By BosNewsLife Southeast Asia Correspondent Santosh Digal reporting from India

Hindu militants have attacked devoted Christians in several parts of India, including in Karnataka state, rights activists say,

BANGALORE, INDIA (BosNewsLife)– Hindu militants twice attacked evangelical Christians in India’s southern state of Karnataka, injuring several believers, including women and children, Christians told BosNewsLife Friday, December 30.

In the bloodiest incident, on Christmas Day, an angry Hindu mob of 20 persons raided a home where several believers gathered for dinner, including pastor Suresh of the local New Life Church congregation in Surathkal town, and his family, local residents added.

Christians said Hindu’s entered the house of Adiveppa Kashennavar armed with “big stones, sticks and clubs, shouting abusive slogans.” They were “assaulting all of them, including women and children, hitting them and causing severe injuries to their head and chest.”

Pastor Suresh, who uses only one name, was allegedly beaten with clubs while trying to rescue others. His wife, Latha, was seriously injured after being beaten on her chest with a wooden club, according to witnesses.

Additionally two other persons, identified as Annamma and Roshini, received head injuries when they were attacked while another Christian, Jason, reportedly fractured his leg after being hit with a club . Deepak, who also attended the gathering, injured his face and nose after he was beaten by extremists, Christians said.

Wen they left, the Hindu’s were heard shouting that they “would kill the Christians,” according to residents.


It was not immediately clear which group was responsible for the reported December 25 violence, but several Hindu groups have openly criticized the spread of Christianity in India.

Police officials were reportedly reluctant to investigate case, asking injured Christians “How many rupees”, the Indian currency, “were paid to them for their conversion.”

Local Christian Walter Maben said local police seemed to support the attackers as “nobody has been arrested and the Christians are being questioned about their religious conversion.”

In a separate incident, Thursday, December 28, about ten suspected Hindu militants stormed the Hebron Full Gospel Assembly Church, in the town of Haleyangadi, shouting threats and saying they would “not let the church continue at the place,” believers said.


The incident reportedly happened while the pastor’s wife, his two children, his mother, brother-in-law and a friend were praying inside the prayer hall.

Christians said the attackers smashed windows of the prayer hall and later entered the pastor’s home where they destroyed “the lights and window panes in the [main] room.” The intruders also broke the refrigerator, overturning utensils in which the family meal had been prepared, before they finally left.

Pastor I. D. Prasanna , was not at home at the time of the incident. Police have not yet launched an investigation into the incident, Christians said. Officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The reported incidents were the latest in a series of attacks against devoted Christians in India, who comprise just over two percent of the country’s mainly Hindu population of over nearly 1.2 billion people.


By BosNewsLife Southeast Asia Correspondent Santosh Digal reporting from India

BANGALORE, INDIA (BosNewsLife)– Hindu militants twice attacked evangelical Christians in India’s southern state of Karnataka, injuring several believers, including women and children, Christians told BosNewsLife Friday, December 30.



  1. The State of Karnataka with 4% Christian population had zero attacks on them until the
    BJP came into power. It was started in 2008 like a daily event, but considerably
    reduced in recent times. God will deal with the BJP for indirectly motivating the anti-Christian forces to attack the innocent and defenseless Christians who are praying in the
    Church and homes. The current Chief Minister took the role to withdraw all the
    fake cases charged against the Christian youths. The christians around the world are
    requested to pray for the minority Christians in India to have their freedom to worship without

  2. Hi I am really speechless and stunned by reading this news. This is totally a crap.

    In India actually Hindus are feeling the heat to be a Hindu.

    This news is actually a twister. I am from India and I have Christian friends and even they know how illegal and pernicious these missionaries are. Even my Christian friends would blame their nuns in India.

    Here a photo is posted which is totally irrelevant to this incident.

    I can list down the atrocities of Missionaries in India. I have proofs for all these listed below.

