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Fresh reports of persecution of Christians comes at a time when Eritreans have been coping with food and milk shortages with long food lines seen in several parts of the country. Via The New York Times
Fresh reports of persecution of Christians comes at a time when Eritreans have been coping with food and milk shortages with long food lines seen in several parts of the country. Via The New York Times

ASMARA, ERITREA (BosNewsLife)– Several churches in Eritrea were without their leaders or other believers Sunday, December 21, as a government-backed campaign of mass arrests reached the capital Asmara amid fears several detainees died of mistreatment,  Christians said.

Over 100 men, women and children from a variety of Christian denominations were jailed in recent weeks, confirmed Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) a major rights group investigating the situation.

The wave of house to house arrests reportedly began late November in the areas of Keren, Eilabered, Hagaz, Adi Tekelezan, and Deki Zeru, followed by further raids in Dekemhare, Adi Quala, Areza and Mendefera before the campaign reached Asmara, December 12.

Christians were reportedly transferred to a military facility and fellow believers said they were severely mistreated. “Local sources indicate that an unspecified number may have died after being denied medical attention subsequent to this mistreatment,” CSW noted. Eritrean officials have denied religious persecution, but say they want to protect the country against sects and dangerous outside influences.


The latest apparent crackdown comes amid reports of food shortages and growing dissent within Eritrea’s army as Major General Philipos Woldeyohannes, a close ally of President Isaias Afewerki, reportedly escaped an assassination attempt on December 4.

“Elsewhere, a visit to Europe by a delegation headed by the Orthodox Church’s government-imposed administrator Yoftahe Dimetros and the largely unrecognized substitute patriarch Bishop Dioscoros, is reportedly proving less successful than anticipated,” CSW added.

In Italy, they apparently failed to gain an audience with the Catholic hierarchy, allegedly on grounds that there had been “no prior communications with Patriarch Antonios concerning the visit.” The delegation was later denied entry into Milan’s Kidist Mariam Eritrean Orthodox Church by church leaders, who said they did not represent the official church, CSW said.


CSW’s Advocacy Director, Tina Lambert, said in a statement obtained by BosNewsLife that the tensions and the “resumption of mass arrests” are “deeply troubling.”  She said CSW is especially concerned about “reports indicating that some detainees may even have died from injures” sustained during mistreatment. “Our thoughts and prayers are with those who may now be grieving for friends and family members,” Lambert explained.

Eritrean authorities began persecuting Christians in May 2002 after controversial legislation only recognized the Eritrean Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church and Lutheran Church as “official denominations”, although church leaders there have also reported tensions,  rights groups said.

At least 2,000 Eritrean Christians are held without charges in local prisons of military camps, including in shipping containers, to pressure them to abandon their faith in Christ, according to churches and independent investigators.

CSW said it has urged the international community “to remind the Eritrean government of its international and constitutional obligations with regard to freedom of religion and the humane treatment of prisoners, and to urge the regime to permit all detainees to have unhindered access to immediate family members, medical treatment, and legal representation.” (With reporting by BosNewsLife’s Chief International Correspondent Stefan J. Bos).


  1. What a shameful lot you are. If you genuinely care about Christians, you will not be participating in this highly political and unsubstantiated vilification.

  2. I don’t believe your stories. This fabrication is just an attempt to give a bad name against Eritrean government. What I don’t understand is when Ethiopian government made a genocide in Somalia, Eastern Ethiopia and other places in Ethiopia, you don’t talk about it. When a government became a puppet for the interest of Western countries, it is ok to do the worest crimes and keep quiet. That is why I don’t believe your stories, and most eritreans don’t believe too.

    We have so much concern for our country. STOP YOUR NONSENSE.

  3. Dear Simon,

    There is perhaps a small misunderstanding. We indeed “genuinely care about Christians” and we will cover also “highly political” issues. However your suggestion that the story is “unsubstantiated” is nonsense. Sources are clearly identified. No, we are not ashamed.

    BosNewsLife News Center

  4. Dear Tekebash,

    We are a specialized news agency, but will also cover genocide, especially when committed against Christians and other, religious, minorities in the countries you mentioned. We have no political agenda, and actually have covered persecution stories in Somalia and Ethiopia as well. Just check our archive to see for yourself.

    BosNewsLife News Center

  5. Response to stefan, please I say it again stop your nonsense. Why so much about Eritrea, I told you before, make your focuse to the worest humanitarian crisis happening in Somalia, caused by the aggression of Ethiopia. Since your mission by it self is to make crisis, you don’t care about humanity. We eritreans we know so much about our country, you don’t have to tell us. Please help the Somalis, or you don’t want help them because they are not chirstians.
    where were you? When The criminal regime of Ethiopia deporting 80,000 Eritrians, confisicating their property. That was a crime against humanity, did you say any thing about it, ofcourse not, because you don’t have interest about it. Why are you talking about a handful illegal religions. please leave us alone.
    God bless Eritrean leadership.

  6. In your report you said,
    ….. “Only recognized the Eritrean Orthodox Church, the Roman Catholic Church and Lutheran Church as “official denominations”,

    … And in your next paragraph “…to pressure them to abandon their faith in Christ …”
    Wait a minute! t-o a-b-a-n-d-o-n their faith in C-h-r-i-s-t. OMG! Aren’t the above mentioned religions teach or believe in Christ?

  7. Issayas Afharee

    Eritreans are lucky to have Meles as the leader of Ethiopia, otherwise the name of Eritrea would have been vanished the last war. If Meles was not on your side five years ago, Ethiopia could have mopped the remaining job and control our entire ancestral land and lived without any problems what we have been seen in Ethiopia today. Meles thought that he was helping Eritrean people by stopping the war abruptly but the Eritreans have been suffering a lot since then by their so called leader. I am sure Meles and Sebhat are in great regret not liberated the province once for all and live the people peacefully with their bretherns.
    It is absolutely true that all Ethiopians have not and will not give up their northern land to any one at any cost. Guys forget about Bademe and Aseb we are talking the entire Red sea. Ethiopians are waiting until Meles is ousted and a true Ethiopian leader emerged. Ethiopia is praying and begging to have once more Yohanes and Alula kind of leaders to lead the country. Before, the TPLF were sheltered you from Ethiopian fighters and you survived. Now there is no a single person will stay at home while Ethiopia is fighting northern run away kids. One thing Ethiopia learned from this is Derg was right what he was saying to us but no one was listening and following him. Ethiopia real problem is not Issayas or his solder or some Arab country backers but Meles and his ADWA cadres are the real enemy of Ethiopia at this time. Had the Adwa cares did not protect him, Meles could have vanished long time ago and the norther front could have been solved easily.
    I am 100% sure that if Ethiopia goes to war in the north with out Meles, there is no way there will be any anarchy or prolonged war because we know what we are going to do at this time particularly to Hamasien may be to Seraye too but Akolo Gizay are always our natural allays during bad time and good time, we have at most respect to them. Mainly our eye is to wards Hamasien. The west lowland Barantu and vicinities are always friend and want to live with Ethiopia and they love Tigray than the Hamasiens. The Afars are fighting now against Issayas and wants to join Ethiopian Afars. Anyway, you guys pray for Meles to stay in power in Ethiopia and we will pray someone a hero to cut Meles’s throat soon and we can finish the unfinished business eternally.
    (NOTE FROM EDITORS: BosNewsLife does not condone violence and we trust the “cutting throat” part was mentioned in a symbolic way).

