the Afghan Capital Kabul, are reportedly transferred to a bunker like hide-out by the country’s Islamic Taliban regime. The Christian Compass news agency quoted what it called "reliable sources" as saying that Taliban guards have begun transferring the six women and two men from the United States, Germany and Australia to other quarters every night. 
News about the transfer came while U.S. warplanes resumed attacks  Thursday,  October 25, on Kabul after Washington admitted fresh bombing errors and scores of civilians were said to have died in the campaign against Afghanistan’s Islamic rulers.

Earlier US defense officials admitted that bombs had gone astray over the weekend in Herat, where the UN claimed a military hospital had been struck.  In addition 10 people are believed to have died in a residential neighborhood near Kabul.

Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke said the US could not be sure about the impact of the mishaps, but insisted that  attacks were carefully targeted on  Taliban military infrastructure or sites linked to suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden,  the French news agency AFP reported.


There were indications that Taliban officials removed the detained Christian aid workers because of safety concerns and in an effort to keep their promise to protect them. Church officials and anxious parents have confirmed that the jailed Christians were shaken by the relentless attacks.

"Obviously they know about the bombs – they have felt the building shake and hear the bombs," said Pastor Jimmy Seibert of the Antioch Community Church in Waco Texas, the home church of detained Americans Heather Mercer (24) and Dayna Curry (29).

In addition to the two Americans,  Germans Georg Taubmann, Katie Jelinek, Margrit Stebner, Silke Durrkopf as well as Australians Peter  Bunch and Diana Thomas are all awaiting their day in freedom.     


"The bombs have not been in the area where they are being detained. They have heard of some of  the events from their attorney, but they really have no idea of the  world-wide scale of events," said well informed Pastor Seibert.

Their sixteen Afghan colleagues are held in a separate detention facility,  in what those familiar with their plight have described as even "more difficult" circumstances.  Pastor Seibert has set up a 24-hour prayer network for the Christians,  who were detained in August after being accused by the Taliban regime with preaching the Gospel in this mainly Moslim nation.

The detainees have denied the charges,  saying all they did was helping refugees as part of their activities of the Christian charity Shelter Now.  Under the rulers’ strict interpretation of Islamic law, everyone guilty of converting a Moslim could face the death penalty.  


However the lawyer defending the Westerners,  Atif Ali Khan, has suggested that unlike the Afghan prisoners,  his clients may be released.  But he has expressed concern about further delays in the trial in  front of a Taliban court,  because of the US led strikes against Afghanistan. Pastor Seibert said he still hopes "for a soon release because of the prayer support of thousands."

People around the world have joined the prayer network,  BosNewsLife has learned.  One of them is 25-year old American artist Chris,  who has dedicated his upcoming CD "The Mission Project" to the aid workers and other persecuted Christians.   


"I have been told: "Hey, they knew it was wrong to do what they did…and they’re probably going to have to pay for this mistake", said Chris whose real name is Christopher L. Pick.

"It just showed me that many people don’t understand missions, which is another point for me in doing this new CD.  These missionaries are brave in what they did…and I don’t think I could’ve done this.  They truly love Jesus to do this (and) God will reward them big time," the artist added.

Detained aid worker Georg Taubmann seems to agree.  "God is in control of this whole situation," he reportedly wrote in a fax earlier this month.  "Despite all that is going on, we have a deep peace and have put our trust in Him," Taubmann said.


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