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Christians have been killed or injured in US church attacks.

WASHINGTON, USA (BosNewsLife)– A national security organization in the United States has warned American Christians of more violent incidents against them and said churches are in most cases not prepared to deal with attacks.     

“Risks are only going up for the Christian community. The US State Department now classifies faith-based organizations as one of the top five ‘at risk’ groups in the world today,” following an apparently bloody year for Christians, said Jeffery Hawkins, executive director of the Christian Security Network (CSN) in comments monitored by BosNewsLife Tuesday, January 13. 

His organization said already, “In recent years, gunmen have opened fire on pastors and worshippers, killing dozens on the grounds of Christian churches and ministries across the United States.  Incidents of violence, arson and other emergencies occur regularly in Christian organizations.”

Last year, CSN noted that a Cincinnati pastor was killed while attending a funeral. Also, “Governor Sarah Palin’s church was torched in Alaska, a Christian radio station was attacked by a crazed gunman in Pennsylvania [and] a church shooting in Knoxville, Tennessee, sent ripples of fear through the Christian community nationwide.”

Hawkins, a security expert, was reportedly earlier involved in protection issues with so-called ‘White House Advance Teams’ under Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, investigated for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and coordinated security  for politicians, foreign officials, and security agencies.


He said his recently launched CSN provides security planning, training and emergency preparedness and response resources for Christian churches, ministries, schools and missionaries as polls show only about one in four churches have “active security and emergency plans in place” or in development.  

“In response to recent events, many churches and ministries are now looking for guidance on ways to prepare for risks and realistic threats, including active shooters and other violent incidents.”

He said his organization will organize seminars via the Internet on January 27 and January 29 to help churches and individual Christians prepare for attacks, which will include advises on terrorism, and implementing security plans in tough economic times. 

Citing Bible verses, Hawkins denied his organization was “alarmist” and making money on genuine concerns of possible new terrorist attacks.  “We find comfort and guidance in God’s word, where the Bible talks about foreseeing danger and planning ahead (Proverbs 22:3), standing together in strength (Ecclesiastes 4:12) and doing good for all believers when we have the opportunity (Galatians 6:10).”


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