  8. Dear Tekbash,

    As we have said, we have covered stories in Ethiopia and Somalia, including cases of persecution. We are however a specialized news agency, and may not cover all news. It is not our mission “to make a crisis” but to report on it, especially if such a crisis concerns Christians or Jewish people. Your comment that we are “talking about a handful illegal religions” underscore the tensions which Christians may face in Eritrea. It’s perhaps no surprise that you support Eritrea’s current government as its policy is in line with your statement.

    BosNewsLife News Center

  9. Dear BosNewsLife News Center,
    thanks for publishing this news. What Tekebash, Simon or Tewle are writing should not disturb You. These are only fictious names of fanatic Eritrean government lackeys.

    The truth is The EPLF has always been repressive against any form of free thinking in the field before libetation and in the capital after liberation.
    The core of this organization who is the person Mr. Isayas is an atheist marxists and a repressive autocrat who does not tolerate any other opinion other than his own.

    He has defamed even his comrades of treason and is letting them languish in prisons.
    This person Isayas, who is infidel would do everything to remain in power. For that reason he has even praised the Iranyan Aytollah Komeny for praying for Eritrea, which simply a white lie.

    He is a psychopath who enjoys the suffering of others and is ready to let hundreds of thousands die simply for remaining in power.
    But now his days are counted. God will answer the prayers of the suffering Eritreans.

    God Bless You BosNewsLife News Center.


  10. Dear Tewle,

    It seems that especially Christians who emphasize a personal faith in, and active, relationship with, Jesus Christ are targets of the government. They are often referred to as ‘evangelical’ Christians, although they argue they just belief in what the Bible teaches. These Christians may well be among those attending ‘official’ denominations. That’s why we have mentioned that at least some leaders of these churches are also increasingly targeted. In general, we have noticed that several autocratic governments have no problems with ‘official’ religious churches, dealing mainly with rituals or Christianity in general, within their church walls. Being ‘religious’ however does not make someone a Christian. It’s a personal faith in, and relationship with, Jesus Christ, through who God revealed Himself, that counts, according to the Bible. As Jesus Himself said: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (Book of John Chapter 14 Verse 6). So that means not through rituals, or a priest, or praying to Mary, or because your parents are Christians. That’s perhaps why authorities want ‘evangelical’ Christians to abandon their faith, as they do not want Christianity to spread.

    Stefan J. Bos at BosNewsLife News Center

  11. Stefan and to whomever else it may concern,

    There is no “Christian Persecution” in Eritrea, you guys have nothing to do but wail unsubstantiated accusations on behalf of the state Department and NED, its already well known to us Eritreans and have chosen to reject the forked tongue you wield.

    PS. AS a vehemently Religious Orthodox Eritrean, I’d reiterate that you stop trying to thump that bible down the throats of Muslim brothers and sisters. Why dont we just respect each others belief and live side by side in harmony like we have for centuries in Eritrea.

  12. Re to Tekebash:Less has been writtenn …. the above mentioned “Tekbash” want let the poeple die. the day has come and you do not have a space now Tekebash; we will let our poeple know,what is happenning. though our given right to express is taken by your chief Isseyas. I am an eye witness that our brothers has sank on themiddle of the sea with the bibel in the hand. since they have rejected the forced asassonationsand every eritrean know how sister “Ghenet:Ministry of labours worker,graduate” hang up in Sawa,poletical training of the ministries. Shame on you Tekebash …. come up on reality and stop your young brothers and sisters who are dying on the middle of the sea crossing to europe…please let the truth come up…. save our brothers and sister.

    hawki .

  13. Dear Asgedom, EPLF is teh a successful history,but the rulling PFDJ is the one that has to be responsible.the real EPLF are on your side brother. EPLF,ELF and others are a history… lets challenge PFDJ .


  14. Dear writer of the article,

    As an Eritrean, I know what has being reported is completely true and persecutions against christians and the youth is chronic in Eritrea. Those who are trying to deny this are of course some Eritreans living in the diaspora enjoying democracy of others. Eritreans in diaspora unless you wake up, rest asured that every day your young brothers and sisters are dying by this ruthless regime. Do not try to intimidate the writers of this article by your nonesense responses because I am an eye witness to the suffering the Eritreans are facing at the moment. You said the writer of the article is trying to give the Eritrean government a bad name. Shame on you all, you say this as if the Eritrean government has a good name. Go and read the reports of the HumanRights Watch, Journalists without borders, the UN, etc etc. This is not the first article to expose the regime. In fact if there is a news publication about Eritrea, it could only be bad. This is because the Eritrean goverenment is bad not because the writers have their own agenda. Do not tell me the Eritrean governemnt is not arresting thausands of young Eritreans trying to flee the country, has arrested many journalists, political dissidents, christians and many more. Wake up. If you want to support the Eritrean governemnt go to Eritrea and you will find yourself in Sawa or Wia military camp under ignorant military rulers. Period!!!!

  15. Dear Asgedom,

    Thank you very much for the encouraging e-mail. And as writer ‘funny’ is concerned…Well your comment is funny, nothing serious. You are clearly not a journalist, did apparently not understand the article, and/or conveniently overlooked the sources mentioned.

    BosNewsLife News Center

  16. To my eritrean brothers why bother to respond to this joke, we all know the game of psychological warfare try to shake the tree and see if something falls, religion and politics by the way stefan does not mix if you want to talk bout bible read what jesus said never to mix what is god with the ungodly. but as for the political division game using religion ethnicity etc… we eritreans are really try to make it look like eritrea is unstable unchristian so on and so on, we have our own country LEAVE US ALONE. DONT WAST YOUR TIME TRYING TO GIVE US BIBLE PAINTED WITH SMALL POX.

