By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife reporting from Budapest

The Magyar Garda is one of the far right groups in Hungary.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (BosNewsLife)– Officials of Hungary’s Orthodox Jewish community have urged the government to urgently provide police protection amid growing extremism and violent attacks in the country.

Religious Jews still try to pray at the few synagogues functioning normally in Budapest. With some 100,000 people, Hungary has the largest Jewish community in Eastern Europe, after Russia.

Yet, representatives of Orthodox Jewish groups have suggested it is increasingly difficult for Jews to openly express their faith amid extremist violence and death threats.

The Chief Rabbi of the Unified Hungarian Jewish Congregation, Slomó Köves, told BosNewsLife he has asked the government to provide police protection for his synagogue and cultural center.

Köves, 30, said he fears a repeat of what happened in Mumbai where the rabbi and his wife, who he knew personally, were among five hostages found dead inside the remains of the Jewish center held by Islamist militants.


“My family has received death threats,” Köves explained in an interview with BosNewsLife at his Budapest apartment, located behind an electric iron gate. Last Saturday, he and his two young children were apparently harassed by supporters of the Hungarian Guard, or Magyar Gárda, a paramilitary group.

“I was walking with my children to the synagogue and there was a group of these people and they said: ‘Oh you Jewish worms, we are going to kill you, and get ready to be hanged’,” Köves recalled. “My children didn’t understand what [words] were flying. They didn’t understand why they were upset at us. And we have asked the police and prime minister for constant police…”

The July 4 incident came shortly after police broke up a demonstration of the Magyar Gárda, whose members wear uniforms and flags that were used by Hungary’s pro-nazi regime during World War Two.

Magyar Gárda has close ties with the far right party Movement For a Better Hungary, or Jobbik. Although Magyar Gárda has been banned by a court, supporters of its perceived anti-Jewish and anti-Roma views, remain active.


“Even at subway stations we are not safe,” added Köves. He said a fellow rabbi and his family were threatened and a colleague later nearly stabbed in a metro station by a knife wielding man who shouted “Holocaust loving Jews.”

Above ground, another member of the same Jewish congregation was beaten up by what Köves described as a hit-and-run gang. Last week, he said, “Three young people followed this young man into his apartment building. They closed the door behind him and asked: “Are you Jewish?” And when he said yes, they started kicking him and said: “You should go back to Auschwitz [concentration camp], you stinky Jews.” They kicked him till he fell down and left.”

The injured man reported the case to police who have said they are investigating three suspects.

Jewish officials want the government to help them halt the violence against Jewish and other communities, including Gypsies, also known as Roma.


They say far right groups such as Magyar Gárda and Jobbik are involved in spreading hatred at a time when Hungarians are searching for scapegoats because of the economic crisis.

Jobbik representative and member of the European parliament Krisztina Morvai has denied any wrongdoing. She said Jobbik’s Magyar Garda protects Hungarians. “That’s exactly what the Magyar Gárda does. They don’t use arms, they don’t use violence. They just show power. So that we are not tortured…”

Yet, for now, rabbis like Slomó Köves, have to be on their guard, as authorities claim they have no money to boost security. Persecution is nothing knew for Köves, who was the first rabbi to be ordained in Hungary since World War Two.

Some 600,000 Hungarians Jews died in the Holocaust. (Part of this BosNewsLife News story also airs via Deutsche Welle, the international broadcaster of Germany).


  1. Alas! The more things change the more they remain the same. In Hungary as in many other countries, Jews are threatened. Will the world condone another Holocaust and then weep on the graves of dead Jews (and Roma.) Where is their refuge? Only Israel, which itself is threatened with destruction by Iran and several Arab/Muslim countries, but where, at least ,they have the power and responsibility to defend themselves (though even this right and obligation to defend their own country is questioned and condemned by many around the world.)

