I am not an Ethiopian, but I don’t know what that has that to do with a news story. I am not sure why your family members, who you claim are Jehova witnesses, are not in prison. Perhaps they are lucky. “At the end of 2007 there were at least 2,000 religious prisoners of conscience, mostly from evangelical churches,” Amnesty International wrote, before that figure rose to 2,800 or even more. “They included women and children and some had been held incommunicado for more than three years. Among them were 27 Jehovah’s Witnesses, three of whom had been held in Sawa military camp since 1994.” Obviously we don’t shut up about human rights. And I also think the European Commission clearly wants to see an improvement of human rights for the 122 million euros it intends to provide Eritrea from European taxpayers. I would say the choice is yours and of the government you seem to support. Once again we never said that Africans are stupid. We have repeatedly said we deeply respect the African people. As “believing is seeing” is concerned, the Bible seems to suggest otherwise: “Jesus said to him, Have you believed because you have seen Me? Blessed are those who have NOT SEEN and yet believe.” (John 20:24-29 RSV). And Asmara, I don’t know why you mention Revelation and Obama. I don’t know what they have to do with the news story on the 2,800 Christians who are detained. However I strongly wish for you John 3:16. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  31. Dear Stefan,

    First and formost don’t mix-up the holy word of God with distorted politics… be realistic …if you are believing without seeing then why do you believe one side and don’t believe the other side…my friend it is not as simple as you would imagine…in other words you are judging people…but you don’t have any right to judge…to put that verse here…you should be free from any bias or taking side….by yours is simply a diversion…although a 5 yrs child would tell you that you are aka stooge of those who see hegemony….I am feeling seek when you talking human right …human right…please respect Africans are human like you no less no more…they have dignity…so they deserve to be respected not less than the way you want to be respected…I will ask you simple questions…who is causing all the conflicts in Africa? who is finacing and stambling from making peace? Every African knew who is doing what? it is as you would imagine…so talking about human rights in Africa and other poor countries who are victims of these greedy people….it is not violation human right…but also undermining the humanity of those people…so please respect…If you don’t know anything of the details of what you are doing…i think you are mature….not a kid anymore…so you should seek the reality from the very ground…before you put stuffs here….because you things will obviously change….then those who are violating and causing all these massacre will be held accountable…asked why I mentioned Revelation 13 and Obama….Okay that is good question…i thought as if you knew….the very Christian you talking about…the Pentecostal …or Evangelican….whatever you called….were the ones who tried to associate Obama with Revelation 13:14….i.e. anti-christ…just for very simple reason…coze he has African origin…that where i gave up with your christianity……

    May God Bless you!

  32. Peace please live upto a nick name you have chosen at least for a while. You have covered yourself with a nice nick name but you wrote crime. You are the one who needs to go to Asmara or at least call, rather than shouting and blaming people who have spoken the truth and naked the barbaric actions of the current regiem of criminal leaders.

    The governemnt is not inprisoning Ethiopians they are torturing and killing Eritreans, why do you think an Ethiopian will speak in support of innocent Eritreans. The Ethiopians inprisoned and killed our inocent parents and brothers in our time. They said they need our land not Eritreans.

    We are Eritreans the way you think you are Eritrean for your self. The current leadership has not lived for their word and entered in mess and couldn’t come out of keep killing and torturing to coverup their failures. At least to say something about the oppressed is right of our concience if you have heart for the Eritrean people.

    The article has said very small part of what is being done in Eritrea by the barbaric and inhuman regime.

    Stefan keep it up. This are just like I said they are an accomples or the active partisipants of the crime.

  33. Dear Asmara,

    I don’t know which group associated President Obama with Revelation 13. But once again I don’t know what all that has to do with a simple news story about some 2,800 Christians detained in Eritrea. Just to confirm: We respect very much the African people. I don’t know which Christianity you are talking about. Because one group makes a certain statement, doesn’t mean that you yourself can not accept Christ as your personal Savior and Lord. That personal relationship is the basis of Christianity, not “my” Christianity, whatever you mean with that. I leave religion to other people. And Fithi Yemane thanks for your encouragement. Indeed the news story is just a small part of a bigger picture of reported rights abuses in Eritrea.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  34. Ok Stefan: What do you mean what that has to do with this news. A lot brother a lot. Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians write day and night untrue story about Eritrea. Like they have done it the past with theire Sovyet friends cuba yemen Libya. They do it again now but with USA. But it will not keep up back. B/c the true is son our side.

    Why do you belive them but not me or some one else, YOu have seen nothing. I am Christian they are Christian why do you belive them but not me. B/c they are white, so it needs to be true. You think this Ethiopians who write here they are Eritreans. You are clearly Ethiopian. They way you treat Eritreans.
    Ohh ok now you are going to tell me that my familiy have lucky, and whta about the thousends then. Do you think there are only 27 Johovas in Eritrea. There are thousends friend thousend.
    Here we go again, why are you using bibel txt. like if i dont know that. You really think that we dont know nothing he.

  35. Dear Stefan,

    I know too experienced in diverting truth and arguments…that is the very nature of you…and your likes…..You said what has to do with you the news….of course it has a lot to do with….simply….at the first place we knew Christ before your small circled head gets it…. or starts to mock it…. and the second thing is the reason i raised the Revelation is to just get an impression of your faithfullness and in-depth knowledge about Christ….But that very immature…comment that a 5 year child wouldn’t even make such a comment in a public…but your shallow and pretended fake faith did…and disclosed your maturity and legitmacy to talk about the very holy word of God….. so that proved you are simply not legitimate, but politically oriented….seek hegemony…and coming as wolf in a sheep cloth…like you…. who keep nonsense argument….don’t want to admit his lies and face the reality and very true word of God…

    God Bless you my friend,

  36. hey guys, stick to the subject, stop blaming Ethiopia, for all your endless misery. ask your damn self, how long are you going to blame others for all your shortfalls. you are not part of Ethiopia or the world for that matter, so shut your winging mouth and do some thing with your empty independence. or spit it out if you think you bit more than you can chew.

  37. Dear Truth,

    I would perhaps have said it somewhat differently but I agree with you that Ethiopia has nothing to do with this particular news story. We have also done critical stories on Ethiopia however. Peace, the 27 number may well have increased in the meantime. However rights watchers would argue that even one is to many. Asmara, besides your general statements about how much you don’t like the story on the 2,800 detained Christians in Eritrea, I don’t know which “immature comment” a small child would not have made. Perhaps, in your view, I am with my statement about the essence of Christianity less than a five-year-old child. Yet, it were the small children who gave us a good example, the Bible says. In Luke 18:15-17 for instance: “Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” So Asmara, I am in good company, I hope you too…

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  38. Dear Stefan,

    You must be kidding or agreed to disagree. My friend be realistic please…1)if your Christianity doesn’t believe in equality of humans whether it is color/region/financial difference 2)if your Christianity is focusing on countries that natural resource/geopolitical strategic place/other factors that would interest the greedy west 3)if your Christianity is fueling war and diseminating lie among people who lived in harmony 4) if your Christinity is claimin in a 100% moslem/other religion and instead with the word of God …you draw people with their flesh or other needs…5)if you don’t love other people like the way God loves us regardless of their believe/color/ financial status/where they are or come from…6) if people have their own understanding and reservations in a way of their belief and don’t respect them i.e. judging mine is right…theirs is wrong….while no one is entitled to judge upon the other…if you did and you will judged when the time comes…7) you said childern…that is very true …but i don’t know…perhaps you are talking about only western children …otherwise…your greedy, inhuman, deeds is massacring the innocent children, mothers, and fathers….go every corner of Africa where there is a conflict…you will find either a NGO’s ..missionaries..humanrights..and others of these mock organisation..perhaps you and likes “reporters” so what you are talking about if these are what your Christianity is all about…that is not what God promised us…that is not what our lord Jesus christ crussified for… it is the contrary….But all what see is rather the deeds of anti-christ… …

    Have the truth and the truth will set you free… it won’t be late even if you stop from all your wrong doing and we have a wonderful God …forgiving God…So please put an end to what you are doing…and do the things which bring peace…let people to love each not fight each other…that is what all about the word of God…love each other unconditionally….