  17. Good job, this is exactly what is happening in Eritrea. The dictator Isaias and his juntas are counting the life by days. The government do not want to see christians worshiping God simply because christianity is against killing human beings. The government wants to turn every Eritrean into brutal soldier so that they can kill when they are ordered. They know that a true christian can not do that and therefore it is better to arrest them and stop the expansion of christianity. The president is paranoid person. Even if you watch him and doesn’t feel comfortable, then you are finished either you will be arrested or killed. When this dictator is gone, the whole world will witness the horor of Eritreans which is comparable to the Ugandans under Idi Amin regime. This is purely more than Idi Amin regime. Dictators rule by the powers of the arms and they will be perished likewise. History is the best teacher to us Eritreans. I am surpised some Eritreans are criticising the journalist who wrote this. It is not surpising becuase they are not true Eritreans. If you enjoy life under dictators and have advantage from his rule certainly you will oppose this news. But the people of Eritrea is applauding the news because the cry is being heard in the world. Good job for the journalists and I warn you that you must continue in search of the truth and do not listen to those who are saying this is not true. Truth shall sets you free.

  18. Dear Stefan,

    This people which deny the suffering of christians in Eritrea are the cadres that are perpetrating the persecution itself. Everytime a news is coming out about the truth in eritrea they become so restless as it brings their numbered days to end. We pray that they may get the peace that we the persecuted have in the middle of all the darkeness in Eritrea. one thing that i want to ask this self deceiving cadres is why are huge number of eritrean youth leaving the country frantically like it is a sinking ship.

    i know of many brothers and chrisitans in jail and nobody can deny that.

    truth seeker

  19. The funny thing is, we never heard any whining from any quarter when the Eritrean Govt was restricting Wahhabi clerics from preaching in Eritrea and refusing to license some splinter Sects of Islam and/or arresting the individuals of that faith from trying to convert people into theyre more extreme mods of thought.

    Plus, I find it rather odd that this so called religious groups and they’re mouthpieces are trying to politicize matters when thats grounds for both unethical and immoral behavior from men and women of the cloth. Explains the fact that none of this is based in the actual care of the individuals here-in but trying to push a different agenda, along with the rest of the hatelas on this board.

  20. Dear Truth,

    We thank you very much for the e-mail. We will continue to report and be a voice of the voiceless in Eritrea, and other countries where people are suffering for their faith.

    BosNewsLife News Center

  21. Stefan and whomever else it may concern,

    Just a little heads up for you guys, most of the individuals that are actually applauding this “unchristian” article (because its based on lies mind you) are none other than Ethiopians acting like Eritreans who’d cheer at anything negative reported about Eritrea. So dont go patting yourselves on the back yet for “a job well done” on behalf of “the voiceless”.

  22. Dear Tesfaldet,
    Thanks for your compassionate comment.
    But it does it really make a difference if we call the instrument of repression EPLF or PFDJ.
    Was it not the EPLF which liquidated the Mekae movement. Was it not this same Organization which which was terrorizing the Eritrean people and silencing any opposition in its flank and rank with Halewa Sewra, calling the the opposition different names: Yemin, HlufTsegam, mhuratTebeletzti so on and soforth…
    The EPLF has been two things simultaneously: It represented the Eritrean people aspiration fighting for liberation and Isayas doing everything to solidify his position as a self designated president for life for life.

    Until now the Eritrean people are the losers. They are not not enjoying the fruits of liberation they fought for and paid for very dearly.

    The psychopath Isayas seems to have achieved his goal, fooling all Eritreans, conceling even his true identity.
    He has his Hagos Kishas and Kassa Abrahas and is ruling Eritrea with an iron fist, boasting his reign would last three or four decades.

    We have to stop this magnomaniac imbecile, we have to say no!!! every one of us in every way possible.

    We have to save Eritrea from him, his monkeys, kishas and kassas period.

    thank you Tesfaldet


  23. Dear BosNewsLife News Center, Conguratulation for you are with the right side of history. Keep up the good work and try to echo the cry and voice of the inoccent people suffering inside Eritrea. Today Eritreans are dying in the deserts of the Sahara and the sea of the Mediteranean in search of peace. Tell this to the whole world even if some greedy individuals protest. Take side with the oppressed and above all the truth.

  24. supporters of the Eritrean government and other Eritrean regime cadres are commenting on this website and attacking the messenger. A few weeks ago, Eritrean government supporters in Europe attacked and abused an European activist because the person exposed the crime and genocide inside Eritrea. The best way to solve the killings in Eritrea is put more sanctions on the Eritrean government.
    The European government and America needs to give protection to innocent Eritreans in Europe and America because Eritrean government supporters are persecuting innocent Eritreans in the West as well.
    We have to remember, some Germans living outside Germany supported the Nazi criminal government of Hitler. So some Eritreans living outside Eritrea will also support the criminal Eritrean government.

  25. The one thing Wedi Harhee does good is get red of all those fanatic and divisive various religions from the provence. If there is one person reads the CIA ugenda wedi harhee because he was recruited by CIA to fight ethiopia in 1969. What the facking the west is thinking, africa does not luck religions, what it lucks iis nvestments.

  26. Halafi Mengedi, Eritrea will stay E-R-I-T-R-E-A till the end of the world. It doesn’t matter who is in power in Ehtiopia to day, tomorrow or after tomorrow; your master Meles or your Neftegna master. Eritreans have seen it all. you must be day dreaming. Let me give you a piece of advise, don’t waste your precious time, use it to improve your life. Ante Werada yekeble arat leba, Ante lematemotebet torenet ateleflef Afehen amed kamebet. Both Eritrea and Ethiopia will be in peace and good neighbors ,work together for a common goal fight poverty. Selam Yetefaw Yante Aynet weradawoch sele bezu yehon.


  27. Nice fabrication. By the way Ertirea need not any new and fanatic religious doctrines. So why worry about introducing religion to Eritrea ? We need to see some one who strongly advocate for demarcation. We need the international body respect the rule of law but not creating a loop hole to escape or divert the main issue is not going trick any one. Therefore, no one give any attention whether fanatics are killed or put in jail in Eritrea. Please do not waste your time in halucination such alligation is not going to work for you guys. Try some thing else.

  28. One more thing is that Eritrea will always fight any kind new religious institution. Every body should know that. There will not be any tolorance for fanatic christianity specially such of the kind that hve a western support. We know God and believe in him we know Alah and we believe in him too. Please we do not want to have any kind of god other than him. If you guys have sicience and technologies let us know and will allow you to introduce them to our ppl but as for the religous we have more than enough. We do not have any extra land to spare for fanatics to preach nonesense. Above all, we do not have time to sit and close our eyes to pray for a new god. Trust me it is then when we close our eyes that the west still our resources and freedom. Our eyes will remain open to protect this beautiful land for ever thanx God that helped us to do the hard work.