  2. I live in Budapest and have seen the Magda Guarda marching. It is a scary sight, all these “self righteous” bullies. It is no different then before WWII from what I have heard and read. You can not expect Hungary to protect Jews or Roma, they don’t even protect woman in general from abuse from their Husbands and even Police. I think the only way to stay out of trouble is to identify yourself as different from the regular Hungarians, as little as possible and to not travel alone. Just as the bullies travel in packs or groups, I think the Orthodox Jews should go together in groups. This might discourage them a bit. They are blatantly antisemitic when they are in the majority, in a situation, but I have seen them when the police outnumber them and then only the boldest ones dare to act up. They are just lousy boorish brutal men, like you can find in many countries, it just happens that Hungary has a history of turning a blind eye to their behavior and it will take more than one generation to stop this. I pray that Hungary remains in the European Union, because only that association is keeping it from going facist. The European Union has to exert more pressure on Hungary to control this 15 percent of the population, Jobbik that say they are Hungary’s protectors. Somehow the other 85 percent of the people must be made to see that every time a ‘Roma is killed or a Jew is harrassed that they are going to lose out in the eyes of the world. It is a miracle to see all the Jewish people turn out in Budapest to the Dohany Synagoge on the hight holidays, it takes a lot of Police to keep the animals in check, but it happens and it is magical and I pray to be able to go to synagoge in Budapest someday, without all the police to protect us. When I went last year, I felt like the little black kids in the US, years ago that needed police protection to go to school.

  3. Folks, we don’t need any further ado about a possible holocaust here or there,
    there’s a REAL one taking place right now against the Anglo-Boer in South Africa.
    The black population there, much like that here in the U.S., believe that all white
    folks deserve to die, but in S.A. thousands of whites have been murdered, and many,
    many more raped. I wish only the best of success for Jobbik, NPD and BNP in restoring
    dignity for our people.

  4. Indeed, I am worried for the Jews and Roma in Hungary. I also feel sorry for the white Afrikans in South Africa. Those three groups should have emigrated long time ago, knowing about all the hatred or at least the rampant animosity that is historically present in both countries.
    The remark from the Nationalist about “restoring dignity” well represents the logic of these hateful pogrom knights. A gang of three bullies beating up a seventeen years old, hundred twenty pound Jewish kid, and kicking him repeatedly with their Martins boots when he fell is a matter of dignity for their kind. Who wants to live among them?

  5. I can not belive this! I am hungarian, and a shame that they acuse us like naci.
    My jew friends, first of all stop supporting a goverment, who is agains the hungarians in their own country, second of all, did you guys ever, even once asked a question, why people dont like you??!!
    Dont you think that there is a good reason for that? No, of course not! Why shoud be?
    Everething which gose against you guys is antisemitism, so we dont need to lissen, right?
    Guys, dont you realyse that in hungary, when you say, your antisemita, or naci to somebody, that people dont realy give a shit, bicause for us there is no meaning behind it.
    Its not even worth for mentioning!
    First check our culture, get know our history, check whats happening now in hungary. Than you will understand, that the Hungarian nation, is not just not racist, but its one of the most friendlyest nation in the world, and unfortunately to to friendly, and tolerant untill now!
    So why is, that the whole country starting to be radical? Yes you heard me! Radical, and not far right!
    Mayby there is a good reason, dont you think? That a whole country get radical, from one year to another, dont you think? Thanks for the pro comunist politicians in hungary, and the jews who is supporting them! Why? For money! You Guys would even sell your own mother for money, and that moneyoriented thinking, is not even close to hungarian coulture!
    We dont want to make money in all cost! You can do that in the USA, or UK, but if you do that in hungary, sooner or later, people will get pist off.
    Jews are openly supporting neoliberal views, and hungarians openly think that that was the cause of the hungarian economic claps for the last 7years, by the way, that was the cause of the credit crunch as well, for the last 2 years in the whole world. So dont mix this 2, bicause its a 2 different thing for us! So we can not be friends, can we?
    We stand in the oposite side, do we?
    You guys can come to our side, than we will shake your hand as friend, but not the oposite way! You guys need to tolerate our things, but we dont need to tolerate yours, bicause this is our country, and we like to live in our country the way we want. If you dont like it, than its a free world out there, and you can go, whit your shame political corectnes! Its that simple!

