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Pope Francis has prayed for Pakistan in Saint Peter’s square at the Vatican City, following Sunday’s bomb blasts at two churches in Lahore that killed more than a dozen and injured scores of people.

By Christopher R. Altieri with reporting by BosNewsLife’s Stefan J. Bos

VATICAN CITY/LAHORE (BosNewsLife)– Pope Francis on Sunday, March 15, appealed for peace and solidarity with Pakistan’s “persecuted” Christian minority after bombings at two churches in Lahore left at least 14 people dead and scores of others wounded. He also accused the world of trying to hide the persecution of Christians.

“With pain, with much pain, I learned of the terrorist attacks today against two churches in the city Lahore in Pakistan, which have resulted in numerous deaths and injuries,” he told a crowd of pilgrims and tourists gathered for the Angelus prayer in St. Peter’s Square.

A Taliban splinter group, calling itself Jamatul Ahrar, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The twin attacks took place on churches only a few hundred metres apart from one another in one of the largest Christian neighbourhoods of the city, Youhanabad.

One of the churches was the Catholic church of St. John, the other was the Anglican Christ Church, witnesses said. “These are Christian churches, Christians are being persecuted,” the pontiff noted.


“Our brothers’ and sisters’ blood is shed only because they are Christians. As I assure you of my prayers for the victims and their families, I ask the Lord, I beseech the Lord, source of all good, for the gift of peace and harmony to this country,” Pope Francis added.

And he prayed that, “this persecution against Christians, which the world tries to hide, might end, and that there be peace.”

His comments came while Christians in Lahore faced a tense night. “These attacks have led people into the thought that they are unsafe anywhere,” said Sadaf Saddique, who heads the Good Shepherd Ministry in Pakistan, an outreach to exploited and at-risk children.

Speaking by telephone from Lahore, Saddique, a lawyer, said, “We never thought that Youhanabad could be attacked. He said residents “never thought that people would dare to come into this place, and would attack such a big Christian town.”

Christians, who comprise roughly 2 percent of Pakistan’s more than 182 million people, have been the target of increasingly intense and deadly violence in recent years.



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  2. Thank you for reading my comment. World watches instantly via internet what’s going on. News and comments posted via Internet are probably being read by nations across the world. I am just one among them. Hence please don’t be frustrated. Imagine you were at a festive gathering and a fight broke out between family members….everyone at the gathering are watching and doesn’t it generate awkward feelings? As a match-stick can set forest trees on fire and char them and those amongst them, tongue has the power to set minds on fire. Hence please be wise, humble, compassionate and impartial in your judgements.

    It’s not possible to understand even our parents or closest kin all the time… But what keeps the bond is love. In love, there is understanding, forgiveness and mutual respect. Also, Love’s got no hate in it. It brings peace and positive ideas. It completely cleans out hatred and only love remains in one’s heart. It’s like the sugar that makes a bitter coffee sweet. I do not wish nobody hates nobody for the problems though we were at the same level as them when we came out of our mother’s wombs (without malice and deceit)….I wish you understand my message of peace, love and hope. I am not affiliated with any religion; however I would say everyone who loves is born of God to make known the father’s presence amongst us. Everyone who loves cherishes life. Everyone who comes to know the value of life is for peace. And where there is peace, there is hope for the living. When there is hope every member of community strives for its prosperity.

    Since Love is the starting point for building hope…how can we trigger love instead of a weapon?
    1. By Authoritarian Regime?
    2. By Protests?
    3. By Education?
    4. By Spreading One’s own “Religion”?
    5. Improving Economy?

    Though all of the above help alleviate human suffering, for the last three millenniums the history shows that they failed to generate hope and trust among all responsible individuals of communities, cities and even nations! The only force/education/religion/wealth that kept even the most homogenous societies together is “Agape Love”. [Broadly love is of three types: Philos (family, brothers, sisters, friends), Eros (between lovers; men/women/gay), Agape (of strangers/helpers/givers).]

    Agape Love is being patient, empathetic and compassionate to God’s creation (Animate & inanimate). By Animate, I mean all living creatures and not just human beings! By Inanimate, I mean all non-living like Water, Air, Sun, Earth, stars, universe etc. (However inanimate is also living in God’s view)…When you say you love God, you are expressing your “Agape Love” to him. Exercising “Agape Love” is the toughest exercise. Yes…it’s the toughest exercise any body-builder, sports athlete, Military personnel, Law-enforcement, revolutionaries etc. can do! I challenge everyone in Lahore and you; do you have it in you to exercise “Agape Love”?

    Being patient does not mean ‘apathy’ (lack of interest). By being empathetic does not mean one changes their view and accepts others view like switching TV channels. By being compassionate does not mean, you let someone who blinded your one eye to blind the other one too….That’s why I mean it’s the toughest exercise….Agape love starts with Patience…and members of different parts of community (including Govt officials) may sit together (civic engagement) every day and once in a while to meditate what’s good for themselves, society, humanity and creation as a whole…It need not happen only in Lahore or Islamabad or Meccah or Vatican City or Washington D.C. Or New York City or New Delhi or even in Heaven… It should start in your own small town in a chai dukan, in a sport’s field or cricket maidan, online, or park or just in a plain ground where everyone can hear everyone else…And that’s the true gathering of people in God’s Name!

    Kal Gandikota


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