  29. All what Bosnews sait in this article is perfectly true. Even there are many atrocities committed by the Eritrean government against Pentecostal Christians specially. There is a day where by all their deeds will come to light and they are accountable. May God give strength to the Victims in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ name. Those of you who deny the fact of this truth you are blinded by evil ideas and narrow mind.

  30. Every European who set a foot in Africa preached God in one hand took away the dignity, the love, the sprit of hard work and also the wealth of Africans on the other hand. My Government understand all this so they r not going to allow young Eritreans to hide behind newly created, designed to function only in 1st world religions, at the moment in which every Eritrean youngster is needed to support the economic problem of Eritrea is facing, any thing which comes BETWEEN setting up the standard of the country educationally, socially and economically AND the runners of the martial low every single Eritrean is working hard for, IS messing with the future of Eritrea. Now lets see most African countries they all still begging for food every year Eritrea is trying its best to make it every year with out asking for hand out food. I am not saying we don’t get help but the sprit is do any thing to get that little food the government is giving away. Even the 500 or 400 Nagfa they get when they are away is brilliant idea. There is no point of hiding behind bible if u r tired of being under the government of Eritrea do as every one is doing …get out of there ..don’t spoil for those who say THE COUNTRY 1st . U can have God in your heart but let your hand work and your heart follow the rules the government put. Now if really want a freedom of religion in Eritrea flourish I am afraid you have to wait until every Eritrean gets to eat break fast lunch and dinner every day.

  31. The fact that Eritrea has become a big prison, a land where freedom in all its forms is denied, is hidden only from those who have deliberately denying the facts. The chance that Eritrea will soon become another failed African state is as good as scoring a free kick. Eritrea is not just supporting Somalia, but it’s well poised to become another Somalia. Anecdotal evidence shows that over a thousand young Eritreas cross to Sudan every month, more than half of them escaping an endless slavery which is christened national service. Mind you, for those who are of military mind, the loss is tantamount to a brigade each month. I will leave that to the experts to analyze. But, one thing is clear: there is no hope left for the youth to stay home; Eritrea has become a land of pessimism. A country with failed political system and institutions, an economy in collapse, foreign relations in shamble, education system shattered, severely weakened military (what is there is only good enough to suppress innocent Eritreans), failed health system… what is in abundance supply is absence of due process, arbitrary arrest and torture, propaganda, AIDS, …………. Anyway, shame on Eritrea. It has embarrased us all. I can’t wait to be out of this Goddamn country … The hell with it.

  32. Halafi mengedi, you are pure Agame, you are living in a fantasy life, I will leave it like that. Eritrea is gone for good, you are Stupid.

    Asgedom, Nahom and Tesfaldet, I doubt if you are Eritrean. The burning issue is not these small religions, Eritrea is challenging the worest evil. The Eritrean people and government is working hard to be independent to lead their own destiny. Time will come for the people and the government to be vindicated against these fabricted allegations. You three, if you are real Eritrean, the crime caused by woyane gang should have made you cry, it was a crime against humanity to our 80,000 eritreans. How can I beleive you that you have so much concern for few individuals relgion fanatics.

    You know what, I am an Eritrean and Tekebash is my real name. You can e-mail me and we can see each other in person in the future, if you have real concern to the 99.9% Eritrean. And I repeat again you are not Eritrean, unless you are sold out.

    To BosNewslife news, you are foreginers, I don’t believe, and will ever beleive you even in the future that you will have concern to my people. Pleas STOP your GOSIP.

    God bless Eritrea.

  33. Dear Ones

    peace unto U

    in now days it is not only difficult to deny what is happennig in Eritrea iis imposible. since 2002 The Ertrean government mistreatd Chrsitans so badly 1000s are in prison. I know pesonlay so many chrsitians now in prison. I know personaly those who died resently. what is happennig in Eritrea is notmade up story it is realy story inhis 21st century. there so many so many untold stroies. bu This people which deny the suffering of christians in Eritrea are the cadres that are perpetrating the persecution itself. our brothers an siters are in suffering. the resent prisoners taken to the Palce called MAITER so far awa from the capital and the most terrible place the hottest place ith out food and medication. so keep praying

  34. This is a fact and it is happening. Just last week I met people that have returned from Eritrea. One the thing that bothers me is why the heck Ethiopia becomes and issue everytime Human suffering is mentioned in Eritrea. If it is to divert attention it’s not working as you can see the Stefan or the web adminstrator has hold tight onto the issue. Just let Ethiopia go and try to save the lives of innocent people.

    Aboye G

  35. Some of you sound very angry about the report and some otherwise. We know what the PFDJ government is capable of doing. Arresting, torturing and killing are their expertise. They all have highest qualification on these evil acts against humanity in general and towards their own people in particular. Hence, we shouldn’t be surprise if we hear more of this kind of news. In fact we should expect the unexpected.
    It makes me sick to see people jumping into comparison with Ethiopia. Don’t you have other countries in mind to compare with. To begin with it not ideal to compare Eritrea with other countries especially Ethiopia. Secondly and most importantly it is laughing on the pain and suffering of your people to say Ethioppia is abusing and killing its people so can we.
    If we always compare ourselves with Ethiopia, we will not change and definitely not show any progress in life rather we will go backward.

  36. That’s what happens to whom who wants it all (Afwerki) and do not care for it’s people anymore. When a leader start killing it’s own people who he was supposed to have set them free he lost sadly it’s place. And most of all when he start to persecute people who simply believe in God then he is sticking his finger in God’s eyes and what happens then? The most sad word in the World are: “If I only had!” If he only had not hardened his heart! And now, if he doesn’t change, he will continue reap the fruit of his own doing. Pride comes before a fall and suddenly how many more people will have to die and pay the price for it? (alias: Pride = Destruction) Is this what Africa needs: Warmongering still? This is not idealism but more a personality trait of a dark past which continue to deceive & plague whoever continue to yield to it: “that hardness and un-mercifulness is the only solution!” When will man learn? “Ever coming to the knowledge of truth” instead they have become fools and sadly butchers and oppressor of their own people. Which voice are you listening? For what will you be remembered? Afwerki, could have been remembered to have brought a deserved liberty to his own people instead he has turned into an oppressive Tyrant simply because of his yielding to cruel and hard ways to do things in his heart(This is not idealism!) how sad! How can it be stopped? Only with the opposite! It is very simple! If not tragedies and death will continue to follow.