    What about the poor Roma(gypsy)?
    I want to ask a question. How come that all over EU people dont like them? Dont you think that there is a racional answhere for that? No, bicause its, a naci thing, and antisemita! Guys its borringg, boring, boring! Something new please,! WHy hungarians hate them maby the most in EU? Easy. Bicause most of the Roma lives in hungary, that simple. Wait untill they go to your, country your nebourhood, then try to tell us how we do are things!
    In Hungary the things Roma do to Hungarians!
    I reppeate! The things what gypsy(Roma) do against Hungarians in Hungary(in our contry)
    – They robbeing, knifeing, liveing on benefits!
    They dont go to school, not bicause they cant, bicause its agains their coulture!
    The roma raise their kids from small age like they where grone ups, which means they need to earn money! How can a kid earn money? Steal! If they get chaught by somebody, who is brave enough to chatch a small kid, that poor guy! Or he get stab by that small kid, or a whole gypsy group comse out, and front of everybody kill the guy! Police? Dont do nothing!
    If they do, than they lose their job, bicause its racist, and against the human right bulshit!
    Oh by the way every Roma familly has 10 children, who are stealing, killing, and live on benefits!
    But you jews are sensible in this bicause its racist right. The TV dont show this things, bicause its own by jews(by the way the world 95percent of media own by jews, why do you think you can not acuse them whit out lisening that you are naci, and rasist, ITS BORRING!!), but the hungarians are bad. Bad hungarians, bad! Why bicause we are fed up, and try to protect our self in our own country! But dont belive me, bicause i am a hungarian, and you know the hungarians are naci, are fasist, are racist, so they are realy BADD! Borring!! =DD
    Where was i, oh yes the gypsy thing.
    Interesting prison data: in hungary the 90percent of the prisinors are gypsy! I think if you are not a clever person, than you steel understand that something is wrong whit them, dont you think? No of course not! why would you think like that? this are just details, from the big picture.
    Did you know that gypsys are proud to go to jail, it like a ritual for them! Thats the scool for them! Thats when they turn from boy to men, they think, and its good for conections, and later, earning money. You can see on tv, when they telling to the tv. That my son is in prison, and my other son is in prison. And what about the dady? No, his not in prison, bicause he just get out last month, but unfortunately police caught him stealing, so it looks like that he go back soon, bicause of that racist, and discrimination thing against them no? YE thats the reason! Poor Roma!
    What about the schools, when they beat up teachers, or they beat up children in school front of the teacher, and the teacher standing like a shit, bicause he can not do nothing! And bicause its so funny for them, they think it will be more funnyer when they upload it to the Youtube. Realy sad! Realy sad!
    What about the story, when a guy went home whit his car. In the car there was his 2 daughter, both of them are small girls. The fuckin gypsy kid run out to the street and he get hit by the car.(usualy gypsy kids like to run around on the streets. They dont care, bicause they think that they can do what they want, it a fact. I was witnness once in an accident like that. They start to beat up the guy in front of the police. They dont care!!)The hungarian stoped, and get out of the car to help the kid.(in hungary everybody who have driveing licence, have first aid. Whit out that, he can not drive. The reason, bicause if he cause, or just saw an accident, which he is not even involved, the person need to Stop, and Help. If not, than he can even go to jail for not helping!)
    The kid get up and run away, so everything was ok whit the kid. The whole gypsy familly come out i am talking about around 20 people, and start beating the guy. The gypsy kids mom was shouting that kill the hungarian, kill the hungarian! The village people where waching and coudnt do nothing, bicause they where afraid. They beat the guy to DEATH IN FRONT OF THE VILLAGE, AND FRONT OF HIS TO DAUGHTERs, WHOm WACHED HOW THEIR DADDY DIED! And this case is one in the million. In hungary we didnt had slums, in cityes. We didnt know whats that, if you try to explane to us, we wouldnt understand! We only saw it on TV.
    Now thank to our moneysupport, gypsys come out from their gypsys camps, and buy flats. What do you know, they created slums. Now we know whats that! Now we have. The area gets dirty bicause of them, then the stupid west civilisation media come out and look around, then tell us how bad enviroment we provide to the gypsys! How unhuman. They dont realyse that it was clean and nice before the Romas arrived there! If they ask them in front of the camera, oh man they lie about everything! unbelivable. Once they robbed the riporter in front of the camera, and the camera recorded it, they wore lieing that they didnt do that! Everyting was recorded. THis is how you guys can belive what they tell. For tem lie is a technic what they can use to gain more, receive more. They dont understand what is the meaning of lie, that its not a nice thing, and thet groneups are not supose to lie, bicause its uncivilised thing. They dont understand that!!
    People work all their life to buy a flat, and if a gypgy familliy move next to you, the value of your flat will be nothing! You can not sell your house, bicause nobody will buy it. Oh and by the way, this Romas have 10 cildren. Later on they need space for their familly, so they start make other peoples life miserable around them, if the people still dont go? Well then they get rid of the bad hungarian, whose bad by the way, and then they dont need to buy house, bicause its free.
    And we are racist! So dont be worried for the Romas!
    And the jews media backing them up, well that makes us more pist off. By the way dear USA citisens, the jews doing the same things whit you guys in the USA. Protecting the black people. All around the world, the same shit. There is only i naci in the 21 century, and thats Jews!! Weake up my friends!
    This is why the hungarian guard exist. This people go down to villages, to show power where even the police can not do nothing, and protect the people, and dont ask nothing return! Yee, but, yee but, you forgot that the hungarians are bad, bad people, and they are rasist, and antisemita too, they are bad! BORRING!
    I tell you what will happen in hungary, if nothing change, and we keep tolerating the gypse, than sooner, or later a civil war! Mabye its already to late! So fuck off, bicause this is our contry! Dont like it? we dont care! leave us allone, and let us deal whit our problems. By the way my dear jews friends! What do you think when the gypsys finish whit us, who do you think, who will be next. The people who has money! You guys! We protect your ass as well, so back off, and stop influensing our medias, our courts, our police, and our politicians! If you do that for us, you will find friends here, who will help if you need, and who you can count on! But untill than, look deep in you, and start reallyse that mabye that bad bad hungarians, are not that bad after all, they just want to lve in their own country, whit out being discriminated, whit out accused as racist, just bicause we try to protect our own interest, and want to live in safety! We want to fell proud to be hungarian, and not acused to be naci, bicause we starting to get nacionalist(this world some people like to wash togeather whit naci, fasist, racist, etc, its just being proud of who you are, the coulture of your country, the identity of your country, the more nacional the country the less it can be controled by global powers, global money, global banks, so its good stuff)
    So we want peace! If not, than soon things will get bad, and than we need to grab weapon, and we will, if its necesary, and if somebody knows the hungarian history, than they know that it unusual that we grap weapon, but when we do, than emperors shaks like 1956 against soviets. This is on of the reason why the antant powers took hungaries 67percent of teritory! Bicause we where to strong, we where in a to good location, lets just say that we where on the way, and a 100 years later they still try make us belive that beter not to my nacionalist, bicause if we do than mabye things will change in cenral EU no? Dont want that, no? The bigest crime was against Hungary in the 20. century, and not against jews!!! So dear jews, you guys dont have write agains hungarians to accuse us whit racis bulshit! We can accuse the world, but not the oposite!!
    I am sure you guys know what this means: NEM NEM SOHA!
    iT means no, no, never!! That was the answhere when the west destroyed me country, after the 1 world war whit this: Trianon
    If somebodys interested than they can check it in google.
    SO now we want to live peace in our country, what it reamains from it, and who ever working agains us in our country, than hopefully really soon we will start giveing answhere to this questions!

