Missionaries Rush To Haiti Devastated By Earth Quake

By BosNewsLife Americas Service MAF_Dove_Embiggened_normalPORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI (BosNewsLife)-- A major Christian mission organization stepped up efforts Tuesday, January 18, to coordinate relief efforts in Haiti as the death toll of last week's earth quake was expected to be at least 200,000, officials said.

BREAKING NEWS: Churches Responding As Haiti Earth Quake Kills Bishop And Thousands More

By BosNewsLife News Center q32xfaevucs0ahrh3on4fcoaonn57yzPORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI (BosNewsLife)-- Churches and missionary workers were trying to respond to Haiti's worst earth quake in centuries that officials said may have killed up to half a million people, including the the Roman Catholic archbishop of Port-au-Prince, other Christians and United Nations personnel.