  37. lets get this right Eritreans are not in a position to have a fancy religion, if u want to practice fancy religions out side the basic once we have in Eritrea, get out of the country. Take it like u want to practice Christianity in Jeddah and have an open church in the middle of it or it is like wearing very short dress in the streets of Jedda. I am saying all this freedom of religion does not help me to judge my government. lets give them a chance if they mess it up we can all rise and demand for change. i am not going to take part in fighting with u to have a fancy religion. There are millions of ppl around the world worshiping under catholic or basic Islam so get on with it. U guys say God understands every thing he will understand. Stop provoking the government then may be just may be u will avoid prison.

  38. Dear readers don’t be astonished with such absurds , these people they are doing their best to appease their shoe slapped nasty bush and want to farewell him by defaming countries like eritrea which stand still infron of thier devil deeds against humanity through out the world specially in the horn of africa . If this journal really cares about humanity they would have been caring with the millions people whe killed in IRAQ ,as the nasty BUSH admitted for the intelligence mistake , and care with those children who die every minute in SOMALIA with a gun bought by the donors money. why do you think for directing their poison defaming toward ERITREA , because eritrea is the only country in africa which deny their devil deeds , second the nasty puppet in MEKELE is agonizing because his main backer slaped with oppressed people’s shoes that means every body knew that the previous 8 years was and the main actors in that era were devils and the second the nasty puppet is not going to beg money and no body will give him money because his backers lost the money in nonesense adventures ( i mean the world economical problem ) . for your information ERITREANS much more smarter than your dirty job , you didn’t even leave any thing to defame eritrea , and we eritreans condescend from our stance what ever you did
    eritrea will prevail
    glory for our martyres

  39. Dear Aboy G.
    Ethiopia is never an issue we are trying to build a country which can stand in its two feet and trying to minimize the high percentage of importing we and all African countries get like goods and life style and also bad habits from 1st world countries. and trust me it not only very hard it also demands sacrifices. So can u see the difference b/n us and u (Ethiopians). i can c what the article is about and i have g8 concern about my ppl, but Eritrea need every man it can spare and no man is allowed to say “PLS MY GOD DONT ALLOW ME TO PROTECT MY COUNTRY” again i say …get on with it… most of my ppl say “1st country”. I understand it is hard and long to fight for ever lasting solution…but if u tired of it don’t hind behind the bible there is nothing new about it …try to get out the country safely…we know u will help economical when once u get out of the country as u we all failed to help our country physically.

  40. What is Issays trying to do? Kill off all Christians and turn Eritrea into an Islamic nation? Will the world just watch as all these attrocities take place? When will they wake up before this nations becomes like Somalia, and hopless basket case?

    Belay Gebru

  41. Dear ones,
    i appreciate what you are doing. and the story that you are providing is true. i don’t know why some people try to speak in defense of the government of Eritrea. I believe they didnt face any kind of harassment from the government, probably it is because they are not living in side Eritrea. at this moment Christians and generally people of Eritrea are having very hard time… let me mention very few things that are happening in Eritrea and how all aspect of life in Eritrea (Christians, students, old people, youth, business people, politician, farmers…) are been affected.
    have you ever heard of a country that doesn’t allow its own people to come out of its territory?
    have you ever heard of a country that yearly average of 15,000 youth are escaping from…
    have you ever heard of a country that doesn’t have educated leaders?
    have you ever heard of a country that have massive number of educated people behind bars, and or in diaspora?
    have you ever heard of a country that doesn’t have civil court?
    have you ever heard of a country that doesn’t have Justice?
    have you ever heard of a government that doesn’t have any mercy towards it’s people
    have you ever heard of a country that manipulates churches (including the ones it has given recognition)
    have you ever heard of a government that doesn’t allow buying and selling?
    have you ever heard of a government that dodn’t like when people get richer?
    have you ever heard of a country that have a military service that doesn’t end (and everyone must be military)
    Currently Eritrea is number one on harassing its people in Africa. Go to Sudan and Ethiopian camps, go to the borders of the country… you will see thousands trying to come out of that harsh kind of living… i could list hundreds of things that are happening in Eritrea. i’v been there, my friends have been there, we were suffered enough till we wish to die. but denying all this is, pretending as if everything is okay… i don’t know what to call such people. i dont know what will they benefit out of it. but history will ask them.

    Please pray for Eritrea

  42. Not even a single life is lost in Eritrea because of religion believe. Who’re you trying to fool? This article is full of crap and deliberately spread to demonize the great State of Eritrea. Let me remind you, repeating your lie won’t make it right or believable. Once again anyone who is against our national interest shall be disciplined. Eritrea has no space for selfish people. Many have sacrificed with their own lives and every citizen of this country has national obligation to protect and build it. If anyone tries to get away from paying taxes due to any religion reasons; it ain’t gone work not even in US. Fulfill your duty in order to ask for your rights; this is the norm and morally appropriate.

  43. Dear concerned Christian lover,

    I am Christian but it is a shame to see a report like this. It is one sided. Shame on you, shame on the so called self proclaimed reporters or concerned reporters. This is a disgrace to journalism. Don’t worry about our people, just worry about your hungry people. By the way, how much is the UN giving you for food this year? Are you going to have enough begged food supply for you poor people? You need Christianity more than anyone on the face of this earth. You are so lazy you need help from God. Your eyes are always on Eritrea. We moved and you are still stuck on greed. How can we be Ethiopian, you are so lazy. Come on people start working, this world is not about Ethiopia or Eritrea it is about living in peace and what you make out of it. Over all we are African and brothers too but you people need to leave people alone and believe in yourself. Believe in what you have and your people. Stop greed and believe in peace and good neighbor. You have being making trouble in this region for so long and need to stop it. Always fighting and killing people. You are an instrument for other to do stuff evil for east Africa. You got to be ashamed on your acts and self as well. Start there. Stop and think. You claim to be Christian but do a lot of killing, harm and greed to other. I am not sure what kind of Christian you are. You are proud of being an instrument of the outsider and you call yourself Africa. I have one word to you or whoever is reporting this, mind your own business. And I hope, God will bless you then.

