Open Doors International said the film ‘A Cry From Iran’, shown in selected theaters across the United States, recalls how Bishop Hovsepian launched an international campaign for the release of Mehdi Dibaj, a Christian convert from Islam.

An Islamic judge in northern Iran had condemned Dibaj to death. "His crime was apostasy and Dibaj had already served 10 years in prison," the group said in a statement obtained by BosNewsLife.

Hovsepian’s campaign was successful and the convert was released in 1993. However on January 19, 1994, Hovsepian, the leader of evangelical Christians in Iran, disappeared. Twelve days later his body was identified in a morgue by one of his sons. He had apparently been stabbed 26 times.


"Haik Hovsepian’s story – told through the eyes and camera lens of his sons Joseph and Andre – is now a compelling documentary called A Cry From Iran," said Open Doors, which supported the production.

However, "This is the story of not only of my father’s martyrdom, but also of the victims who have been killed and continue to be tortured for being Christians. The chronicling of his life and death puts a focus on the many stories of persecution that are happening as we speak," stressed film director and producer Joseph Hovsepian.

"This is a compelling, must-see documentary which graphically shows what Christians like Haik Hovsepian go through because they place their faith in Jesus Christ," added Open Doors USA President Carl Moeller. "He is definitely one of our modern-day heroes of the faith."


Joseph and Andre Hovsepian filmed in five countries, interviewing 40 political and religion experts, family and friends over a period of 42 months of production, working their way over 200 hours of archive footage, Open Doors said.

Iran is ranked number three on Open Doors’ World Watch List of countries where it says "Christians suffer the most severe persecution," in part because proselytizing and committing apostasy are an offense punishable by the death penalty under Islamic law in Iran.

‘A Cry From Iran’ is playing at "selected theaters" across the United States and the DVD will be available to order from October 18 via the Website the group said.


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