    This sounded different than what you guys reading in the world media, no?
    The only thin what they write is, Hungarians are a racist, bicause they have that hungarian guard, and they dont like Roma, and jews. =DDDD TRy to explane this to people(specialy old people) in the hungarian small villages, who are hideing in their homes, and waiting for the moment every singel day, and night, somethimes whitout sleep, when dose a gypsy come in to his home and kill him, or just beat him up, steel everything, what he grow in the garden, bicause this people dont have money to buy food, they grow it. So they can starw to death, right? Just to feed the gypsys fuckin 10 children, bicause they are hungry! The benefits are not enough? MAbye stop making kids, than you wont have this problem, bicause its not our job to keep up your kids, we dont even have money to keep up our selves. What we have the politicians stole with the help of the jews media, and the jews global moneymachine, and if still reamind something then the gypsys stole it! PEOPLE DIEING BICAUSE OF THAT, SO DONT YOU DARE TELL US THAT WE DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND OUR SELF!
    In democracy hungary is one of the first country, who is start to give real answheres to real problems. We throw out the political corectnes bulshit, and start puting in jail people who deservs to be there! half of the ruling political party is in jale already! After the voteing the other half will joind them. Hopefully whit the last primeminister, and the present primeminister. And all the media, or behind the media, or banks, or investors, who helped them hopefully will join them in prison, whit their gypsy friends, then they will play naci, and antisemita nulshit inside, if the gypsys willing to play that =D
    Or they can play a football championship in the jail. I am sure the amount of people, investors, and politicians can create at least 5-6 football groups! They will have enough people for that. The to Primeminister can by the captains. And we people can make bet on them.
    Hopefully, realy soon!

    Smart people will understan this what i wrote, here, stupid barinwasht people wont. thats it!

