By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife

NEW DELHI, INDIA (BosNewsLife)– Suspected Islamic militants have killed two Christian teenagers who were reading the Bible in the disputed Kashmir valley, divided between India and Muslim Pakistan, BosNewsLife established Tuesday, February 8.

The victims were identified as Arifa, 17, and Akthar, 19, the daughters of Gulam Nabi Dar, said local missionary Mercy Ciniraj, who knew them well. “The [murdered] girls were believers and used to read the Bible through underground ministries.”

She told BosNewsLife that “the girls were shot dead” last Monday, January 31, in the Baramulla area in Indian-controlled northern Kashmir, bordering Pakistan.

They were “brutally murdered” by at least three fighters of Lashkar-e-Taiba, a Pakistan based Islamic militant “terrorist” group, she explained. Local police reportedly said in statements that they found two bodies near their home and that militants were to blame.


Lashkar-e-Taiba, or the ‘Army of the Righteous’, seeks to introduce an Islamic state in South Asia and to “liberate” Muslims in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

India has identified the group as the alleged masterminds behind the the 2008 terror attack on the Indian financial capital of Mumbai that killed 166 people.

The killings of Arifa and Akthar show that militant attacks also include targetting devoted minority Christians, Ciniraj suggested.

The girls’ involvement in Bible reading was among several projects of mission group Salem Voice Ministries (SVM), which supports evangelism and aid among Muslims and Hindus in India, including through underground house churches in Muslim-majority Kashmir.


After last week’s killings, however, local “believers are totally in fear,” added Ciniraj, who founded SVM with her husband, Indian pastor Paul Ciniraj, a former Muslim.

The January 31 attack was believed to be the first incident of civilian killings by militants in the Kashmir valley, this year. The violence also added to other difficulties of Christians in Kashmir valley, as they suffered of diseases, explained Mercey Ciniraj to BosNewsLife.

“Since the last one and half months we all are fed up with different types of sickness. Few days we suffered with reddish eyes one by one [and] after that we were attacked with viral fever too,” she said, adding that local believers asked for prayers.

Despite their concerns, local Christian workers plan to continue preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ who they believe gives eternal life to everyone who believes in Him, Ciniray stressed. “By God’s grace now we recovered [of illnesses] and are fully active with the underground church ministries and reaching the Gospel at any cost who never have a chance to hear it.”


  1. this news is tttaly wrong as i too live in baramulla…………the two sisters were killed due to having their links with indian army……the news is totally wrong
    y r u posting bloody shit on this website.
    i vl sue u guys
    bloody liers

  2. Dear Sheikh,

    No this news is NOT wrong, it’s the truth you apparently don’t like to read or hear about. Please show us evidence that they had links with the Indian army. Slightly less rude words to make your point would be appreciated.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  3. Let’s just sift through Sheikh Salig’s taquiyya, shall we? The Sheikh admits that the girls were killed. Who were they killed by? The Sheikh is trying to claim that they “were killed due to having their links with indian army” – sure sounds like they were killed by Muslim jihads. What is the punishment for becoming an apostate under sharia law? Oh yes, death. So if you dig for it, the truth is obvious in the Sheikh’s taquiyya.

  4. Dear Stefan,

    Can you be a little more specific about the “hidden house churches” movement in Indian Kashmir. How do they function and are they able to get support from the locals.

    If the girls were killed for being christian, why did the Indian police say that they were killed for “loose moral character” or “security force informers”.

    Is Mercy Ciniraj, still based in the area. Isn’t it dangerous?

  5. There are 3 things here:
    If these sisters was linked to Indian Army, I believe they wasn´t, even this is no in any way a crime, Indian Army is official security forces there, giving protection to everybody against terrorists. Military service is compulsory and mandatory in India, nobody is exempted.
    @BOS :
    News on cruel Muslim, Hindu, Communist, Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist, etc. persecution against Christians must to be made known to all people.
    Why Bosnews restrict broadcast and charges by news items that must to be made available to entire globe?.
    As a Venezuelan and knowing something on other countries, I can tell you:
    Out of USA near nobody knows nothing on persecution, because media in every other country are unconcerned with it.
    What is your source for this news? Terrorists apears marked between the sign ” ” a signal the source is any liberal media outlet.