    May God bless u my friend,

  39. Dear Asmara,

    I am not sure which Christianity you are talking about. Certainly not mine. Perhaps that’s why you started most sentences with “if”. ‘My’ Christianity could be said in a simple verse John 3:16: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever
    believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.” The children I was talking about were not neccessarilly Western or white. In fact, I believe, based on Gods Word, the Bible, that they may well have been colored children. Jesus traveled through Israel and what are now the Palestinian territories. I agree with your “Have the truth and the truth will set you free…” That’s what we are trying to do everyday here at BosNewsLife. There is nothing ‘anti-christ’ about that. However I agree that Eritrea’s government and its supporters may not always like what they read. It’s ok to “love each other unconditionally”, but that doesn’t mean we should be silent about reports of persecution, including the estimated 2,800 Christians detained in Eritrea. No reports from “mock” organizations, but from very well respected investigators and sources in Eritrea. Finally you mentioned the crucified lord Jesus Christ. Jesus obviously died for everyone, as made clear in John 3:16 including for what you consider “mock” organizations or reporters. But may I suggest to you that this is only the half Gospel. In fact, we are not celebrating a crucified Jesus Christ, but a RISEN Lord Jesus Christ after a painful death so we also can have eternal life. Apostle Paul said it well in 1 Corinthians 15:14-19: “And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith. More than that, we are then found to be false witnesses about God, for we have testified about God that he raised Christ from the dead. But he did not raise him if in fact the dead are not raised. For if the dead are not raised, then Christ has not been raised either. And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins. Then those also who have fallen asleep in Christ are lost. If only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are to be pitied more than all men.” (New International Version).

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  40. Dear Stefan,

    Well! i am afraid that you are missing my points. If you think you are not of that type don’t interfer among brothers and sisters. I believe whatever the nature of the government he cares and sympathsizes about his/her own people more than any outsider if the people and gov’t kept free from any outsider. This is very true! if you told me you care and sysmpathisize for these people more than their gov’t and people it is simple not true. So when you write such articles try to take into consideration the audience …like me an Eritrea and the news source is outsider…you can decieve me or my brother and sisters where ever they are.

    Let me put this way i won’t say you don’t report …may be that could your career…but if you are really Christian don’t report something negative about any other country other than your home country…if you did you should know that you are doing something wrong…politicians put it in this way” don’t interfer in the internal affairs of any other country” because you don’t know the real cause of the problem….and you should understand your report won’t heal rather it fuel and create animosity and disbelieve among brothers and sisters…. this general not about Eritrea only. But we Eritreans have been in such situation for several decades so will never buy such lies.

    Forexample, won’t you mind if i came to your house and report about your personal life that would threatend your family(marriage) something like that….i am sure you answer is NO….think a little bit deeper like this…then you will understand the pains you putting into the very innocent people whether unconciously or intentionally……

    A Chrisian with the wisdom of God would only pray for people he thinks they have a problem, as he/she belief God the only one who can be sure about the said problem and he is the only force who can address that problem. But instead of prayer putting action is an indication of lossing your faith on God…that you are trying to do by your own. I believe nothing is happening on concidence so you don’t know what God’s plan for Eritrea is….so I personally advice you to stop interfering and just remember Eritrea in your daily prayer this is stronger than any weapon you would imagine…lauder than any media your would imagine..but if your really believe from the from the bottom of your heart.

    God Bless u!

  41. Dear Asmara,

    I certainly believe in the power of prayer. However as a journalist I also have to do my job. In this age of globalization we obviously have to report on international news stories as well. The European Commission for instance is planning to give 122 million euro in aid to Eritrea. Obviously European taxpayers have the right to know to where that money goes and the general concerns about that country. However we are not only reporting on Eritrea. And yes, I am also reporting critical things about my own country, the Netherlands. For instance when a Dutch minister planned to send away Christians persecuted for their faith in Iran. God uses doctors, bakers, pilots, taxi drivers, carpenters, journalists, street sweepers. As going to my own country. No I don’t mind at all if foreign journalists critically cover my country and the mistakes. I think it’s valuable. As private matters are concerned. We obviously have not done that, but reported about the plight of 2,800 people in prison for their faith. It’s good to pray for them, that’s also why we publish this story, so people know about their plight.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  42. Anta Asmara
    Please have a litle of right concience. You called this guy who reported the truth an outsider who speaks lies. If you are Eritrean then does it make you autematically that you speak the truth about your people. You are a hypocrite who is agetated of the truth becouse either you benefit from it or you are the actual perpetrator. There is no dought the article is perfectly true. Even if he is DUTCH he is saying the right report abou Eritrea.

  43. Dear Stefan,

    Well! if you believe in the power of prayer, you don’t need pointing fingers i think. If the report was to inform other people to pray for them , definetly the report shouldn’t be like this. But this report is politically motivated, nothing less nothing more… all what you are trying to say to defend your report is diversion and cover-up… you should admit that your report is politically motivated…

    We Eritreans are also one family so as you don’t want any external interference in your very family(marriage)…we Eritreans also don’t want any outsider to put hand in our internal affairs at all at what ever circumstance.

    I am also surprised why you’re repeating the 122 million several times, I don’t have any information about it even. But if it is true I would like to thank the doners on behalf my beloved people and country. However, you should expect more than that…the very reason you are putting it now and then sounds as if you are expecting some kind return from Eritrea. If it is aid that it, we thank you nothing more, if you are expecting a return you are naive. If the aid is coming as usual with conditions to expand your sick hegemony dreams you are providing your aid to the wrong people, Eritrea is not like that the police of the gov’t of Eritrea is very clear and consistent specially in matters like aid. Indeed it is the very reasons the western media revolving around Eritrea 360 degree with its sick dreams, because it didn’t work out and will not work out their evil tactics in Eritrea. We believe in God not in powerful nations or aid as your small circled head would imagine. On the other hand I would like to let you know that it is not a free aid . I don’t any difficulty to imagine how stingy a greedy man is …we are not naive to believe a greedy man to offer aid for free unless and otherwise they do have some interests or in return. So even I would call it is a cooperation instead an aid. I am sure you are getting back more that the amount you offered as a cooperation whether directly or indirectly…so I don’t see any reason why you are repeating it. We are not that kind of people, if you misunderstood Eritreans don’t believe on aid …unless there are catastrophs which is very natural.

    So I challenge you stick with your prayer and make rearrangement with your reporting(only positive).

    God bless u!

  44. Dear Asmara,

    With all due respect, but I don’t think it’s up to you to decide whether the report should be like this or not. It’s called press freedom. Yes I believe in the power of prayer, and that’s why it’s good for as many people as possible to know what’s going on in Eritrea and other countries in the world. The report is not politically motivated, it’s just a general news report. There is no diversion and cover up. All I can say that you don’t like to read that 2,800 Christians are detained in Eritrea. About the 122 million euro was just to underscore my point that we live in an interconnected world, and so is the reporting. For the short term, no I don’t believe the European Union will make any profit from that money. It’s not a commercial investment. However from a moral point of view ofcourse we all benefit. It’s nice for you to see Eritrea as a family. Reporters are welcome to visit and criticize my ‘family’ as well. I don’t know what you mean “we are not that kind of people.” Once again, I say we deeply respect the African people. The Netherlands also received aid, for instance after World War Two but also during major flooding. It helped us to develop. I wish the same for Eritrea and any other country in the world. I am sorry for you, I will NOT make “rearrangement” with the reporting, as long as there are reports that thousands of Eritreans are being held for their faith as well as others including journalists. Unless you have something new to add I propose to end this discussion as we clearly do not agree. Feel free to comment again on our next story on Eritrea.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  45. Abatmer, Why are you blaming the BOSnews for telling the truth you must be one of the Issias’s dectator. Your people are suffering in every corner starvation, poverty, religon freedom and political crisis. When you said, Ethiopia tried every trick to divided the people and religion that’s so untrue of course there was a political problems but everyone was respected what religion they believe in by that time unlike nowdays. If your Eritrean people have freedom of everything why are they fleeing to neighboring countries 20,000 thousand in Tigray, 20,000 Sudan, and more in Egypt, Isreal so on they are keep running away because they got tired of living in hell. So, if you care about your peole do somthing.

  46. asmara,

    ‘We Eritreans are one family’ bla, bla, utter fallacy. you see asmarom, you and the likes are fantasists at the expense of the suffering thousands, if not millions. By the way, people are tired of your repetitive slogans such as these once, ‘ we eritreans love our country’ bla bla. one wonders where you get this idea that others don’t love their country. but i guise there is some thing you are not sure about or feel guilty about, but too stupid to admit. could it be that you are confusing greed, obsession, ignorance and arrogance for love? just curious. If you your people, you should put their lives before your idiotic ego.