    1. They bribe politicians and parties who say secular.

    2. Whenever there is a temple, nearer to that they start a prayer home and started preaching the Christianity.

    3. They visit poor people and bribe them to undergo conversion by houses, cars/bikes and even jewels/jobs.

    4. Missionaries spend lavish like anything to media to hide their real faces.

    5. Apprehension is showed on Christians in India and Paid media who needs money is speechless.

    6. They start schools and colleges where they preach Christianity by distributing Bibles and convert and induct the religion.

    7. They occupy a piece of land and live together converts the poor and sneak through the way and ask for the govt to announce it as the area of Christian.

    8. In India THE CONVERSION is the BEST MARKETING BUSINESS. If you are poor, dont need a job, get become a preacher, will get money in abundant, girls and properties.

    9. Yearly they are spending around 2500000000 INR through various NGOs for conversion.

    10. They are paying familiar medias not to take this upfront and politicians who run for money are bribed as well. Simple then who could ask.


    The name “Hinduism” is named by other religions as it was the one and only existence.
    You need a name only if you have the other person, if not why. Its actually said as “The way of Life how a man should live”

    This is what the world scientists are wondering. How such a virtual religion is only in a nation and
    even in that its descending ! Because ours is the oldest and the father of all the other religions.

    Many evidences are trapped and still we have ample evidence to prove this. Ours is scientifically
    accepted as 5000+years oldest and the base for all the other religions.
    1. Islam, Quran is the base of Adharvana vedha, which is one among 4 Hindu Vedas, yet was
    followed by Arakas and avoided by dhevas which say “ShriChakra” and “Om” are the Gods and not
    giving importance to Bhrima, Vishnu or the Lord Shiva, which was taken as Allah(OM) in Quran,
    since Arakas were against Gods.
    2. Christianism has come from Islam. Jesus came to Himalayas(even Bible accepts) and he learned
    the technique of Ashtama Sidhi from some Yogis which can provide re-birth and many means
    which he exposed in his region where they got surprised of him and worshiped him as the “GOD”.
    3. “Om”_the supreme of the Universe_which is divine and can be found in any closed arena.

    Some salient features:

    1. Mathematical Value (0) mudhal ariviyal (Newton’s theory to Bing Bang theory
    varai,nam munnorgal thiram pada vilanginaargal! Simple example is Navagraha in temples before
    thousands of years ago. “Vishnupuranam” gives answer for all scientific reasons!

    2. then secondly, vedas are science! Watch NASA’s exploration videos on Vedas_You tube

    3. Sanskrit is the best computer language like C, JAVA, search for it in Google, even NASA accepts it

    4. Eternal Medicines_aruyvedham/Siddha

    5. Puzhparaga Vimanam_Aeroplane

    Hinduism is the first religion and the base of Islam(Adharvana veda) and Christianity (Jesus_Learned Ashtama Sidhi which gives you re-birth in Himalyas)

    Questions to Christian Bros:

    1. See such a religion is being denigrated in India by missionaries. They are even trying to convert the optimists coming to temples as they believe in the almighty. They are perishing the facts of existence. If a Hindu does so in Vatican could you people accept?

    2. Many are Christian countries and they have money to spread the religion by bribing. If you preach the religion by facts its acceptable, but this conversion by means of falsehoods and bribes it looks cheaper. Do you people justify this activity of bribing?

    3. People in India are really frustrated of the recent activities by missionaries. Where has Jesus quoted that he is the GOD and where has he asked you to convert people by mocking others faith?

    Points to be made:

    1. You can question that such powerful Hinduism is suffering and your Gods are taking it up.
    In Kaliyuga(the penultimate age of the universe) Maha Vishnu says the world would see the evil win over the good! the Good would suffer. It says as the evil sneak stronger, God would take the Kalki avatar to destroy the universe. In this era God will not come in front of humans where he does in other yugas.

    2. So it clearly says that we are all in the brink of the devastation.


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