  6. Dear Tucsokmarcal

    We doubt that all Jewish people are supporting the government. We are sure not all gypsies, who prefer to be known as Roma, are involved in crime. Most likely you have different ‘statistics’ and different experiences. We met Roma, who are also Hungarian citizens, who were victims of crimes themselves, including in the town of Tartarszentgyorgy where a father and his young son were shot and killed after fleeing from their torched family home. You say that Trianon was the biggest crime against Hungary. We trust that the killings of 600,000 Hungarians, who happened to be of Jewish descent, during World War Two are also high on your lost of crimes. We doubt that 95 percent of media people are Jewish, as we have many colleagues who are not of Jewish descent. But even if that was the case, I would compare it with a Catholic baker, a Christian taxi driver, or Muslim hair dresses, or a Jewish journalist. It’s hard for me to see what someone’s background has to do with his or her performance. Finally, we would appreciate if next time you take out some of the rude words. As we don’t believe in censorship and this is an open forum, we have not changed your comment. Just do a spell check next time.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  7. ye sure!
    I put 2 comments about this! it was censored! Good free media! 95 percent jews media!
    i sad something about jews and it was censored! not owned by jews, right?!
    I didnt ask your colleagues ethnic, i asked the owners ethnic! Usualy its just companyes, so its hard to check, is it?!
    Check your information, bicause its not right to right down lies here!
    The hungarian gypsies refuse to be called Roma! its political corectnes, and nothing else!
    So dont tell them what is their name!
    You meet Roma? Good! I meet Roma as well! But i know tham as well!
    I have gypsies, whose friends of mine! Do you have? Not realy! I dont think so!
    Guess, they think the same as I!
    Yess your right! gypsies where involved in gypsie crime as well!
    In the pro comunist media, they tell the same thing as the world media!
    Tartarszentgyorgy: Realy? The police didnt tell any proof! Where is the proof!
    The six case before(included the torched family) the pro comunist media tell the same thing than you, the only problem whit that is that after they apologised, bicause it wasnt the far right whom commited the crime. It was a gypsie group! Next time wait for the police to do an investigation, before puting on the media!
    600,000 Hungarians, who happened to be of Jewish descent?
    Who give you this information? The comunist regime? I am sure not the west!
    The famous death camp killed 4 millian from 6 millian jews eight?
    Falsh! The number was given by soviets after the world war 2! The west couldnt investigate, bicause the teritory didnt belong to them! So they belived it andd start teaching in schools! Joke! After the soviet empire fall, the number 4 mill people reduved just to 1,1 mill. So what is the real number? Just to make it cleare! It wasnt just jews! It was polish, gypsie, jews, and a lot more nation, and everybody else who where against the nacies! Dont publish lies! The west learned that it was jews! Who teach them that? The media? Right which owned by jews! So what are you talking about!
    From you!
    We trust that the killings of 600,000 Hungarians, who happened to be of Jewish descent
    Thats discrimination!
    You!It’s hard for me to see what someone’s background has to do with his or her performance
    The performance is depends on your culture, the mentality of your people, the history etc!
    Nobody cares about race!
    By the way! 1944 Hungary was ocupied by nacies! The deportation was done by them!
    Tell the people that we opened the north borders, that polish people can be saved from the soviet, and the naci!
    The west was standing still when after the world war 2 a lot of people was died in pace time. Lot of country had genocide agains them. In peace time! The west didnt do nothing!
    Who givses the right to the West to jugge! Nobody! Teache your lies in your school, for your own people, but not us! And if a nation whant to free it self, than let them do it, and dont stand in the way! mass extinction was caried out by soviets, and the west and not Hungary! Learn the real history, and not what they teach you in the west, bicause your national security!!