  47. Dear Neighbors,
    I know there are things that we can agree upon, but at the same time there are things that we can agree upon as well. Therefore, as President Obama used to state lets focus on the points we agree on for the betterment of our country, people, region and continent. Let’s not be the chess board of the greedy neocons, enough is enough ! Fool me once it shame on you , fool me twice it shame on me! The recent visit of Obama should inspire the African youth, to work to turn over the dark history of exploitation and its aftermath massacre and genocide.

    So let’s not be fooled by their misleading and decieving media, and temporary incentives. If we can’t work together to combat these evil deeds by the external, it is gonna be hard to achieve peace and stability in the region. Therefore, we need to smart enough to overcome all the hostilities coming towards us in different kinds, colors, ways…etc. You may think that you would gain something by opening doors to attack Eritrea, but you got to know in the next time they will be turn back you …although we had difference we need to come together for sustainable mutual benefits which would lead us to peace and prosperity of the people, countries, and the region overall.

    May God open your heart to understand these truth!

  48. you are paranoid asmara or you are just looking for scapegoat to fool your ever unsuspecting people. the CIA or the west for that matter doesn’t need to spend a penny on campaign to get to eritrea. Trust me, they are capable of blowing you out of your rusty colonial building just like they did to your fellow Somalian terrorist leader a while a go. stop fantasizing about the west being after eritrea. there is nothing to gain from your locust ridden Eritrea.

  49. Dear Friend,

    I can see you, you are obsessed with Eritrea and that is why you can’t see the cloud surrounding you. Or it could be also I am over ambitious to expect any positive from such a narrow minded and don’t have the capability to look at things beyond his nose. Instead i should pray for you and likes. Otherwise talking to you and likes is tantamount to talking to a stone.
    I don’t want to get into debate whether they can blow us or not, because it was the fact the so called border war answered i think. So I told you if you want to advance your life try to live with a godly heart otherwise you will remain as such ignorant “hostage of history”.

    God bless u

  50. Dear Peace,

    You must not have seen my previous post. I spoke about the Jehova Witnesses. I said that the number of 27 Jehova Witnesses detained in Eritrea may well have increased in the meantime. However rights watchers would argue that even one is to many. Finally I really don’t have time to go back and forth on this issue, as we are very busy now with other news stories. We will ofcourse continue to report on Eritrea as well whether you like that or not.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  51. Fithi, have you realized that you were exposed? those wo were pro Stefan were our Southeren neighbours, oops. Stop your gosip about our country.

    I would advice my brother from Asmara to stop responding to this paid agent. Have you ever seen when he writes about other countries no one resonds to his article. You can see when you punch him so hard, he said lets stop.
    There is one thing I could not understand when he becmoes more than Eritrean to have concern for Eritreans, B.S.

  52. Dear Tekebash,

    Interesting to hear from you again. It was not that he “punched” me hard: It was just that I thought there were no real new arguments in our discussion. As for reactions. Last time I checked I saw six comments on Hungary and more than 30 on Iran so far. Oh, I am not a “paid agent”, just a journalist who will obviously continue to also report on Eritrea whether you like it or not. It’s not “gossip”, for that I suggest you go to other sites, but the, for you apparently, inconvenient truth.

    Best regards

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  53. Dear Stefan Bos,

    I have read the reactions from many Eritreans. The reaction mostly charges any news that is negative about Eritrea is an attempt to divide the country. That is what they would like to believe. Some of them even said that Eritrea is a land where Muslims and Christians have been living in harmony for a long time. As an Eritrean I agree about this but this has nothing to do with the news. This news is not about division about religions in Eritrea it is clearly about repression of Christians by Eritrean government. By the way in Eritrea peoples of all religions were living in harmony before the current government is established so there is no credit for the current government about this. This shows the maturity of the people of Eritrea. In the same way the current repression is done by the government of Eritrea not by the peoples of Eritrea. Well now I would like to respond whether the news is true or not. As usual the individuals who are attacking the journalist that he is trying to divide the nation, being ignorant, an agent, western media distorting the fact etc etc. Well go on and send your furious words but you will never change the fact. The fact is that this is not the first news media to talk about his. Eritrea’s rank in the free press is the last in the world even behind the North Korea, religious rights are not respected, people are getting arrested because of their political views, there is endless forced conscription and the list is endless. To know the fact it is easy and all it takes is just to Google the word ‘Eritrea’ and you do not even need to add another word. The fact will be there even from the most credible sources in the world. As our proverb goes ‘if you choose to sleep consciously, then no one can wake you up’. That is what is happening to all those individuals who are attacking this news site unethically. You can repeat a million lie but cannot even make it a fraction a truth. Repeat is as much as you want but it will remain a lie. Now everybody knows your tactics. You try to bombard the website with lies so that you can make the writer to think that his/her news is wrong. But I have a good advice for my fellow Eritreans who choose to be blind about the fact. ‘If more than two people say that you head is not there, you better check it whether it there or not’. If you want to claim that what is written here is not true ask the current refuges who are heading to every direction. Call to Eritrea to seek the truth. It is crystal clear that those individuals who are furious about this article are those die hard supporter of the government who live in the Diaspora. They do not even know that they are enjoying a democracy of those great nations which gave them protection. They are expressing their views here freely, but the real Eritreans who are suffering do not have any voice other than web sites such us this one. If Eritreans living inside the country were given free voice then your voice would have been insignificant. The truth would have overwhelmed you. But for now enjoying democracies of the West you are expressing your ideas and still claim there is no free press in the US or Europe. This is hypocritical, untruthful, and selfish. I am a witness for everything that is going on inside Eritrea. If anyone one want to challenge me take your topic, I can give you my e-mail bring your facts and I have my facts then let’s see who is right. But accusation is another matter, attacking is another matter and examining the fact based on rational analysis is the only option.

    My message to the journalist (Stefan Bos) is obviously you will be intimidated by those individual supporters of the Eritrean government who have a voice due to the free press and rights they have in Europe and the US. But you will not be able to hear from the true Eritreans who are suffering inside the country. No matter what the reaction just seek the truth and publish it in the news. There is a simple but grand advice that I borrowed from the Greatest ‘TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!!!

  54. This is what respectfullness and loyality is all about, unlike Stefan’s and likes distortion of the truth with utter pretention.

    Pete Says:

    July 12th, 2009 at 2:14 pm
    “I have lived and worked in Zanzibar as an American for many years, working with arts organizations and secular institutions. What is a known fact is that Evangelicals and Pentecostals can be aggressive in their proselytizing and trying to “save” local people. Zanzibar is a 95% Muslim country and does not need saving. The statement written by felix is biased and uneducated, and frankly disrespectful to a community which has co-existed next to Christians for hundreds of years (see the Christian church in the capital Stonetown which co-exists peacefully with Muslims in the city).

    Many of my friends in Zanzibar are both Christian and Muslim, and work closely together for the betterment of their communities. it is my guess that the churches that were burned inflamed the local population with aggressive rhetoric or actions which led to this. While the actions of the people who committed crimes against the churches were definitely wrong, at the same time those same Christian organizations have no business trying to convert or “save” people. Trying to do so only inflames anger and resentment and does not serve the cause of those Christian organizations nor serve the local public who seek to live in peace with their own beliefs and traditions. By the way, I am Christian and son of a pastor who doesn’t preach the word of God through saving the “unbelievers”.”


    You will find in July 12th, 2009 at 2:14 pm report of this article in Africa (Tanzania)

    God bless you!

  55. Dear Picaso,

    Thank you for your encouragement to continue reporting the truth as best as we can. We certainly will do that and I agree with you that many Eritreans have no access to a free press or may be even afraid to write here on this forum, although they can do so without mentioning their names. To Asmara, I am not sure what you mean with “This is what respectfullness and loyality is all about.” Based on your posts so far I guess you mean loyalty to the Eritrean government. As for “unlike Stefan’s and likes distortion of the truth with utter pretention” I would encourage you to again carefully read the well-sourced news stories here on the reported persecution of thousands of Eritreans. For the record: I herewith publish the comment I also posted to the Zanzibar story as you seem to agree that Christians should stay away from certain regions or countries.

