By Joseph DeCaro, BosNewsLife International Correspondent

ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA (BosNewsLife)– An Ethiopian court sentenced 579 Muslims from three to 18 months in prison for a week of violence against Christians that left one dead and 69 churches destroyed by fire, BosNewsLife learned Friday June 24.

Additionally, 107 Muslims were charged with terrorism-related crimes for their roles in the attacks, trial observers said.

More than 4,000 Christians in and around Asendabo region were displaced as a result of church attacks after Muslims falsely accused a Christian of desecrating the Qu’ran, deemed a holy book by Muslims, Christian news agency Compass Direct News reported.

The destruction that began at Asendabo spread to the areas of Chiltie, Gilgel Gibe, Gibe, Nada, Dimtu, Uragay, Busa and Koticha as Muslim mobs overwhelmed local police and rampaged unchecked, witnesses said.

With a Christain majority, Ethiopia is the second most populous country in the African continent. Ethiopia is 63 percent Christian and and 34 percent Muslim, but in regions where Muslims make up the majority, Christians face persecution, rights groups say.


  1. What a shoking news that implies the lack of justice in the holy land of Virgin Marry. We recived them during their bad time but now history repeat it self as these people do what “Ahmed Gragn” did. Please stop the violence in this holly country, give justice for the people and don’t forget these churches had been schools and medical centers for the earlier periods of the dark ages as well as now healing thousands that the modern medical technology can’t.
    God bless Ethiopia

  2. We shall preach peace in all religious centers. We don’t need all this violence right now. It is a thing of the past. Let us hope good times to come from now on.

  3. I am realy disapointed about your reporting since it lacks complete eveidence and ignores many facts. even if you are a true christian your relegion also says speak the truth so try to do that. by the way check on the percentages you put before you go to print


  4. I do not know how much u know about Ethiopia but if your Article is to go by,i am afraid u know little.The fact that u put the Muslim population of Ethiopia at 34 % says it all .Muslims are as many as Christians if not more in Ethiopia.The lengths u go to,to paint Ethiopia as a Cristian Island is pathetic.It is a country for Muslims as much as it is for Christians…and we are peaceful people…so do not write lies like “where Muslims make up the majority, Christians face persecution”…perhaps it is the other way round.Get your facts right…or do not call Your self a journalist

  5. Why mob actions and decisions while it is possible to bring any one who violetes the rights of others? Are we in a “civilized” modern society? what is embarssing is we all are brothers (naturally) though we belong to different religion. why don’t we express our views and religious beliefs peacefully without any sort of imposition? Why don’t think of the possitives, help and love each other and live in peace instead of spreading hetred, doing harm and distractions to opne another? we all talk and preach about peace but we do the opposite to one anotehr. Is this the funcamental philosophy of oor religion? Islam or christian? is this what is expected of natural brothers and sisters? Or are we promoting the philosphopy of Al-Qaida, a philosophy that is agaisnt humanity, freedom, peace … and relies on forceful conversion of humankind ti Islam worledwide? please let us be religous and civilized, don’t be savage. May God be with all of us and bring salvation to all mankind.

  6. The sentence does not represent the causalities caused by arrogant and intolerant individuals. Three to 18 months can not be a seen a punishment for such a huge damage and breach of the Constitution which guarantees freedom of religion. Therefore, it is a huge blow to all peace lovers who respect the law of the land and wants to see people of different religions live in harmony in the oldest country, which has never seen such a tragic and shameful incident for centuries until recent illegal attempts by some individuals.



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