  8. Dear Anonimus,

    As you can see we don’t censor your comments, although I would appreciate if you use a spell check before you submit. Some English mistakes really doesn’t matter, but I see it was more written in a stage of rage than calm thinking. I realize you are apparently a Holocaust denier. Ofcourse I did not get this information from the Communist camp, or “the West” whatever that may mean in this post-Communist era in most of Europe, but from historic record on concentration camps. I don’t know what you have learned from “history”, apparently very little looking to your comments. While Hungary was occupied in 1944, it was for the most part of World War Two a close ally of Nazi Germany. It could be argued that an atmosphere of hatred was created in which eventually the Holocaust could thrive. You also conventiently overlook the Hungarian fascists who enthusiastically helped with the deportation of Jews and/or killing them and dumping them in the Danube river. Hungary under Admiral Horthy was the first European country to introduce anti-Jewish laws, restricting for instance the number of Jewish students on universities, even before Hitler declare war. I know bad things did happen to Hungary, and many people in the West were moved when the 1956 Revolution against Soviet-rule was crushed. Hungarians had their very high moments in history as well. Not everything was bad. Yet we can only build a better future by learning from the ups and downs from the past. I don’t want to make this en endless discussion between a Holocaust denier and me, so if you want to continue telling what I can only describe as real lies, you have to go to many other websites out there. Not because I am afraid, but our site is really about news developments. Obviously I disagree with the 95 percent Jews in media; I am not Jewish and I know many journalists who are not Jewish. But even if it was the case, to me it’s not different than say, a Muslim baker, a Catholic engineer, a Hindu painter. You apparently view that differently.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  9. =)
    O my god! Are you for real? Did i said even whit one word,that i deny the Holocaust?!
    Pls read it again, pls do it for me, and tell me wich part did i deny it!
    I just sad, the things what you think its true, or what the west media teaching for the last 60 years, it was overwritten 20 years ago, after the soviet empire fall.
    When they corect the 4 mill death, to 1,1 mill death in Auschwitz . And some death camps turned out to be only strictly soviet propaganda! Its a fact!
    But what is the truth, and what is the real death toll, is still not clear.
    Dont you think that asking questions is normal?And what if there was less execution in death camps! Or you try to tell me that its hurting other peoples feelings that maybe the death toll is not real? If i would them i would ask that question! Its strange that they dont ask. Why? Bicause its a dont touch me shild, and i can get away whit everything shild in this days! If you are a journalists, than you want to know the truth, right?
    How do you want to achieve that if you are even afraid to ask questions? Lot of details are not matching dont you think? If everything would be so clear about this, than why are historicians fighting on this! And you know as i do that the goverments know what happened they always know everything! They just love to keep secrets, specialy dirty ones,right?

    Dont you think its better to investigate it again, bicause people want to know the truth, no mater what! Only the truth, even if its bad for jews!
    Every one know that they have the
    bigest psychical weapon in the world(the Holocaust),and nobody can touch them.Look at the palestin people now! Thats a palestin Holocaust, cased by jews!
    And nobody say nothing!
    Do they have special rights?
    Just bicause i ask questions, i deny the Holocaust??
    You didnt read the part,when i was talking about the death toll, right?
    If somebody tell something about it, all the media is telling bad things!!
    And its a fact,that the west media, only, or usualy mention just jews, or somethimes gypsis and not mentioning polish people, russia, and everybody else who was an enemy for the system.
    In the other side, in the russian media, they do things the opposite way.
    They dont realy mention the jews, or gypsis, they usualy mention the russian, or slav ethnic people! Somehow this medias are always misses out details, no mater what side.West or East! Somethimes i have a feeling that i need to watch both to see the full picture!
    Thats why you,as a journalists need to ask questions, and questioning things
    as well even if you dont like it!

    About the Hungarians:
    Facts: under the WW2:
    We opened the north borders to save the polish from a genocide. Nobody mention this. Its not good to see hungarians in a better way, right?! Saveing polish from a polish holocaust!
    you said:
    Admiral Horthy the first who introduced in Europe
    anti-Jewish laws, restricting for instance the number of Jewish students on universities, even before Hitler declare war.
    Did i said that Horthy was the hero of all the jews? NO!
    But anti-jewish laws, and restrictions are not deportation, so what are you talking about?
    Its not a nice thing to do, but dont mix it!! We didnt deportated jews until 1944!!
    The deportation started after the germans invaided Hungary in 1944!
    And bicause of that i Deny the Holocaust? Bicause i said that? Come on!
    Killing jews, and dumping them in the Danube river:
    Its a fact that the order to kill the jews next to the danube didnt come from the goverment!!
    It was a local order, and when the goverment realysed whats happening, it give the order to stop the killing, right away!! What do you think, why the soldiers didnt kill all of them next to the danube! If it was a goverment order, they wont stop the killing on half way!!
    So next time tell the whole information pls, bicause it might give a different look on things!
    BY the way. Serb people died next to the danube, not just jews!
    You know what was the respond?? Well after the war in peace time, the serb goverment, not a local order from some crazy people, no, the serb goverment made a law, that killing the hungarians was legal for everyone!
    The differenc between the two:
    Hungary: killing people(gypsi, serb, jews) next to danube.
    not goverment order
    goverment stoped it right away when they realysed it!
    It was in war time
    The media tell storyes about it today, lot of time not the full truth.
    The soviets and serbs punished the hungarians for it!