    “Dear Pete,

    You say, “Zanzibar is a 95% Muslim country and does not need saving.” Obviously Bible believing Christians would argue that God wants to save anyone, regardless their ethnic or religious background. Jesus said in John 14:16 “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” He did not say “a” way, “a” truth, or “a” life. So if someone believes that, he or she obviously feels compelled to share that news with anyone. Jesus even told his followers to go out and preach the Gospel. In Matthew 28:18-20: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” He said “all nations”, He didn’t say “don’t go to Zanzibar because it is a 95% Muslim country.” Jesus also warned of persecution when being saved. In John 15:18-19 for instance: “That is why the world hates you. If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” (New International Version). That was also I think what Felix wanted to point out to you. The fact that many Christians are still living in relative freedom in several Western countries is a miracle indeed. Here at BosNewsLife we like to remind them and others about those who are (already) persecuted for their faith.”

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  56. Dear Asmara,
    I have been following you line of arguments and you are obviously an outspoken loyalist of the Eritrean government. There is no problem if you are a supporter as you are categorically denying the facts. One of the character of your arguments are you do not stick to the issue that is been addressed rather you chose to raise issues that has nothing to do with the news published in this website. Since it matters to Eritreans I will try to respond to some of them to set the record straight.
    I will start with your argument that ‘there is no independent press anywhere in the world’ and I would like to point out that there is also objective reporting about the truth. If as you said there is no independent press, I am sure there are 100% free journalists who die to report the truth. I am shocked that you said the only free press for every people is his national news agency otherwise report that comes cross the border is for interest’. This is shocking and simply pure ignorance. Fortunately, you negate yourself on this matter as well as the others because most of your arguments and the sources you are using in your arguments are foreign media mostly Western media. So you use Western media for your arguments but still claim that the only free press is national. So let me put it this way. As long as the news fits to your concept of reality then it is free regardless of the source. But if it is against your view of reality then definitely it is not free. This is very surprising. You even mentioned that Eritrean refuges were tortured in Italy but none of the west media or what you call human right advocates voiced that. Any way the Eritrean refugees are in this mess because they are not safe in their own country. They did not come to job as they had to cross the border defying a shoot to kill policy of the government, they had to cross the deadly Sahara desert, and then to cross the Mediterranean sea. On the way the majority of them die in the harsh reality. All of this mess is simply because of the mistreatment of the government and yet you are trying to twist the fact to suit your argument. You claim to believe in God but you are ready to play by the blood of those innocent Eritreans. If the Western media did not report this, then where did you hear this news from? I am sure Eritrean government media do not even want to raise it. But you heard it from the Western media and still you are ready to use it for your arguments. Here I will simply say you are lying here are the links for you some of the major Western media such us VoA, BBC, and Reuters immediately airing the news. So here you are not going to fool anyone.
    Another shocking and ignorant statement you made is this ‘so accept it or not we Eritreans trust in God (Allah), our savior Jesus Christ, our government and our people’. Here even you are not ashamed to put the Eritrean government and people equal to God. So you believe that Eritreans believe in God and the Government. So that is the version of Christianity you are preaching here. By the way I am Eritrean and I am sure you do not have any prove that Eritreans believe in their government. If there is no election then how do you know this fact? If Eritreans believe in their government then why are they heading to exile? If you believe in the government, then why don’t you go back to Eritrea because I am sure you are living in the West? You even accused the journalist that implying that he is a racist. What do you mean that ‘all in the west are intellectuals and all in Africa are not’? Are you trying to intimidate the journalist because this is sensitive issue? I have not seen any indication of this in the news. But this only reflects your inferiority complex.
    Another argument you raised is the ‘main cause of all media hostilities against Eritrea…as it is hard for them to see Eritrea standing on its two feet’. I think you must be joking here. Can you tell us why the West does not want Eritrea to be on its feet? Well I am surprised what interest they have in this. There are numerous countries standing tall on their four limbs let alone two so why is the west only want to do this to Eritrea. Why not to South Africa for instance? Or Ghana? Then turning the other way round why is Eritrea hostile to the West? We know that Iran and North Korea are at odds with the West because of their nuclear position. But we do not know why Eritrea is in taking this action. You need to answer that. Taking you argument to another level you said ‘so everybody who talks about Eritrea has a hidden agenda’. What about the government of Eritrea who keep telling us everything about Somalia and Ethiopia seven days a week and 365 days a year? Is there any agenda? So for Eritrean government it is acceptable but for other it is because of their hidden agendas. You also stated another hypocritical statement when you said ‘we do not want aid or money Eritrea gov’t is the only who don’t support aid’. Of course this is what they want you to believe in. In the first place the government is running by financial assistance from the west and other UN agencies. This is crystal clear. Second the government is not hungry, but it is the people who are hungry. Of course living in the west and getting the social benefit that you enjoy which by the way is an aid in its own regard, you do not need aid to be given to Eritreans. You raised your status to the level of spokesperson of the government when you said ‘the policy and stance of Eritrea and Eritrean gov’t is very clear and very consistent’. I bet here you do not know anything about the government’s policy let alone to its consistency. Can you tell us what are the policies and consistency? To me the only consistency is torturing Eritreans and repression. You also said the news is interference in Eritrea’s internal affairs. I do not see how it is interference. But again it is acceptable that Eritrea should interfere in Somalia and Ethiopia according to you. The government that you believe in publicly stated that the Eritrean government did not, do not, and will not recognize the government of Somalia. All opposition groups of Ethiopia are stationed in Eritrea. Is this interference? Oh I apologize, it is the government of Eritrea that is interfering, so it is not an interference. Interference applies only to others as I understood it from you.
    In summary, your arguments are flawed, contradictory, incoherent, and reflect narrow interest. You are not ready to listen others but to the government of Eritrea.
    This response is the first part of my comment to Mr. Asmara the main vocalist of the government of Eritrea. I will soon post the second part.

  57. Dear Picaso,

    I doubt your Eritreanity,if you insist you must be a loser “paid agent” else you are lagging far behind you got a lots of stuff ahead of you. The luck of in-depth understanding of the main issues is your main weakness, if you are not from the selfish who compromise the dignity of Eritrea for little money.

    Moreover, to mention few of my points you misunderstood , you said I am getting a news from the west, what kind of news “fabrications” of course that is why i am arguing. The other point the gov’t of Eritrea doesn’t report this kind of news, if there is no such thing happen how come you expect a news. But they do report people who found guilty and charged as per the severity of their crime, if you want make sure you can check every suday there is a special programme in Eri-tv.

    Last but not least about God and the gov’t of Eritrea…I believe in the divinity and compeletness of God, so do the Eritrean people.. and that is why we trust our gov’t nothing is happening in considence …that is my believe… if you think there is a problem seek from your God not from man otherwise your are belittling your humanity and God’s almighty power.

