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BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (BosNewsLife)– Central and Eastern Europe’s first Christian news agency on the Internet, BosNewsLife, has launched a new website ( and a strategic partnership with Worthy Ministries, an organization specialized in Christian news “and spreading the Gospel around the world,” its founder confirmed Friday, December 5.

Stefan J. Bos, who established BosNewsLife in Budapest with his wife and fellow journalist Agnes R. Bos in 2004, said the cooperation with US-based Worthy Ministries and its Worthy News service, marks “a new era” in his agency’s history.

“Worthy Ministries’ founder George Whitten played a key role in redesigning our site to ensure it meets the demands of compassionate professionals in the 21st century. He has become a personal friend and shares our vision of providing news on the persecution of Christians and Jewish people and other hard-hitting news developments,” Bos added.

Under the partnership, BosNewsLife and Worthy Ministries ( will increase the exchange of information and support each others efforts to “reach the world with the News that matters,” Bos said. He added that Worthy News ( already published BosNewsLife stories. “Some of these stories attributed to the release of Christians in countries such as Vietnam, China and Iran,” Bos explained.


Worthy Ministries, a non profit organization, claims to be “a global outreach to more than 120 countries on a daily basis.” Although describing itself as “primarily an internet ministry” the organization also supports Israel, giving aid “to people seeking spiritual answers in their lives.”

Each week, Worthy Ministries delivers thousands of daily devotionals and news briefs worldwide. This past year alone, it distributed some 8.4 million news briefs and inspirational devotionals, according to Worthy estimates. “Their mission very much fits into our activities and we look forward to the future with this strategic partnership,” Bos said.

In addition, he said, BosNewsLife “took another step in faith by removing key advertisements ahead of the busy Christmas shopping season,” instead focusing “on more subscribers, donations” and BosNewsLife Partners.

“We want to make BosNewsLife an online news agency where people can read, and soon hear the news via BosNewsLife Radio, without commercials if possible,” he stressed. Bos admitted this was not the best time to do fundraising, amid a global financial downturn. Yet, “While the world is facing a global financial crisis, we should always realize there are people living with an even bigger crisis, languishing in prisons for their faith, for crimes they did not commit,” Bos said. “We want to be a voice for the voiceless. And we pray that more people will share our vision and help us.”


  1. Praise God! Your new website is great and I am so happy to hear of your partnership with Worthy News! I have subscribed to and appreciated both of your ministries for several years … this should be a great partnership for all!

    May the Lord bless you and keep you as you serve Him and His children!

    Because He lives!


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