  6. Dear Eliecer Guillen,

    As you can see the news is freely available for anyone to read on the Website around the world. We have introduced a suggested donation to help us continue our mission of being a voice of the voiceless. We are an independent news agency with no links to any organization or government funding. The ” ” sign means that we are quoting what is said by a group or person. We are not a liberal media outlet if you mean with that left-leaning, whatever that means. Thank you for contributing to this debate.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  7. Dear Bobby,

    Obviously we can not say exactly the whereabouts of Mercy Ciniraj for security reasons more than we have done now. It is clear from the article that locals are involved in the underground house churches there. There is a growing house church movement in Kashmir and other areas in India itself. We have not seen statements from Indian police that they were killed for “loose moral character” or “security force informers”, remarks that seem at odds with each other.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  8. Sheikh,

    you will kill 2 teenage girls simply for having some links with Indian army, right? Perhaps, you will rape them too before killing them?

    You are truely a follower of that bloody prophet.

  9. “Military service is compulsory and mandatory in India” – yeah, right. And this is “TRUTH” – based on what? A little bit of Google – and you’ll know how ‘compulsory and mandatory’ is military service. As a non-Venezualean, I’m sure all of population of Venezuela is not as ‘smart’ as this person who made this statement.
    If only Christian missionaries looked at the hordes of homeless here in mainland US – the thousands that live on the streets & under the bridges in Los Angeles. If only the missionaries stopped ‘poaching’ on the natives of Africa, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc – and try to sell their fairy tale instead of the Pagan or Buddhist or Islamic ones, the world will be a better place.
    Any way, the christians of today are the ones that killed & indulged in the biggest of genocides for the longest periods of times known to man-kind. Be it their destruction & subjugation of Greek religion & society / culture into mythology – or their more recent attempts in the Northern African states. Christians need to realize that what goes around, comes around.
    You went ahead cheating people & converting them by hook or crook – and now, your brethren in Eurabia & elsewhere are being converted. Hopefully you Christians will all be converted from your one fairy tale religion to another more blood-filled fairy tale religion of Islam.
    At least, you Christians deserve it. And, at least, you Christians “USED TO” have the spine to fight back – to get Spain back to Christianity centuries back. But, now, times have changed. Pathetic beings like Gandhi have you people tricked. Now, you’ll no longer be able to fight back against Islam. The spinelessness of the Hindu & Indian culture – a la Gandhi – has left you defenseless against the vile & potent Islamic onslaught.
    You will perish – and your fairy tale religion will be replaced by Islam.
    BTW, I’m no Muslim. In fact, I’m part of the spineless beings that form the so-called Hindu majority of the most spineless nation in the whole world – Bharath / India.
    My words above are out of frustration at how things are being carried out in today’s world. If I had my way, I’ll like Christian missionaries to concentrate on existing homeless Christians – all over the world – especially Los Angeles & USA. Catholics & poaching-missionaries, must realize that they’re causing great harm to themselves & the conned-converts. Having had my education at the Seventh Day Adventist & other Missionary schools, I’m well aware of the procedure being followed to indulge in conversion – and that’s why I’m so sad. My sadness in no way reflects on my respect to the individual Christians. I have very high respect to individual Christians & Hindus – but as a population, I’m very sad & disgusted by these two.

  10. When will Indians learn and realise that for 800 or more years they have been looted of their riches and heritage by these nomadic soldiers of the so called religion of peace. my visit in recent in recent years to various parts gives me an eerie feel of a lull befor a storm in Shining India.
    The land of Chanakya and wisodm is progressively heading towards it doom. the INCongress has managed to give away Kashmir as per their founders vision, soon others will follow in the absence of True Nationalist Leadership

  11. MN,
    Considering this is an article about the brutal murder of two Christian girls (and the fact that they were killed for reading the Bible makes them technically martyrs), your highly-inaccurate accusations against their religion were very inapt. I have no interest in debating with you here. Go to a website more appropriate for the content of your comments if you want to complain about Christianity.