    God bless u

  58. Dear Asmara,

    As I expected your response is again full of accusations and has not provided facts for your argument. You simply accuse me that I am lagging behind or I luck in-depth understanding of the main issues. Well I told you in my earlier comment; do not hide behind general statements and accusations. Break them down and talk point by point with facts. Accusation and intimidation is another matter but if you are debating an issue or issues bring your fact back your points with facts that is all I want to ask you. I pointed out several facts to you in my previous comment but rather than providing yours, you jumped into intimidation and questioning my citizenship or as you choose to call it ‘Eritreanity’. According to you if I am an Eritrean, then I am a paid agent. These kinds of accusations are being repeated by you as a parrot, otherwise it is the president of Eritrea who is your role model in this. I have posted the link for you how the Eritrean president Issaias Afewerki responds when he is challenged by journalists. Instead of answering or arguing using his facts he jumps into accusing the journalists the same way you do, or to put it right you accuse people the same way he does. This is typical behavior of a paranoid person who thinks everybody is against him. That is what you are doing here. In response to my point you said that the news that you get from the West are ‘fabrications’. No problem lets accept them as ‘fabrications’. But my point is you are using them in your arguments several times against different issues and therefore, if they are ‘fabrications’ your arguments are also based on fabrications. It is as simple as that. You also said the Eritrean government reports on ‘people who found guilty and charged as per the severity of their crime, if you want make sure you can check every Sunday there is a special programme in Eri-tv’. I know this fact very well and I follow the programs. It is called Higin Hibretesebn (the law and the society). Well let me clarify my point on this matter. First of all, all I have been sing in the program is simply the police report about the crime. I have never and ever seen in the program those so-called criminals defending themselves in the court of law. Surprisingly, the program has never mentioned the sentence they received. They simply put them in prison. I am not saying that those people did not commit any crime. But our suspended or scraped constitution clearly puts it that any one is innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. They should be given a free and fair trial where they can defend themselves personally or through a professional lawyer. But this is absent in the program. I am sure you have noted this but again I would not be surprised if you would like to deny or again to accuse people. Another point is those crimes are civil crimes such as theft, money fraud, and physical attacks. What about the political prisoners. Have you ever heard about them? What about the journalists, the religious people, the former ministers, and military commanders? What about all those youngsters who have been arrested for over eight years now because of their political opinions? Have you ever heard of their crime? Their crime is ‘treason’ according to the government. We heard the word ‘treason’ from numerous dictators before. We heard it from Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin, Mengistu Hailemariam, Mugabe, etc etc. But I am flexible person and let me accept those people committed treason. Then what is treason should be defined to me. What level of treason have they committed? The government should report the crime they have committed and a free and independent court should see the facts brought by the government. Otherwise the government is the one that is accusing and the one that is arresting, and is the one that is putting them to jail or worse to kill them. No government in the world has any right to do this. Only a fair and independent court can say that someone is a criminal. NOT THE GOVERNEMENT. But the government do not even want to talk about them let alone to bring them to court or the TV program you mentioned. If there is no fact or evidence then the choice is obvious, it is only intimidating people and that is what the president and his followers prefers to do. So again you have to answer to me why the government or to put it clearly because the country is under a one man show, why the president chose to silence and destroy people who held other views other than his. The answer is simple it is just ‘power’. And finally, you said that you trust the government and this is a personal matter and I should not tell you to mistrust your government. But in all your arguments you said that ‘We trust the government’, ‘we Eritreans …..’, ‘we do not do….’. Well can I remind you that you only have the right to represent yourself and no one else? To me the only way to express my trust to the government is if I am allowed to elect my leader and government. Otherwise, trusting unelected sitting government repressing the people is your problem and you choice.
    At last I have provided you a link as to how the president attacked journalists instead of answering his questions. He apparently has no facts or issues to address. In such kind of situation he becomes wild and loses his head. This is for your enjoyment Mr. Asmara. If it helps you in knowing better the man then good, if not you can use it to enhance how to accuse people boldly.
    The second link is about a report in Eritrea. In the video you will see the hungry people of Eritrea lining for food aid. This is against the picture you try to paint here about Eritrea. In the video the Eritrean Minister of labor and Welfare, Askalu Monkerious, clearly says that the aid is not enough because previously the aid was 20 kilos per family per month but now it is 12.5 kilos per month and she said that there is no enough aid. The Eritrean government official demanded 190 million USD in aid for Eritrea. Well then you are saying the government of Eritrea is the only government who rejects aid but the story here is very different. And it is very clear as you can listen to it from the MINISTER. But she could be a paid agent as well. Open your mind and see all facts.
    The following are the links for you and enjoy the videos!!

  59. Dear Asmara,

    After all those comments exchange we had, you still think that abusing children and other people is the ‘Christianity’ I was talking about? I am really surprised, and I think many people who have read my replies to you. I am sure many mistakes are made in the name of religious Christianity, including by people who call themselves evangelicals. That doesn’t mean they are evangelicals. That’s why I have no religion, just a personal relationship with Christ. And so have the estimated 2,800 Christians detained in Eritrea. They love a loving Lord who said: in Matthew 5:39: “But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

    And: “You have heard that it was said, “Love your neighbor
    and hate your enemy.” But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those
    who persecute you (Matthew 5:43-44).

    By the way in the Old Testament you can read: 1 Samuel 17:47: ”
    It is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves;” I believe a reference to what He would do for you and me in his Son Jesus Christ.

    As there are Muslims who kill and murder in the name of Allah, there are name-Christians who kill and murder in the name of religious Christianity. Unfortunately Christianity has become for many a religion, divined by church traditions, hierarchy, which has nothing to do with it. The Bible speaks about a personal relationship with Christ and the transformation of the heart that follows. John 3:16 is a good verse to start. Clearly, if the story you mention is correct, the people carrying out these abuses have not become Christians in the Biblical sense of the word.

    I know you want to search for reasons as why we should not report on the 2,800 Bible believing Christians detained and counting because of their faith in Eritrea. We will not be intimidated by you and other government supporters and continue our work.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  60. Dear Picaso,

    With all the due respect, I should tell you that you are Ethiopian. You repeatedly used the word paranoid and i wonder what you would call yourself when pretending as an Eritrean while the you’re not. You are so naive that you are trying to lecture me about basic politics, human right, rule of law… etc Again i tell you are far behind my friend.

    Thanks to the most high God, Eritrea, Eritrean people and government were, are and will be like one body… the traitors , liars, betrayers and likes as usual they will perish.

    Praise God

  61. Dear Asmara,

    I don’t know whether Picaso is Ethiopian or not, and I don’t think it’s important. I don’t know in which Bible verse you read that God, Eritrea, the Eritrean people and government were and will be like one body. I trust you don’t suggest they are instead of the Body of Christ, who include all believers, including Ethiopians, Eritreans, Dutch People, Jews, everyone who accepts Him. As for the traitors, liars and others who will perish, you apparently have another ‘gospel’. The Bible says: 1 Timothy 1:15 “The saying is sure and worthy of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” Including those liars, betrayers and others. Even me.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  62. Dear Stefan,

    Okay! if you don’t have any affair with any religion or political institution and you are aware that people are abusing Christianity for their selfish interest … first and foremost you should put your hand there at all…. the only thing that would clear you from …is just when you stick your relationship with christ only…..and help them with your prayer!!!

    Otherwise you should admit that you have an affaire whether it is religion or political institution.

    At last I would like to let you know keep barking and Eritrea will keep striding to reach its clear goals… we won’t be intimidated too!!! this was what I have been trying to let you know that truth never scratched may be you can try to paint different color for the moment but it will never loss its very color….rather all the aritificial or make up start to shed and its true color start to shine more and more… that is what you are going to see in the near future….

    Praise God

  63. Dear Stefan,

    it is funny that you start to play with my English…..

    I am sorry for the confusion if it really confuses you…it was supposed to be Praise God!…..

    Also it matters whether he/she is Ethiopian or not, because I know no single Eritrea compromise with his country and people regardless of their critiqes about the current gov’t… we all Eritreans know what Eritrean means for us….

    Well, it sounds that you are flagging green card for people to liars, traitors, betrayers… to pursue their evil actions. In another words you are supporting the sad news about the children. I would say their actions should be absolutely condemned. Of course each and everyone of us will be judged according to our deeds….

