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MOSCOW/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)– Friends and family have buried the assassinated pastor of the largest Pentecostal church in Russia’s volatile Dagestan region, Christian missionaries told BosNewsLife early Friday, July 23.

Russian Ministries, a major mission group, said Christians from several parts of Russia gathered at the Hosanna House of Prayer Church in Dagestan’s capital Makhachkala for the funeral of Pastor Artur Suleimanov, 49, who was shot to death last week while leaving church.

Christians view the attack by suspected Islamic militants as part of a campaign to intimidate Christian converts in the predominantly Muslim region. No group has claimed responsibility for the July 15 killing which involved one or more attackers, said Vyacheslav Gasanov,  a  spokesman for Dagestan’s police.

During the funeral service Sunday, July 18, grieving church members described the pastor — himself a convert from Islam — as a “strong, supportive and positive leader.”


Under his leadership, the church ran a rehabilitation center for drugs addicts, developed an anti-drug campaign and a prison ministry. The church also ran a cafe that was open to the community, Russian Ministries added.

Local Christians, who did not want to be named, said Suleimanov wanted to “see all believers working together in unity in Dagestan, and he worked hard to see that happen.”

“Artur became a representative of churches in Dagestan to Muslims or to the government. Muslim religious leaders saw him as the ‘chief mufti,’ or chief spokesman of Christians in Dagestan,” said a Christian quoted by Russian Ministries.

The attack illustrated that Degestan is tough place for Christian workers, Russian Ministries added.  Dagestan, which is over 90 percent Muslim, is plagued by insurgent violence, with many of the militants inspired by or affiliated with Islamic separatists in neighboring Chechnya.  However pressure on Christians has also been linked to the government.

Shortly before he died, Suleimanov complained that authorities were putting restrictions on the Pentecostal church’s social work.


Russian Ministries said it has urged its supporters to pray for “unity among church members, and that they will trust Gods protection and not become overwhelmed with fear.”

Pastor Artur Suleimanov leaves behind a wife, Zina, and five children. Vladimir Chumakov, the church’s assistant pastor, was reportedly named as the new senior of the Hosanna Hosanna House of Prayer Church.


  1. Islam does’nt allowa muslim converts to any other relligion. Once you embrace Islam, it is forever. This is a protective measure of a religion from being manipulated. In Islam, religion right is the highest priority outweighs the individual right. So it is a self explanatory to question about the right of the people to choose their own religion after embracing Islam. But take note: Islam wont force anyone to embrace this religion. You are free to practice your religion in Islamic country. Even in the middle of a war, Islam forbids muslims to destruct any religious building i.e. church, temple etc. This news is a zionists propaganda or political agenda to creat chaos between Christians and Muslims/Moscow and Dagestan.

  2. Tagdapu,

    I lived in Palestine all my life as a Christian and know the culture, language and religion very well.

    Islam is like a Mafia religion. Once you’re in, you can never be out, unless it’s by risking your life. But it doesn’t matter anyway if they kill you or not because if you live away from Jesus, then you’re dead anyway, this is what Jesus said:

    “2 This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world. ” 1 John 4: 2,3

    Jesus Christ has come in the flesh = God became man

  3. Tagdapu,

    you must really be joking, or dont know the Quran…. and yes once you embrace Islam it is forever or you are killed..
    What is the use of a religion which forces others to stay in a religion they do not believe in anymore, you can put fear in their hearts but you cannot force them to be Muslims in their hearts.. and what a evil, rotten, hateful god who would force them to continue in a religion that they want nothing to do with..
    You said,
    In Islam, religion right is the highest priority outweighs the individual right.
    That is not a religion that is a cult. That is not a personal choice to follow the following is caused by fear, so how can you ever know that that person believes in their heart and who the hang would want to follow a god who forces them to believe.. not me… how hateful is that to force someone…

  4. You say,
    But take note: Islam wont force anyone to embrace this religion.
    hahahahahah, you have to be joking hahahahah…
    No, they are just hunted down and killed, or they cant get jobs if they are not Muslims, or they cannot sell to Muslims, or they have to pay massive taxes if they are Muslims, and every where they turn they are hassled, raped, bullied, tortured, etc, yep sure shoulds like a loving god to me…
    What loving people would do this to other people of other religions or who do not believe in anything, it is a religion of war, hate, evil, etc..
    and you said,
    Even in the middle of a war, Islam forbids muslims to destruct any religious building etc..
    The first thing that Mohammad did when he first went into Mecca after praying was to have all what he considered idols destroyed in the Ka’bah..
    After settling in Medina, Mohammad started what he called the “holy wars”???. Those people who were conquered in these battles were given three choices: accept Islam, pay tribute, or die by the sword (see the Repentance Surat, verse29). As a result of this method of forced conversion, many Christian churches were turned into mosques to please the conquering Muslims, while many other Christians not willing to take the easy way out were killed.
    Yep, sure sounds like there was free choice eh..
    Mohammad was a Founder of Islam and leader of Jihad…
    The self proclaimed Prophet, Mohammad destroyed many houses of worship of other religions, and even today Muslims destroy any religious buildings and other buildings of importance in the countries that they war against…
    You are obviously a Muslim so perhaps it would be wise to read the last three quarters of the Quran yourself, and see what is really there, plus read what your own Muslim historians have to say about Islam.. read their writings that Muslims honor today.. Mohammad went on many raids himself and ordered many others, his rampage across the world was bloody and horrific, raping slaughtering as he and his merry men went.. and of course taking booty and slaves for themselves from those they killed..

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