  44. Dear friends this is a trying momment for our poeple in general and for our Chriastian brothers in prison in particular. I wonder you guys like MR. Tekebash is saying. If you have truth let us see each other is my e-mail. You are blinded by something which barries your conciousness and you dny the groning cry of your brothers/sisters. You call poeple Agame and you say that you suspect someone that where he is Eritrean if you see any critic against your begotten king Mr Isayas afoworki. We fought for freedom we love our country we paid the price our immidiate brothers and uncles and aunts died in the war for freedom and reserving our freedom. What is the point to imprison and torture inocent poeple who are doing all what is expected from them. No one of us refused to fulfill his/her national duty. We are working for free in the name of national service for years and years.
    Mr. Tekebash and others with simmilar ideas please don’t call some one Agama or say that you dout about their citizenship being Eritreans for the reason they have different views than yours. You are becoming pupets of your Father Mr. Aforki who called the veteran fighters acomples of Weyane when he waited to blackmail them at the time they asked for change and they are rotting in prison.
    “Wedehankum” Please have concience when you write.
    Hukum we hawukum Eritrawi

  45. What frustrates me is to see poeple who claim themselves to be eritreans ( because I am not sure about their identity) being so fool and acting like an idiot both in the website and in reality. our brothers and sisters are suffering in the furnace of Isaias Afewerki and you guys are clapping hands. Well we love our brothern there and we dont do that. I mean you guys are here and doing your business, working overtime, going to school and having wife/husbend and children, but those precious citizens are engaged in endless military hostage. Their parents donot have nothing to eat (no body is sending them dollars\Euros). They can not get married or have children because they are not able to support them (they are working overtime for free). Their dreams and their future is reaped from their eyes, and are trapped in the midest of desperation. Many of them are dying on their attempt to escape. We call home everyday and we get reports that are unbelievably painful ( I do not know if you are calling a different eritrea I mean other than the one in the horn of Africa).
    When it comes to religous persecution it is even worse. Poeple are drugged to jail simply because they are Christeans. I know this because i have seen this with my own eyes. I saw people all over the country specially in the millitary put behind bars for no reason but Christeanity (pentecoastals). I do not want these officials to asign me a religion or faith. they dont have one, so I dont know what kind of religion they want me to follow. May be the religion of Guala and Dankera.
    What I am certain is though, there is nobody who can win running against God almighty. But they are collecting judgement on themselves, and if you are on their side then you will abviously perish with them. I asure you this. No body absolutely nobody is stronger than the creator of heaven and earth.
    well I will leave you with one important question. Would you like to come in right standing with God so that you will escape the latter judgement in life, and also live a meaningful life on earth with sober mind? If your answer is Yes Accept the only way, truthand life, JESUS. DENOUNCE ALL YOUR PAST LIFE AND ASK JESUS TO FORGIVE YOU.

  46. To Bosnews Centre
    I would like to thank you for the job you are doing. I am sure you know sometimes you will get a surprise of baseless accusations and blackmaling like that of Tekebash. I waited for him if he can contact me through e-mail but he is not. Probably he is one of the cadres who is commiting the crime. Eritrean Government is persecuting Christians who fellow christ with all their hearts we can call them born again christians, dedicated spritual christians, who faithfully confess their faith in christ. It doesn’t matter from which denomination they are. It is true they have allowed Orthodox Catholic and Lutheran Churches, even from these churches we are mentioning if someone is spritual person who regularly prays and reads the bible they arrest and inprison him. The government officials have burned many bibles and still do it publicly in the military service or the school where they have opend for grade 12 in Sawa(Military training cenre, detantion centre and grade 12 school centre). To mention examples they have arrested Keshi Gherezher of Medhanie Alem Curch he stays in prison, the official orthodox pop is under house arrest for he spoke the truth and the government appointed a pupet. They have inprisoned many Lutheran church menbers who confessed their faith in Christ, They have inprisoned and they always threaten Catholic church this things are daylight misteries if you live in Eritrea. Generally the government is not credible for all of his words and actions becouse always they use coverup tactics.
    At this point many Christians-human beings- are suffering merely for the reason of beliving in Christ, praying and reading the bible and having different thoughts than the government wants them to think. This is awafull. They excecuted many young brothers merely for these reason.
    These individuals whom they are torturing are not threat to the security at all. They have done everything what is asked from them. They are victims of insane and evil agendas which originate from luck of confidence to your poeple. They think these individuals are backed from outside for political purposes which is totally absurd. I wonder what they think when they see them die helplessly. I believe in God and I believe he answers prayers and he sees the details of which these criminals are hiding underneath so he will come for the rescue of the helpless.
    Mengistu who was a socialist and committed a lot of athrocities against these kind of Christians is living in exile and the christians are enjoying freedom of worship in Ethiopia. In Eritrea we had such freedom in the first 10 years and there was no any evident threat of national security caused by these poeple. Out of the blue the government started arresting the leaders and closed churches becouse he already started such kind of orbitrary arrest and imprisonment of his elites who asked for change.
    Anyway what I wanted to say here is that please please please don’t denay the fact that what the bosnews centre is writing is true. What is written on this article is a tip of an iceberg if you know the details what the government is doing is tactical genocide very risky for our integrity to remain as a nation.
    Thank you ones again bosnews please continue writing any truth you get and there are lot’s of truth you have not written. I encorage you. God bless you.
    Fitah min rebi, fitah kab amlak, Solution is from God almighty.

  47. Tekebash you are saying you are Eritrean and Tekebash is your real name. First of all there is no name as such in Eritrea ofcourse there could something which I have not heared of it in Eritrea. The taste of the word is like it is Amharic name for ladies. If you are real let us meet. instead of writing baseless and false claims. Wake up and see your sarrounding if you know Eritrea. What is it telling you the situation. Do you think the Gov in Eritrea needs such kind of advocation while knowingly torturing inocent individuals.

    Bosnews this writer(Tekebash) is emotional liar. He is acting as if Eritrea is a tree in his yard that what he says about and does is the only truth. If this name is true it is a name of a lady and it is not Eritrean name in the first place it is Ethiopian Tekebash which means anointed in Amharic. What I suspect is either some one is hiding who he is in real terms probably a cadre or she is a lady who grew up in Ethiopia and has emense hatered towards Ethiopia which blinded her to see ther reality that Isayas Afoworki is treating much worse than what mengisu Hailemariam treated Eritreans. “Bizeben wube zitsememe wube kibil yinebir”. Mengistu Hailemariam committed uncountable crimes in Eritrea against inocent civilians in Ona, Besikdira and allover Eritrea. This government whom we thought is our brother is killing poeple in prisons probably more in number than those who died by mengistu’s Cadres. We don’t have statistics but we have not seen anyone coming out of prison God knows where they are. And in military they shoot poeple infront of others to show them that they are determained to kill who is not obedient.

  48. Leave Eritrea, the cradle of civilization and religions, alone. As they say, don’t ry to teach an Eskimo how to handle ice. Worrying or trying to teach Eritreans how to treat their people/christians is truly laughable.

  49. Dear BosNewsLife,
    Except for the Agame/Ethiopian comments, all Eritreans have been making it clear all these years that BosNewsLife and other Pro-Fundamentalist Religions should stop worrying about Eritrea. Eritreans are WAY too wise to fall for “I care more about you than your mother” tricks.