    God Bless u

  64. Dear Asmara,
    As far as I am concerned you are incapable of dealing with the truth. I provided you with dozens of facts but you provided none. Unfortunately, you choose to run into accusations and intimidation the same tactics used by the perpetrators of the regime which I think you are serving their cause directly or indirectly. Apparently you do not know what it means to live in Eritrea. But I know about it with full heart. I had been trained in the dictator’s military camp and taught how to kill people and in the process I was tortured by the commanders. I have witnessed the repression of the University of Asmara students and the closing down of the only University in Eritrea, I have witnessed the mass arrest of journalists who are currently languishing in torture camps reminiscent of the Nazi concentration camps, I have witnessed the youth heading to exile choosing to risk their life rather than to live in the harsh reality of the current regime, I have witnessed the dictator arresting his comrades who probably fought bravely against the Ethiopian occupation more than he did and I am sure you know this fact very well. You were used to applaud and praise those former ministers but now prisoners. But now you choose to deny every fact. I also witnessed the parents of the youth who escaped the country fined heavy fine (50,000 Nfa equivalent of 3250 USD) or else jailed. I also witnessed Christians being arrested and their churches closed down simply because of their faith, I have witnessed youth rounded up from the streets and joined the army against their will, I have seen farmers leading a hungry life because their beloved ones are in the endless army conscription or because they lost them in the war, I have witnessed the constitution of Eritrea being scraped, I have witnessed the free press being banned, and the atrocities and crimes committed on the citizens of Eritrea by the regime are endless. On the other hand I have also witnessed individuals taking the opportunity to align themselves with the regime to get temporary benefit. I have witnessed the army commanders and their cliques sucking the blood of the innocent. Any way I know you are not capable of dealing with the truth and all these facts will be beyond your comprehension. Therefore, let me deal with the news broadcasted on this web site which is the prosecution of Christians. I am sure you are not being able to deny this fact because there are a lot of prove about it. I remember the time when the Christian faith in Eritrea taking another turn. Christians of other congregation other than the traditional Eritrean Christian religions of Orthodox, catholic, and protestant started to intensify their activities. With their powerful message and gospel songs they started attracting more youngsters than those traditional religions. The youngster started to become more peaceful and disciplined. They were against any form of violence. Well this is against the objective of the government. The government created a militaristic society where heroism is measured by how many enemies you kill or how you bravely fight than how many people you saved or feed or treated. Even in the army those Christians were not silent. They were courageous to speak about the truth and apparently the truth is inconvenient to the army commanders and the government. Even in the army they were well respected by their fellow conscripts. This was seen as a threat to the government’s policy of creating brutal and unforgiving army like that of ancient Spartans. Finally the government started to take bold actions of dismantling their churches and arresting whomever is following fervent Christianity. Those who were arrested were made to sign a statement to renounce their faith and never to repeat the act then released. But those who chose not to give up their faith are languishing in the deadly prisons of Eritrea. This is a fact. According to the Eritrean law or the suspended constitution anyone is free to practice any religion. However the government illegally arrested thousands of Eritreans including Christians. Talk about this fact and do not go bushing around to hide behind excuses. As to my nationality I would not like to waste my time to prove to you that I am Eritrean. What do you mean when you said that I am Ethiopian because I spoke the truth? Do you mean that Ethiopian is not capable of speaking the truth? You need to clear you mind of bigotry and prejudice. Well let me repeat it I am an Eritrean as proud as can be by my identity. But that do not hinder me from speaking the truth and exposing the repressive regime. I have the obligation to speak on behalf of the voiceless people inside Eritrea in the same way you are defending the government. I will send my message loud and clear. Then what you are saying is that all Eritreans should back the government or else they are not Eritreans. This shows how much you are unable to live in the reality of the world. Then according to you every forum should be used to report only positive things about Eritrean government even if there is none. And if someone doesn’t support the Eritrean government, then he/she should be denied of the opportunity to express his/her view. Is that what you want? If that is the case then everything that you are saying here belongs to the Eritrean government propaganda machine and please forward it to the Eritrean ministry of information. This forum is for discussing facts and reaching in understanding not for propaganda. But you also said that I am a ‘traitor’. As to whether I am a traitor or not, my answer is I am a ‘traitor’ in the same sense defined by your government and you. Yes I chose to be a traitor who can speak the truth, align with the suffering of the innocents. I choose to be a traitor and capable of seeing the truth than to be loyal who lives sucking the blood of the innocents. Any way being named or branded a traitor is a very temporary phenomena and history will cast its vote on who is a traitor very soon. Remember the population of Germany was praising Hitler but they soon realized and witnessed the horrors of extermination when they were taken to the concentration camps to witness it. That will happen soon to Eritrea. Fortunately, I have seen the mighty of the USSR crumbled, the fall of the apartheid regime in the South Africa, and the wiping out of dictators in the Eastern Europe. History teaches us a lot. To Eritrea this will be no exception and wait your turn to witness history and be ready not to repeat it. But for now enjoy your sleep walking.

    Here is another interview with the eritrean president. Unlike previously when he categorically denied the facts of arresting journalists, now he can not deny it because the facts are too much to deny and he is saying Eritrea will never bring them to trial. He is saying there will never be any election. He is even claiming that the Eritrean political system is better than Sweden. He is also claiming there is no democracy in Europe and the US. Well there are a lot of strange ideas from your president that should land him the Guiness Book of Record for denying facts. Enjoy it Mr. Asmara.

  65. Dear Asmara,

    No I did not play with your English. “it was supposed to be Praise God!” It sounded more like it was meant to praise the Eritrean government, which is currently allowing the detention of at least 2,800 Christians and many more dissidents, journalists and others. I did NOT wave the green card to liars and others, I just quoted you what the Bible says about it. Because you suggested that the liars will perish and only “good people” will go to heaven. That’s not the Gospel. I understand it would be better for you if I keep the detentions for myself only in prayers. However God also uses people, including journalists, to share with others for instance the news about believers in need. Oh and before I forget it. It’s not up to you or the government you support to decide what I “should” write. “If you don’t have any affair with any religion or political institution and you are aware that people are abusing Christianity for their selfish interest … first and foremost you should put your hand there at all….” you wrote. Well I DON’T HAVE ANY LINK WITH A political institution or religion. And Yes it’s terrible if people abuse Christianity and if it impact Christians we may well write about that as well. But once again Asmara, this was a story about Eritrea and the government’s crackdown on Christians who as Picaso points out are not belonging to the churches allowed by the government, although even those denominations have reported persecution.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  66. Dear Stefan,

    Well, if you agree that they don’t belong to the churches in Eritrea for centures so where does they come from then all of sudden?… that is good question indeed… you got to answer this very important and core question. According to the Eritrean constitution religion is personal everyone is free to believe on whatever suits him/her BUT not allowed to preach or deceive others to follow him/her, as it is equivalent to violation of others right. Even now I can assure you anyone (individual Eritrean) as far as he/she respect the rule of law they are respected too.

    You need to understand also your reports are hearsay without any legitimate source which would risk your profession as a journalist. As far as you don’t walk in their shoes you don’t have any ground to judge the gov’t policy unless and otherwise you don’t have a hidden agenda. You are a professional journalist go to the very place and try to get the first hand information …not hearsay …..

    The last thing I can say With all the due respect you should come with an evidence to support your reports otherwise hearsay or fabrication will always remains false and fabrication it can’t be turned to truth by repeating it thousand times and spreading all over the world. It is the truth that privails, not the fabrication, not the hearsay, not the false information.

    God Bless u

  67. Dear Asmara,

    Several of the detained Christians may well have grown up in religious families and traditional churches. But they have one thing in common: they accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, and want other Eritreans also to have that assurance as well. As a member of the United Nations, Eritrea may want to consider Article 18 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

    Eritrea’s Constitution, ratified by the National Assembly in 1997, provides for religious freedom; but the Government has yet to implement the Constitution. Following a 2002 government decree that religious groups must register, the Government closed all religious facilities not belonging to the country’s four principal religious groups: the Eritrean
    Orthodox Church, the Evangelical (Lutheran) Church of Eritrea, Islam, and the Roman Catholic Church. However even those churches have reported cases of persecution.

    We were conservative in our estimates of 2,800 detained Christians. The United States State Department in its recent religious rights report noted: “At the end of the reporting period, NGO reports indicated there were more than 3,225 Christians from unregistered
    groups detained in prison. These reports included 37 leaders and pastors of Pentecostal
    churches in detention, some for more than 3 years without due process.”

    Thanks for sharing your concern about my journalistic career. Rest assured. We are VERY CONFIDENT about our sources. I agree with you completely: “It is the truth that prevails, not the fabrication, not the hearsay, not the false information.”

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  68. Picaso,
    I read your article and you worked hard to pretend Eritrean but no matter hard you try, it did not work to comouflage your identity, your ethiopianism.
    If you are comfortable lets meet in person and talk about Eritrea. If you are ready I will give you information when we can see each other.

    Let me tell you why Asmara ignored to respond to you because your article is an evidence that shows how much hate you have for Eritrea. You pretend that your are focusing against the gov’t but if you read your article you will understand how easily people can identify you that you are Ethiopian.

    Anyway let me know your willingness to meet me.

  69. Dear Stefan,

    You talked about Article 18 of the UN , that is what the gov’t of Eritrea is working with. However, it is sad to see people like you and likes divert the core of the articles and using to implement your hegemony dreams. It is you and likes who are basically violating Article 18, by intimidating and deceiving people against their basic rights with full of absurdity and false promises. The Eritrean gov’t has the responsibility to make sure the rule of law including the article 18 of the as it is also part of the Eritrean constitution, so that is what it is doing.
    Protecting the very people from their basic rights of freedom, and not to be intermediated by those who came like “a wolf in a sheep cloth” , and if anyone break that law obviously will be responsible for that and should face his/her charge.

    Again, it the truth that prevails not the fabrication and false information you and likes have been repeatedly talking about …constitution, religious persecution, human right….all these have bases they are just hearsay and information from rumors or streets. And I can tell you the truth all these are brewed by the western intelligence agencies and their servant party in Ethiopia right after they gaveup to implement their hegemony dreams militarily and then they turn back to these cheap propoganda. They have been repeatedly shouting all over the world since 2001, but false is always false…and can’t turn to truth by repeating and distributing with all the top institution of media they have….

