forgiveness with a priest working closely with the Police,  the British Broadcasting Corporation reported Friday,  November 2. The BBC quoted Father Piotr as telling Poland’s Super Express newspaper that he is asking law violaters "as a penalty to make the sign of a cross and pray."

The Priest has apparently been patrolling the streets in the town of Glogow for several days. Local police officials told reporters they  hope "the priest’s presence on the road will be an effective preventive measure" to reduce the number of offences.

A spokesman of the Glogow police department, Jozef Koszow, said the priest has more influence on drivers than a police officer. "This is only a beginning. We have to wait and see how effective the new measure has been," he told the Super Express.

In addition Glogow policemen claim they feel safer when patrolling  together with Father Piotr,  who wears a black leather jacket and fluorescent yellow police vest.

"I would like to have a word "priest" written on my vest," he was quoted as saying. The Priest also routinely enquires whether the offenders prayed before hitting the road and whether their cars are blessed.

"Breaking road rules is a sin. If I break them, I always pray," he added. Motorist Szymon Rytner who stopped for a minor offence, said he liked the new patrols.  "This is just superb for me. I prefer priests to policemen. At least I am not issued with a fine ticket."

However not everyone seems pleased with the Priest presence. Sergeant Sebastian Kuzmiak admits he can not escape the feeling that someone is always watching them from above,  the BBC said.


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