  50. Fithi Yemane, I still don’t believe you are Eritrean. If you are then you are a sold out Eritrean. I feel sorry for you. You may have hard time having a good life by working hard and chose to be a mouth piece for enemies of Eritrea. I am pure Eritrean, no mix, born in ADI Gabul close to Mendefera, Debub region. I live in Twin cities, USA. Please e-mail me Tekebash The one thing, you did not answer for me is, when Woyane devastated the lives of 80,000 Eritreans, this is the worest crime against humanity. When you try to defend for a few fanatic individuals who worship with illegal imported religion, it just does not give sense. You may be a member of, asena online and so forth. If you really have some one died in your family for Eritrea, you would not open your mouth like this. You would have appreciated the work of the government of Eritrea.

    Eritrea is working hard to defeat the evils and marching to own her destiny. You are just barking like a dog.

    For Bosnewslife, I just don’t care about them, this is what they do for living by fabricating stories. No forigners cares about Eritrea, except Eritreans.

    Long live Eritrea.

    Long life and good health to our PIA.

  51. Dear Tekbash,

    We are not “fabricating” stories, that’s not our work. But it has been clear from the beginning that you don’t like this fact-checked news, based on very reliable sources indeed. You say that “Eritrea is working hard to defeat the evils and marching to own her destiny.” Apparantly these “evils” include some 2,000 Christians detained in containers, police stations, military prison camps and other, often rundown prison facilities. We hope that “marching to own her destiny” doesn’t mean walking over the tortured, and in some cases dead, bodies of Christians and others deemed dangerous by the government. You may say we “are just barking like a dog,” however we would rather bark the news, than be silent about what international officials would describe as serious human rights abuses.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  52. Dear Stefan,

    You call your news about Eritrea “fact-checked”? First of all, half of your recent “news” item is not even about religion. You relayed sources-less fairy-tale on “assassination attempts” and quoted CSW on Eritrea’s patriarch Bishop Dioscoro’s ternary. CSW is the same shamless group that claimed Bibles being burned in Sawa, Eritrea. What are you thinking when you regurgitate insanely foolish (or if done purposely, evil) political propaganda?

    And which fact-checking and criss-crossing prison guard counted and came up with “at least 2000 Eritrean Christians” in jail?

    Finally, don’t you think U.S. tax-payer money could be better spent on getting the millions of homeless and poor, abused & abusive U.S. citizens out of poverty/abuse than trying to impose a wicked brand of righteousness on another sovereign country?

  53. Dear Emmanuel,

    Your name means “God with us”, and that’s what I am sure many Christians suffering for their faith in Eritrea are praying. The 2000 Christians is not based just on one prison guard, but in fact on many sources, including also Amnesty International, churches, Open Doors, and others. Finally, unlike perhaps yourself, we are not paid by any government as we are a totally independent news agency. I share your concern about impoverished people in the United States and anywhere else in the world. But that was not the issue of this news article. So far I only hear words such as “foolish” etc from you and other pro-Eritrea government voices, without giving much substance to their arguments. Yes people are imprisoned, and Bibles have been burned. We will continue to cover the story.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  54. Stefan (or Stefanos as we say it in Eritrea, we use the Greek/Orthodox version of the name),

    Cover it as you wish. Your archive shows you cover it a lot; and make Eritrea look like a hell-hole, which is the opposite of that heavenly place. If it wasn’t, tens if not hundreds of thousands of Diaspora Eritreans would not visit it every year…well, your archives will continue to pile on the ash-heaps of history.

    I know you are purposely reporting lies and half-truths. Eritrea’s exemplary record as a unique place where two major religions co-exists with remarkable tolerance and harmony (perhaps more than any other place on earth) is presented up-side-down only in extremist websites such as yours and the CIA-fronts at the State Department. And Eritreans know this lies only too well and as a result are being too indifferent even to the half-truths!

    I care about my evangelical brothers and sisters who are prevented from practicing their specific version/denomination more than any other ill-motivated foreigner. Unlike you, I pay a visit or ask very direct questions to my government (because my next of kins lives are at stake) and I get more than satisfying answers. I worry more about my next of kins access to clean water, education and food. Because I know my government would allow people to worship even Chimpanzees if they wished, let alone our savior Jesus Christ, so long as it respects the law of the land (permits, accountability, etc.).

    You, on the other hand, are politically-motivated and do not have Eritreans’ best interest at heart…and will continue to dismiss any rationale behind any restrictions imposed on certain extremist denominations (including Islamic versions, which you brazenly and happily ignore).

  55. Response to Stefan, You know what, you don’t have a real source what is happening in Eritrea. Your sources are, sold out people or most probably Agame, Berhane M. Tekeste. He has so much hate for our President and my country. His web site is funded by Woyane and his meal, he is cheap. Stefan, you talk so much about 2000 Eritreans in jail. Why don’t proscute and bring to justice the criminal government of Ethiopia, who devastated the life of 80,000 Eritreans. I need an answer for this. Since this Regime is the puppet of western governments, you don’t say anything about it. If you have so much concern for humanity, Please bring justice for these pople, 80,000 people, not 2000 based on a false rumors, I am talking about a fact story happened to Real Eritreans.

  56. Dear Emmanuel,

    I don’t know what is extreme about accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and praying and worshiping to Him. That’s what the targeted evangelical Christians do you describe as “certain extremist denominations.” We are not an Islamic Website, so that’s why we don’t cover Muslim groups. But that doesn’t mean we are not concerned about Muslim people. And I think many evangelical Christians in Eritrea want to reach out to them as well and share the Love they have found in Jesus. But that’s difficult when you are behind bars. about 2,000 of them as we have reported. And to Tekbash: I am not a prosecutor, but a journalist. I think I have explained that several sources have confirmed the 2,000 Christians who are jailed. You apparently view them as non-Eritreans. Why? Because they are Christians? We have also covered stories on Ethiopia, check our archives, but that was not the topic of this particular news item.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  57. I am an Eritrean Christian. No, No, No, We do not persecute religious people but deceivers and undercover agents. The so called “Christian Persecution” bogus news with what you are flooding the internet, it is heavily organized and being pushed/distributed by hard line evangelists that believe in the doctrine of their hard line pastors like John Hagee that condemns other religions be it Catholics or Muslims . They try anything to convert people of other religions (even Christians of other denominations) especially in Africa, where they send thousands of their youth, fresh from Evangelist colleges with money incentives. This backfires from time to time either by the people/ governments resisting, that brings us to the media vilification. Here are two examples
    When it comes to Eritrea, what you may not know is Christianity arrived there, in the 4th century and Muslims came much later, our society is divided half and half and living reasonably in harmony for centuries. When it comes to Christianity the majority are Orthodox Christians, the rest are Catholics, Lutheran 7th day Adventists, Evangelists, very few Jehovah witnesses and other denominations. After independence in the early 90’s, every man and his dog were coming to Eritrea to push their religion by any means, in a newly opened country. The government was quick in discouraging fundamentalist religions (be it Christians or Muslims) from converting people. To control this all non native religions were asked to register which the Evangelists refused and this brings us to the love and hate relationship. So I will ask you, when all sort of Christians worship freely including the Lutheran which is not far off from Evangelists, and Evangelists refused to follow the directives of the government that is having a hard time to balance the tight rope, allowing bigots like Hagee to preach hate to half of their population, is that Christian Persecution? Mr. Stefan Bos you are not better indeed. Once again keep this crap to yourself and leave us alone.

