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James von Brunn, 88, is expected to survive injuries, officials say. Via VOA News

WASHINGTON, USA (BosNewsLife)– An elderly man charged with killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington will likely survive the injuries he suffered when other museum guards returned fire, officials said Saturday, June 12. 

Supervisory Special Agent Katherine Schweit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said in a written statement Saturday, June 12, that government lawyers told court officials that James von Brunn “was in critical, but stable, condition with an expectation of survival,” The Associated Press (AP) news agency reported.  

The 88-year-old von Brunn — who was shot in the face — is charged with murder in the
Wednesday shooting of 39-year-old security guard Stephen T. Johns.

The hearing was postponed until von Brunn could be present, and a lawyer was appointed
for him.


Police have described von Brunn as a “hard-core” white supremacist with a long history of
anti-Semitic activities. He had served time in jail for trying to kidnap members of the
U.S. Federal Reserve in 1981.

He reportedly blamed his incarceration on what he called a “Negro jury” and a Jewish judge. 

Von Brunn has been linked to a Web site filled with anti-Semitic and statements of white supremacist who some analysts suggest have become increasingly active since the election of Barack Obama, as America’s first black president.
The Washington Post news paper reported that his latest e-mailed statements had become more violent, declaring “It’s time to kill all the Jews.”

The Holocaust museum was closed Thursday, June 12, with flags half-staff to honor the memory of the slain guard, who had worked at the facility for six years.

Investigators said there was no sign that von Brunn had accomplices in Wednesday’s attack.


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