    So I advice you and likes to respect article 18, that is the freedom of any human on this Earth to have his/her of freedom of thought not what you brought or trying to install into him/her. Otherwise you need to understand that you are undermining their very basic right as humans….like you do have the freedom of thought, faith,…etc so do respect the Eritrean people and all Africans. I think it is clear going cross borders and trying to lecture or install your thoughts and belief with incentives or other thing is violation of their human nature so I urge you guys to respect the rule of law!

    God Bless u

  70. Dear Asmara,

    No Eritrea’s government is NOT working and respecting Article 18. By arresting Christians who you say make “false promises” or “deceiving” it is doing the opposite of the article. “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” The 2,800 Christians who are detained believe in Christ as their Lord and Savior as spelled out in John 3:16: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”They want other Eritreans to know that assurance as well and may even have spoken about that with other Eritreans. They are NOT intimidating people. You again start with your “Ethiopia”, “Cheap propaganda” etc. It’s getting a bit tiring. I have told you many times that we respect the Eritrean people and Africans. But we will not stopping reporting the truth. Whether you like that or not. We are not lecturing, just reporting the facts. As respecting the rule of law is concerned, I am not aware that we violate any laws.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  71. Dear Tesmariam,

    Thank you for your response. However, I would like to repeat it again that I am an Eritrean. Otherwise why should I say that I am Eritrean? Is there any benefit that someone can get from claiming being an Eritrean while he is not? Any way if I was Ethiopian I wouldn’t be wasting this much time writing all of these. The fact of the matter is I outlined all the facts that I know including some links that proves what I was saying. If you want to challenge one or more of the facts, then you are very welcome and I am ready to listen to you. If you provide me with facts and find out that some of the things I say are not grounded on facts, then I am also ready to shift paradigm. But the point that you are missing is that we are talking about issues here and not identity. You said that my articles show how much I hate Eritrea. Please can you quote a single sentence that I wrote against Eritrea or its people? I do not think so. If I wrote against the Eritrean people then I am perfectly aware of the fact that I am doing a self-infliction wound. Nonetheless, if you say that my article reflects my hatred to the government of Eritrea then my answer is YES. But Asmara as you indicated did not ignore my article. But rather, he failed to challenge it by producing any prove for his argument and all his responses are just accusations. I challenge you, Asmara, and others to produce evidence that what is being said is a lie. But instead you and Asmara just accuse me of being Ethiopian which by the way there is nothing wrong of being Ethiopian. But I do not see how this is relevant to the discussion. The point that I would like to indicate here is that you should not confuse Eritrea and the Eritrean government as the same. Eritrea was and will be there for the past and future generations, but the government is a very temporary thing. The very fact that someone is against the government does not in any way indicate that the person criticizing is non citizen. This is the first time I am reading such an idea. Simply the reason I am writing here and elsewhere is that because I am sick and tired of the lies disseminated by the supporters of the government at the expense of the suffering of the innocent, and I have chosen to express the truth. In the same way I talk of the truth when sites such as asmarino and awate lie about things that did not happen in Eritrea or by things that were not done by the Eritrean government. I have no interest in lying as I do not see any purpose from it. However, having personally seen all the atrocities committed by the government, no matter how much people accuse me of anything and no matter what intimidation I receive, I will not back away from writing the truth to my best capacity. But finally if your intention is for constructive discussion than intimidation I am willing to meet you in person or if we live in different places on telephone. However, I do not see how you would approach the discussion as you have already started accusing people. Peace.

  72. Dear Tesfamariam,

    I appreciate for providing your email and I hoped your motive was constructive discussion. However, the email address you provided was also provided by someone who was sabotaging against the radio broadcasted by some Eritreans in the Diaspora with the aim of exposing the Eritrean regime. The person insulted the participants of the forum using word such as ‘idiots’, ‘ignorant’, ‘liars’ and the worst of all ‘Agames’ (a racial insult addressed for the people of Tigray in the northern Ethiopia who speak Tigrigna language). That very person who was insulting the participants provided the same email address you are providing but he was writing under different name. Therefore, I am sure that the email is used to sabotage people. Would you like to clarify to me why was this case? Or whether it was you who was the perpetrator? Is this an act of organised people to terrorize citizens against speaking the truth? I am just curious about it. Here is the link for you in order to make it clear what I am talking about. Peace.

  73. Picaso, do you remember the word you used, paranoid, I believe the word fits exactly for you.

    If you are comfortable about yourself and have real concern about Eritrea, lets talk. Don’t make excuses.

  74. Dear Tesfamariam,

    We are already talking if you genuinely want to discuss issues and I know what your plan is. At the outset, before even discussing anything while you have a free forum here, you wanted to meet me. Though meeting and discussing is fine with me, I was surprised to discover that the email your have provided was being used before to sabotage Eritreans who chose to spoke the truth about the repressive regime in Eritrea. The person using the same email address was harassing people in the site with the same email address but different name. And you did not answer that although I had provided you with the link. I have expressed my views here in the forum and Mr. Asmara has also expressed his views here without any reservations. There is no question about the integrity of this web site in posting comments of any kind including the ones that accuse the journalist and others. Therefore, I know why you want to meet and get the identity of those who explicitly criticize the regime. We are dealing with the one of the most irresponsible regimes in the world. The regime is desperate to stop the criticism. Inside the country it is done by directly torturing the citizens in prison. For those who criticize the regime from outside the country, the regime is desperate to get their identity so that they can punish their families and take them as hostages. As a matter of fact any action taken by any individual should have been a matter to the individual concerned and he/she should have been fully responsible for it and not his family. But in Eritrea the regime has been punishing the family members of those against the dictator. I have provided to you links to clarify what I meant by this which I am sure that you are fully aware of the fact.
    In the first link you will see, how Eritreans refuges in Israel including the persecuted Christians who escaped from the repressive regime were demonstrating in Israel. They wore masks so that the informers of the Embassy would not take their pictures. If their identity is known their families would be in unimaginable danger.
    In the second link, the YPFDJ or the youth squads of the PFDJ (ruling party in Eritrea) whose task is to reveal the identity of dissidents are shown in action trying to take photos of the participants of a peaceful demonstration against the regime in Washington DC. After taking the photos the regime would torture the family members of the person for a crime they did not even commit.
    Therefore, Mr. Tesfamariam you simply want my identity and picture so that you can forward it to the repressive regime. This has been done before and will be done in the future until people such as you come to their senses. If you need discussion, we are discussing it here and the discussion is public and not private but we have learned our lesson and no one will fall into you trap. I have a good experience of what you are trying to do and in the time of the information age it will not succeed and our march for freedom will continue.

    Here are the links for you in case it reminds you of your wicked intention,

  75. Tesfamariam
    you sold your concience or you are a criminal cadre. How come you enjoy some one suffering have you tried to call Asmara to verify the news. It is day light truth no hiding unless you deafen your ears deliberately becaouse of your being the perpetrators hand or you are one of them.
    We love our country Eritrea and we want to live freely. We want law that will will govern the nation so that us a nation we can live in peace and harmony among each other. Killing torturing is not the solution.
    Stefan bos these guys are just liers full of fallacy don’t get intimidated by them. The article is quite right.

  76. Picaso,
    I am not as such a person who terrorize or work for the government. Believe it or not I love my country, thousends of Eritrean paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Again our freedom was threatned and paid a heavy price. My concern is the survival of my country as a nation from evils. Election and free speech which you preach for is not a concern for me and majority of Eritreans at this time.
    There is no question that young eritreans perishing in the desert expecting to change their life. I feel the pain but there is no alternative to save guard from the sworn enemy who refused to abide by the ruling of the boundry commision.
    Mr Picaso, it is anybody guess that you work for who. You are part of, a sold out website.
    Your argument does not have substance it is full of hate against PIA.
    Let me tell you once again if you are comfortable, lets debate on the phone or in person.
    Forget about election or free speech. What will be your answer when you find out Eritrea is not a failed state? This is what happen a lot of Eritreans don’t buy (HALEWLEW) of the opposition. Eritrean government does not even consider your existance, what he does is proof to Eritreans what is happening via Eri-TV. Talk is cheap.
    Mr Picaso, if you are not going to debate, you proved yourself who you are.