    Serbia: killing people(mainly hungarians)
    Goverment order, legal to hunt hungarians
    Goverment didnt stoped it
    It was in peace time!
    They wipped out whole cityes!
    That was the hungarian Holocaust after second world war!
    The media dont even mention it!
    The west even today dont even ask questions about it.

    So you think i am the racist! This is racist! This! I know its not your falt, but you are clearly
    still dont even mention this, but when i say something about jews, than i am racist!
    When you talk about the holocaust, then mention EQUALY the details not just the Jews, or maybe
    you see i am a nice guy, and i am teaching you more details:
    German Holocaust: After the war, lot of german died in Czech republic in peace time. It was similar then in serbia against hungarians! Whole villages disapeard, but at least people only died when the soldiers reseived an order, but in Serbia it was legal to hunt hungarians!
    For fun, and pleasure! And i am not even talking about what did the russians do to us all!
    You have no idea of the real Center, and East Europ history! The wes only know what the russians let them know, and today when we can tell what happend, nobody cares. All i am hearing is the Jews holocaust! And if i say something,than i am denying the Holocaust?
    By the way: Agains hungary there was a holocaust after the first world war partly caused by
    serbians, romanians, slovakians, ukrainians, Croatian, and even Austrians, in peace time!
    After the second world war, in peace time.
    At 1956, when the USA goverment promised us to help, whit out that maybe we dont even start a revolution, but the help never arrived! That was the third Holocaust against hungarians caused by russians, and the fourth holocaust is in now days, but not whit weapon. No, not any more! Its worse bicause there is no visible enemy! I wont start telling you! Jut take your time and check what is going on in Hungary in this days! The JOBBIK, and the Hungarian Guard is the respond! Not the cause, the respond!
    Right or wrong? Everybody think differently about this.
    But at least, they try to protect Hungary, and nobody can judge that! Not me, not you!
    The proof is on a paper of documents, wich is a plan that 10mill Hungarian wich is inside the country is to much, and the preferable amount would be 7mill! Look it up, it maybe worth a story for you! If you have time for it, and interested on the modern Holocaust of Hungary!

    you say: I am not Jewish and I know many journalists who are not Jewish.

    Nobody said that you are, and nobody said that you dont know many journalists who are not Jewish.
    But its realy clear to me, that you are far to sensitive on this matter!
    Well thats interesting! So why
    are you not sensitive in other peoples felings as well when you publish this things here!

    But You apparently view that differently!

  10. About my censored writeings.

    It seems to me, that i was wrong about that. I send the above 2 times, and it only appeared when 2 day later i send it again for the 3rd time. Maybe the page has problems publishing bigger writeings. Maybe.

    I dont know, but i like to play fair!
    From my part, the right thing to do, is to apologize for my fals accusation!

    Kind Regards

  11. Dear Anonimus,

    No problem. We moderate comments only to protect against spam, crazy viagra adds etc. We want to be able to publish anything. Let me make clear that I am not against Hungary. As a matter of fact, I live in Hungary and there are more things I love and like about Hungary than dislike. However this was a news story on the Jewish community in Hungary. Not about atrocities in Germany or Serbia or whatever other crime comes to mind. Your sources are apparently different than those accepted by most historians. You say “4 million death, to 1,1 million death in Auschwitz”, I don’t recall I mentioned these figures. But should I conclude: “Oh, only 1.1 million?” You seem to be very selective with your anger. As the anti-Jewish laws are concerned: They clearly created an atmosphere of hatred in which the Holocaust could thrive. The “blue print of the Holocaust was written under Horthy”, a Jewish diplomat once told me. German Nazi forces were impressed with the enthusiasm Hungarian fascists helped them with the deportations and shooting Jews into the Danube. And Hungary was occupied in 1944 well at the end of World War Two when for the most part it was a close ally of Nazi-Germany. As the Hungarian Guard is concerned: a court already ruled that it is an “illegal” group, in part because it intimidated and marched through Roma villages, taking away the freedom granted under the constitution to ALL HUNGARIAN citizens. Not me or you but an independent court ruled this. You said 95 percent of the media are Jewish in a previous e-mail. That was why I explained you that I know many non-Jewish journalists so your figure may be not correct. We are sensitive for this issue, because BosNewsLife is an online news agency covering especially reported cases of persecution related to Christians and also Jewish people. That’s why you read many stories on this, just as you would read on a sports website a lot about sports. I am sure many atrocities have been committed, but once again this story was not about that.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  12. Look it, bad enough if only 1 people die.
    All i am saying is that give facts.
    I dont want to discuse the danube shootings, but the fact is that there 3300 jew and serb died! Its bad, but not that bad as 50000 hungarians by the serbians hands.
    And not to mention the couple of million hungarian all togeather in the 20th century in peace time, just because of revenge.
    Im not saying that 1,1millian peoples death is not bad enough, but dont put all on hungarians, and show the whole picture, and not just certan parts of it.