  12. Bobby,

    Of course the girls were of “loose moral character.” Under islamic law to leave Islam, to read the Bible, to be outside without a male relative, to not wear a burqa, to supposedly cooperate with the legal but non-Islamic authority, and to be able to read is “proof” they have no “Muslim morals.”

    Judge a religion by the words and conduct of its founders and it’s Holy Books. I’ll put Jesus and Paul’s life and words up against Muhammad’s and the Qur’an’s any day. Muhammad was an insane illiterate bully, thief, ravager, murderer, rapist, and child molester preaching expansion by the sword. The Qur’an and Hadith are books of hatred, violence, and deceit inspired by Muhammad’s god, Beelzubub. They preach subjugation of all; forcing unbelievers to either convert, submit to Dhimmitude, or die. In no way are they holy. And in no way should we submit.

    Islam in economics is socialist, in politics authoritarian, and in faith intolerant and vicious. Islam declared war on the US early in the country’s life, hence the opening words to the Marine’s Hymn. We forget that to our own peril.

    But why do Muslims believe parts of India are theirs by right? Remember at its greatest extent, the Islamic Caliphate came out of NE Arabia to occupy N. Africa, across most of Spain to the Caucus in Russia, from N. Italy to the Baltic states, all of what is called Palestine and Arabia, across the Balkans to Turkey, and then across SW Asia to SW China and W. India. Under Islamic belief any lands once occupied by Islamic armies belong to them in perpetuity.

    Of course Muslims have a special hatred for the Crusaders, which includes Americans because they came from Britain, who were trying to free former European lands from Islamic domination. That many of the Crusades were poorly led and descended into little more than pillaging and murdering raids is, sadly to European shame, quite true. But it’s also true that the effort to free Europe of Islamic occupation led to both World Wars and the Mideast problems.

    And yes, the US went to war over oil, the lifeblood of the West, when a man, Saddam, with Pan-Arab aspirations convinced us he was a threat to our oil supplies. Did we do so in the right manner? That’s a fair question.

  13. sheikh saliq, your very words show that many Muslims are intolerant, acerbic, dishonest, and likely prone to violence. You follow an insane prophet of a satanic god. Perhaps if you found Jesus you’d understand.

  14. @MN,

    We go all over the world because the Lord Jesus Christ the son of the Living God commanded us to go through out all the world telling others about his love and what he wants to do for us if we would just follow him and obey his laws and commandments. As for your statement about christians killing others through out our history as a planet I say no christian has ever done anything of the sort. Yes the Crusades happened and they did it in the name of the Lord but in no way did the Lord command them to do it. I say to you that those were not Christians. They may have said they were but they were not. Just like today people say they are christian and love Jesus but right after they say this they go out and party and get drunk then go and shack up with others. They will also get a rude awakening when ever they see the Lord and he says to them “depart from me I never knew you”.

    Bottom line is Jesus said that many shall come in my name and will deceive many.
    I will be praying for all unbelievers tonight.

  15. This news is not true. I belong to that place and challenge who think it is otherwise. Kindly don’t spread lies. Remember…there are many Churches and Christians in Kashmir. Give me one incident where there has been murder of a Christian or one Church being burnt save Burn-a-Quran Day incident.
    Reacting without proof is stupidity! Kindly don’t be stupid

  16. Looks like more murders by members of the “religion of peace” that seems to go around killing anyone who is different to them as they feel threatened. Guess the girls were lucky not to have been raped first, hope their killers soon strap on their explosive vests so they can get their reward of 72 horny virgin goats and sheep

  17. Those who walk with the Lord obey Him. He is telling some to go and be a witness for Him in these unsafe areas – no matter what the cost – as did His own apostles in the New Testament.

