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Aman Ullah (second from left) with friends.
Aman Ullah (second from left) with friends.

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)– A 16-year-old Christian convert from Islam remained missing Saturday, June 8, some two weeks after he was kidnapped by Islamic militants in Pakistan’s volatile Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Christian said.

Aman Ullah was reportedly taken by fighters of a militant Taliban group on May 25 in Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the former Northwest Frontier Province.

“We don’t know which of the 32 different Taliban groups operating both in Afghanistan and Pakistan is responsible,” said John Taimoor, president of mission group ‘Crossbearers Ministry’ which works among former Muslims.

“My team, workers and disciples from Muslim backgrounds are facing pressures from many sides and physical persecution,” he said in a statement. However, “We are looking to our Savior who is able to save us to the uttermost…”


There was no known statement from the Taliban on Friday, June 7, though the group has spoken in the past to media in other kidnapping cases.

The young kidnap victim, who became a Christian a year ago and evangelized, had memorized the books of John and Ephesians in the Bible, said Taimoor who gave the boy Bible lessons. His goal was to memorize the entire New Testament as he had already memorized the Koran, Taimoor recalled.

“He is very dear to me. Aman Ullah means ‘peace of God’ in Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Pushto languages,” the official said. “He is a diamond, very dedicated and brilliant. He was outgoing; he made public statements and gave his testimony.”

Taimoor’s group helps young converts such as Aman to memorize the Biblical Book of Ephesians and demonstrate “seriousness about growing in their faith” to impact other Muslims.


He said he had asked supporters to pray for “Aman’s protection, asking for favor among his captors.”

While waiting for “his safe release” he said he hopes “this young disciple will be anointed as God’s spokesperson in their lives [of the kidnappers] helping them to realize their need of Jesus as Savior and Lord.”

He said he asked Christians to also “ask God to protect and minister to all who are faithfully serving Him in Pakistan.”

Taliban militants have been linked to several attacks against Christians, including former Muslims, as part of their crusade against what they view as a Western religion and colonialism.

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  1. I worked with taimoor .This is fake story about convert boy. He came at his ministry office in Pakistan for a short time but he is not Tamoor’s convert or disciple. He run from his Lahore office due to John Taimoor’s dual Islamic and Christian character. Taimoor is very abusive and bad behavior with his people. These days he have no ministry in Pakistan. Just have two buildings and a gurad to look after. Pastors and ministers who had fellowship and partnership with him all left him and dont want to work with him. People in pakistan still confussed about him either he is Christian or Muslim? Please stop posting fake stories. We Pakistani Christians are already in great troubles.Thanks

  2. Dear Rev Aaimir or whatever your real name is,

    We are NOT in the business of publishing fake stories. You seem to be more upset about the content of the news story.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife


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