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Hindu militants have attacked Christian village families in Orissa, Christian activists say.

NEW DELHI, INDIA (BosNewsLife)– Tensions remained high Monday, July 2, in India’s volatile state of Orissa where a dozen Christian families have been hiding in jungle areas after Hindu militants attacked their village, injuring an evangelist and later dozens of other believers, Christians said.

The troubles began last month when Pastor Baidhar, 50,  returned from a local prayer meeting in the village of Mitrapur Village in Orissa’s Balasore District, said the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), an umbrella advocacy group of churches and mission groups.

“Armed Hindu fanatics” allegedly “ruthlessly attacked” the preacher and left him seriously injured on a road in the June 15 incident. Soon after, a group of Christians rushed him to hospital, provoking the anger of Hindu militants, GCIC said.

Some “50 Hindu extremists mounted an attack on the entire group of about 12 Christian families” involved in helping the evangelist “at 8.30 in the evening the same day, causing serious injuries to about 20 believers,” the advocacy group explained.


Several women were harassed with Hindu militants tearing off their clothes, according to Christians.

Christian families reportedly fled the village, apparently hiding in the jungle. Their exact whereabouts were now immediately known Monday, July 2.

The violence came shortly after police in Orissa’s Puri District said it seized over 50 “hand bombs” and a dozen other explosives from a hut in Gambhari village, which were apparently prepared for anti-Christian attacks, GCIC added, citing local media reports.

Latest developments have added to concerns in Orissa where where over 100 people died in anti-Christian violence since August 2008.


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