    We will see as the future becomes the present, that the time for Christians to remain on the earth is limited. You see, Jesus is bringing His people together – those He has chosen and is calling to be His bride. The Church is His bride. Jesus is the bridegroom.

    And, how excited the Church is to know our Bridegroom is coming to get us. Safe or unsafe, they are following Christ and His call to tell everyone about Jesus and His salvation and forgiveness for sins. Why? So that when we die we can live for all eternity with Him. Those who don’t ask Jesus to forgive them for their sins will be facing an eternityy of darkness and separation from all light and God Himself. It will be horrible.

    These girls are now gowned in white and are face to face with their Savior, Jesus. They will wear the martyrs crown. And, probably many more will come to know Jesus because of the girls death. Jesus wanted them with Him – the girls are very precious in His sight.

  18. Dear Xhan,

    Unlike the murdered girls you are free to express your faith and opinions here. Unfortunately for you this story is true. That you don’t like to read the truth is a different issue.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos

  19. Oy vey!! It is bad enough that the girls were murdered for studing the Bible, imagine what
    would have happened if they had been learning the Talmud or Chassidus.
    The best defense is….. (I hope everyone knows the rest of this)

  20. Dear Xhan,

    You send a very long link after ‘read this’ which destroyed the page. It was about the killing of Australian missionary Graham Staines by Hindu militants. Yes we covered that as well. But this was a story about Islamic militants.

    Best regards,


  21. I am a regular visitor to this area. I also teach the Gospel and the word of God. I found out that the girls were not believers and were killed for being on payrolls of the Indian Army Units in the area. This is a political war out there and I see no connection between these killings and Christianity. Let us all side with the truth, however bitter the truth may be.

  22. Dear George Anderson,

    Could you tell us how you found out that they “were not believers” and on the payrolls of the Indian Army units? Any concrete sources would help…

    Ofcourse we told the truth indeed “however bitter that truth may be”

    Stefan J. Bos,


  23. The people who did this think they were have got away with it but God is just, he will judge Islam and all it’s demonic followers. They have chosen poorly, been deceived and are the enemies of God. There is no God but Jehova and Jesus is his Son.

  24. Dear Stefan,

    While I don’t have inside knowledge, I find your reports credible and balanced. And some of the disturbing comments made here only confirm the value and necessity of the work you do. I live in the United States and search for credible reporting outside the United States in order to obtain corroborating information and a different view of world events.

    Thank you for your efforts.

    M. Forrest

  25. @ MN:
    Take it easy!.
    Your miseducation, typical from people with frustrations, depression, etc. impedes to you to have a fluent dialogue.
    You offends to people criticizing terrorists who has killed citizens from your country, while you claim to defend your country.
    I know on India`s situation:
    It is a completely voluntary service, the military draft having never been imposed in India. The army has rich combat experience in diverse terrains, …
    and laws on military service from every country.
    I just forget that detail on your dear land 🙂 my memory just fails because my age 🙂
    If modern western institutions as mandatory draft are unknown in semifeudal asian societies this is a fault from that countries, no mine.

    Your overreaction was how if I by posting just that I was involved in a gross agression against your country.
    So calm down, drink a tea cup and go to see a Bollywood movie man.

    I was only trying to proves to Sheykh a point:
    Even if that sisters was in military troops, so what? that terrorists are no justified in killing them while them was just reading her Bibles.

  26. Eliecer Guillen

    “News on cruel Muslim, Hindu, Communist, Catholic, Orthodox, Buddhist, etc. persecution against Christians must to be made known to all people.”

    That is very offensive, I found out about this latest killings from an Orthodox Priest who was asking for prayer for all Christians in Kashmir. I have met a lovely couple (Baptist) from the USA who have been living in Kashmir valley for many years, even know several people who have gone over.

  27. @Stefan:
    Why you censores me?.
    No offensive it in any way is no.
    Only you assume the entire world is the imaginary world from a suburbanite who believe to know best than the people living under catholic and orthodox Tyranny.


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