community support a new television channel dedicated to mostly religious and cultural issues, BosNewsLife learned Tuesday, December 18.

Pax television began broadcasting Saturday, December 15, in an apparent effort to challenge the more entertainment oriented national commercial networks.

Krisztina Endrenyi, director of pax television program service provider rt., told reporters that the station "intially airs 4 hours a day but that it wants to expand its programs to 14 hours" by march, 2002.

She said Pax television does not run advertisements and its main income will be from subscriber fees. Endrenyi added that the network will be free for the first three months after it will be coded.

Although most Hungarians claim to be Catholic, religious and Christian programs remain a relative new phenomena in this former Communist nation.

The Catholic Church operates a radio station in the eastern town of Eger, while Hungary’s first ever Evangelical radio station known as yes radio, launched its internet- broadcasts in early October.

It is hoping to receive a frequency in the Budapest area within the next few months with programs that will include gospel music and possible english language news.


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