  77. Tesfamriam
    The one who is saying halewlew is you Tesfamariam. We all care about our beloved nation. We are just lucky we didn’t die like our brothers oherwise we have more or equally contributed for the realization of our nation. Boundry commision has nothing to do with incarseration of innocent citizens who are langushing in prison. Do you think if the boundry is demarcated the current leadership has the concience to normalize the life. No they have many life and death questions to answer. They killed innocent men and women of Eritrea. they have betrayed their people and the martyers. No Negotation like before independence. Every one of them is just holding the position to make use of it and the leader is a wild person. If the integrity of our nation is in danger it is only because of Isayas(The top criminal) and his cadres. Please come back to your concience and feel the heart beat of the Eritrean People.

  78. Tekebash

    How are you? Why don’t you respond to my e-mails I sent to your e-mail. my email is Tesfamariam is a coward instrument of the Eritrean Cadres and he is only noise he doesn’t have reality. Come back to your mind and help the innocent Eritreans who are the victims of the cruel regim of Mr. Isayas who is from Adwa.

  79. Dear Stefon Bos,

    I do not think it is kind to tell people that are hungry & starving, convert to Christianity or other religions in order to get food or die as many of you missionaries do all the time in Africa e.g,(Darfur, Sudan) and around the world. You missionaries beg(Big Evil Grin) and call upon in supplication from all communities and places of worship. You missionaries be in enormous violations of human rights abuse and be cruel to life around the world inexcusably. It’s clear that missionaries and the secret societies start all the problems between peaceful loving people of the world. In my case that qualifies you as the big and undisputed extremely evil or morally offensive organizations. Just leave folks alone and let those who would rather like to discover whatever religion or creed they desire to choose. Eritrea is a good example of how Muslims and Christians can live together in peace and harmony side by side. It is all known around the world that Eritreans are and have been good example of such meaningful coexistence. Go and stick together as oneness or singleness Eritreans or the quality of being united as opposed to many. I followed all of the interesting unmatched points made by Asmara, I enjoyed and agree comments keep up the good compassion.

    Just beware of what happened to your counterparts, Somalia. My people are still going through the horrible side effects of the “cold war” and the fight over the geographical positioning of the Somali coast. The “Devil” infiltration was behind it because of political reasoning such as oil in Hol-hol(30km away of Lasanod), Somalia. It has been estimated that Holhol, Somalia can produce over 800,000 barrels of oil daily (perhaps more than the Saudi). This was contracted by Conoco and almost was ready for production during near the end of Siad Barre led Somali gov’t. The outcome of that infiltration is led to death-bloodshed, starvation, drought, clan warfare fueled by the “Devil” and the puppet Ethiopia (please watch “warlords next door” a documentary in which youtube keeps on removing it from its website for unspecified reason. So please check it on google & etc all 1-7). It’s all about exposing who’s truly funding the war lords of Somalia & Africa as they all live outside of Somali territory and the African continent. While unprecedented amounts of money are being received by senseless warlords to nonetheless keep the blood shed dubiousness and shameless funds to kill and harm indiscriminately our people everywhere.

    As I was a 9 years young boy in 91’, I still live with disbelieve of the utter chaos and destruction of brotherhood existence, what we as Somali-Africans stand for, and the momentous that our fathers fought for as all Africans did. What all people do naturally when we fell down is, we get up, dust ourselves, keep on moving, and learn from that destructive way of ruin to prevent it ever from happening again. I pray my people (Africa) will realize what is best for us without any outside influence regardless of whatsoever it maybe. Since all outside influence is shadowed by the ever watching agencies, organizations, and secrete societies which preying upon us/Africans. I call it the “Devil”. As we Africans are the wealthiest and the most powerful people of the planet in terms of natural resources. Africa can grow and plant 24/7/365. How is it possible to die out of hunger with that entire God given abundance of wealth? Let me give you a good example incase you’re ignoring MR. Stefan Bos, it is such as fisheries, oil, natural gas, gold, gems, diamonds, and lumber. These make us rich of natural abundance. This is just a hint you name it, it’s in Africa. The money taken from us as raw natural resources is then used to corrupt, bribe, & keep on dividing among us. Mr. Stefan Bos, you have stated to Asmara, ““the EU gave to Eritrea € 122 million”” How much your people/EU owe/stole my people of Africa? It’s estimated to be more that $ 77.89 Trillion. So what is €122 million EU given to Eritrea is to that? Please tell your EU people how much they owe us?Africans, not what they claim to give us/Africa. That money goes to those who are your puppets and you/EU get it back in heart beat as your people/EU take our/African raw natural reasources since 1633.

    thank you, 😉

  80. Dear Stefon Bos,
    I do not think it is kind to tell people that are hungry & starving, convert to Christianity or other religions in order to get food or die as many of you missionaries do all the time in Africa e.g,(Darfur, Sudan) and around the world. You missionaries beg(Big Evil Grin) and call upon in supplication from all communities and places of worship. You missionaries be in enormous violations of human rights abuse and be cruel to life around the world inexcusably. It’s clear that missionaries and the secret societies start all the problems between peaceful loving people of the world. In my case that qualifies you as the big and undisputed extremely evil or morally offensive organizations. Just leave folks alone and let those who would rather like to discover whatever religion or creed they desire to choose. Eritrea is a good example of how Muslims and Christians can live together in peace and harmony side by side. It is all known around the world that Eritreans are and have been good example of such meaningful coexistence. Go and stick together as oneness or singleness Eritreans or the quality of being united as opposed to many. I followed all of the interesting unmatched points made by Asmara, I enjoyed and agree keep up the good compassion.

    Just beware of what happened to your counterparts, Somalia. My people are still going through the horrible side effects of the “cold war” and the fight over the geographical positioning of the Somali coast. The “Devil” infiltration was behind it because of political reasoning such as oil in Hol-hol(30km away of Lasanod), Somalia. It has been estimated that Holhol, Somalia can produce over 800,000 barrels of oil daily (perhaps more than the Saudi). This was contracted by Conoco and almost was ready for production during near the end of Siad Barre led Somali gov’t. The outcome of that infiltration is led to death-bloodshed, starvation, drought, clan warfare fueled by the “Devil” and the puppet Ethiopia (please watch “warlords next door” a documentary in which youtube keeps on removing it from its website for unspecified reason. So please check it on google & etc all 1-7). It’s all about exposing who’s truly funding the war lords of Somalia & Africa as they all live outside of Somali territory and the African continent. While unprecedented amounts of money are being received by senseless warlords to nonetheless keep the blood shed dubiousness and shameless funds to kill and harm indiscriminately our people everywhere.

    As I was a 9 years young boy in 91’, I still live with disbelieve of the utter chaos and destruction of brotherhood existence, what we as Somali-Africans stand for, and the momentous that our fathers fought for as all Africans did. What all people do naturally when we fell down is, we get up, dust ourselves, keep on moving, and learn from that destructive way of ruin to prevent it ever from happening again. I pray my people (Africa) will realize what is best for us without any outside influence regardless of whatsoever it maybe. Since all outside influence is shadowed by the ever watching agencies, organizations, and secrete societies which preying upon us/Africans. I call it the “Devil”. As we Africans are the wealthiest and the most powerful people of the planet in terms of natural resources. Africa can grow and plant 24/7/365. How is it possible to die out of hunger with that entire God given abundance of wealth? Let me give you a good example incase you’re ignoring MR. Stefan Bos, it is such as fisheries, oil, natural gas, gold, gems, diamonds, and lumber. These make us rich of natural abundance. This is just a hint you name it, it’s in Africa. The money taken from us as raw natural resources is then used to corrupt, bribe, & keep on dividing among us. Mr. Stefan Bos, you have stated to Asmara, ““the EU gave to Eritrea € 122 million”” How much your people owe my people/Europe of Africa? It’s estimated more that $ 77.89 Trillion. So what is € 122 million EU given to Eritrea is to that?

    I am not advocating violence but this really makes people react with anger and under many unfortunate circumstances the worst the loss of an innocent life. Especially when all religion hiding behind organizations are changing the great ole’ African names to European and Arab names. How does that sound to you? Isn’t that erasing people’s culture and history? Are you telling me/us/Africans your fathers names are better than my fathers names? That is what it is exactly. Are you saying you/European names, Arab names, etc are better than African names?

    Thank you 😉

  81. Reason for the two similar comments are, I posted on 0ct’ 29th, 2009 at 6:30am. I came back approximately two hours later and my first ever comment wasn’t there, so I changed my name posted another-one(same comment back) and apperantly Mr. Bos decided to post both of my comments at the same time. I would appreciate if he would delete the first one.



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