    For me it sounds discusting, if somebody says to me, that we killed people next to danube, but they dont even mention the serb revenge which caust 50000 hungarian death.
    number as well. 3300people.
    So one is ok, but other is not. You see this is the problem. This is why hungarians have enough. We continuosly are bullyed by other nations, even today, and we need to lisen that the jews, and serbs where killed next to Danube.
    You know what?
    Nobody cares about that, right?! It ok. Well the hungarian nation finaly woke up, and we dont want to lissen on the TV about gypsie, and jews, and serbs, bicause they dont give a dam s..t about us.
    If other people care about our pain, that we will care about theirs, its that simple!!
    we dont want to whach it on TV, and read about it, specialy when they blameing us for 3300death and they dont even mention the revenge part. You see, this is what its hapening in Hungary, that even in our country we are always the second in the eyes of the politicians, the media, and the world media. I think thats racist!

    About the gypsies?
    if you are liveing in hungary than watch this, and ask someone to translate for you:

    you dont need to belive me, but you might belive tha gypsi vajdas.
    By the way the gypsies never us the Roma word in the video, only the gypsi word!
    This will give a little taste about the criminal gypsi culture.
    And if you say thats discrimonation, and naci, than you realy dont even know what is going on on Hugary!
    Lets just say that if nothing will happen to stop this criminal culture, than there will be a civil war, and that is a fact! I realy hope not, but if yes, than i will go home to hungary, and join my brothers!
    You realy dont know nothing about the gypsies!

    About the hungarian guards?! ITs illegal you say!
    Well firs of all its not. The second court ruled out that it illegal, but the hungarin guard didnt accept it, wich means that the case continues in the Highes court. If the highest court rule out that its illegal, then, and only that will be the organisation illegal, until then its legal.
    You see, you are missinforming again. Not good.
    But even if the organisation is illegal, they can not do anything about the movement. So basicaly they will continue the work like it nothing happened! So the whole thing is a wast of time!
    Yes they marching. Thats all what they do, so what is the problem.
    The gypsies are not scared, bicause they know that the hungarian guard wont do anything agains them. If they do than all them media, in hungary, and some inthe world will target the hungarian guard. You belived the gypsies?
    You realy dont know them!
    Check in the police the statistic about the crimes. You will be surprise!!
    Like i said before. There is a REALY good reason why are 90percent of the criminals are gypsies in the jails.
    It not belive, its not some mistical evil, its just pure matematics!
    Check that link what i give you.

    About jews: The perfect example is on the right media right now!
    How the politicians making bussines whit jews behind our back stoleing our money.
    Like th KING CITY casino project!
    And you want us to tolerate this? Bicause its PC?!
    Crime can not be tolerated!!!

    ps: if my spelling is bad than i am sorry. It the midle of the night, and i am realy tired!

  13. Dear Anonimus,
    I find several contradictory statements in your posts!

    From experience, most Roma prefer to be called Roma rather than gypsy, maybe your experience is different. Granted, there are problems but considering the discrimination and abuse of Roma rights as far back as 1417 in Germany and 1429 in Spain, do you seriously expect them to be a well adjusted socially integrated race? Can we just wipe clean the past?

    The Roma I know do indeed attend school and have aspirations for the future, however, the reality is that these will never be fulfilled due to discrimination.

    The Magyar Garda attended our village fair last week, a village in the south west where there has been no serious problem with the Roma. Why were they there? To intimidate and provoke, this is certainly not the way to attain “a better future” for Hungary.


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