  58. Dear Stefan

    It is sad that Africans are getting good at in killing each other..The thing she just mentioned the 80,000 ppl is TRUE…that is what happened not a while ago.. at the moment they Ethiopian government refused to end occupation from demarcated land of Eritrea, Stefan there is so much u need to understand about Eritrean situation .. to name few we have also shortage of food and man power, so we need every single man to get up and be on stand by economically, socially and militarly… latey out of the blue this evangelical thing is getting bigger in Eritrea at the moment …don’t u thing this will be an obstacle to the ever lasting struggle of Eritrean ppl ..we need to feed every single Eritrean and we want also make sure no one should starve ,,,,if we have to we need to share every single bread equally.. the martyrs Stefan defending Eritran sverienity is out of question…for this to happen we need all to have one voice one love one heart…after we reserve our economy we will get respect from our neighbours we deserve …then we will have time and freedom to explore all the religion of world and practise which ever fulfils our life lop holes …at the moment the Jesus u r talking about is well known in Eritrea …and since he fought all his life in EARTH for poor assisted for the sick and blind the end he died for the ppl …I think he will understand us better than u think…so pls have a bigger picture.. Africans life’s are ending by aids, shortage of food , simply cured diseases, un necessary gun fights sponsored by the rich, and starvation … there is potential in Africa we need brain and strict rules and positive aid .. then Africa will be able to feed does not need patronizing comments…if u want pray for all Eritrean ppl and including for those who r making a big deal out of religion ,,,
    luv DG

  59. Dear ‘DY’ and ‘DG’,

    The 2,000 Christians who are in jail are not foreigners, but Eritreans who as far as we know have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. I am not aware that they are followers of John Hagee. DG, you say that Jesus “died” for the people. If that was all, Christians would, in Apostle Paul’s words “be the pittiest people on earth.” However He rose from the death, and everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting Life (John 3:16). That includes people who may die now of AIDS or starvation in this world. That’s wonderful news, many of the imprisoned Christians wanted to share with their fellow Eritreans. Besides providing humanitarian aid, which several Christian missionaries have done. They are NOT interested in spreading religion, which is basically following rituals, hierarchy, denominations. They want Eritreans to know there is Hope. Oh, and before I forget it DY, Eritrea is a member of the United Nations. Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights it has been urged to follow its obligations including Article 18: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” So your arguments for obligatory registration and other government “directives” seem in contradiction with this Declaration. DY, you are free to visit this Website, with news that you describe as “crap”. If you don’t like it, just don’t visit BosNewsLife. Let me make it clear: As an independent news agency, we will ofcourse continue to report on persecution, whether you like it or not.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  60. Stefan,

    You claim that “[the Eritrean government] obligatory registration and other government “directives” seem in contradiction with this Declaration.” That is a bizzare statement. With every right comes reponsibility. So, are you implying that the “persecuted Christians” should not be required to adhere to governments “directives” such as registration, permits for assembling in groups, financial accountibiliy, which the other denominations have been fullfilling?

  61. Dear Emmanuel,

    Actually several evangelical churches have tried to gain registration from the government, but were refused as since 2002 only the Orthodox, Catholic or Lutheran denominations are allowed. But even there, leaders have experienced troubles. For instance, the spiritual head of the Eritrean Orthodox Church, Patriarch Antonios, was removed from his post by the Eritrean government. (He objected to government interference in the church and the arrest of three priests.) Since May 2002, anyone caught worshipping outside the government-approved religious institutions, either in church buildings or in private homes, has been subjected to arrest, torture and extreme pressure to deny their faith. Even weddings and other social activities held within Christian communities have been raided and the participants hauled off to jail, according to Christians and several rights groups investigating the situation. That had nothing to do with “financial accountability”. This were people praying and worshiping God. You are free to still praise “Eritrea’s exemplary record as a unique place where two major religions co-exists with remarkable tolerance and harmony.” However I am not alone in suggesting that the raids may not be in line with the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights which Eritrea, as a UN nation, is supposed to upheld. I would urge you and others praising the Eritrean government’s policies to please carefully read Article 18 again: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” It does not say, “when the government approves it” or “when registration is obtained.” You have said about me that “I know you are purposely reporting lies and half-truths.” I don’t know from where that knowledge comes from. We are an independent news agency, reporting the truth and nothing but the truth on Eritrea’s current human rights situation. You may not like that. But as I said we will continue to cover the persecution of Christians in Eritrea and anywhere else in the world.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  62. I supposed you the writer were a Christian and Independen news agency. It was absurd to call yourself a Christian or Independent news agency, as we Christians shouldn’t con. “Christians Killed in Eritrea”; what??? If I were a certified judge, your case would be thrown out, because of your phrase. Once again this article is full of crap. I like BosNewsLife, I just don’t like the redicule.

    The writer has a much diluted piece of disinformation-produced to-date by self avowed opponent of the Eritrean people. In his crusade to vilify Eritrea, the author grossly distorts the glaring truth concerning the religious rights of the Eritrean people, his main target. All religions are not spared from his slanders. He castigates me of the truth I witnessed through my own eyes. I bet, the author has never visited Eritrea himself and is otherwise a stranger to the Eritrean renaissance. As for compiling false information for self interests, it is very simple task. Yet he finds the temerity to dismiss all independent accounts of what is taking place in the region as pure fabrication to discredit the united and peace adoring religious Eritrean people.

    In his overzealous, almost fanatical, advocacy and defense of the new incoming religion motivations and design in the third world, the author exhorts us to revise the truth and reality anew through his distorted prism. For him, since Eritrea is on the side of here own people in the conflict raging region, all forces that stand on the way must, perforce, be murderers; simply tools of nonsense. The job is, hence, to reveal this links, or fabricate them, thus haunts his work from start to finish. However, the sheer volume of lies he has to fabricate to this end renders his task self-defeating, as he can not mislead even those remotely acquainted with the realities in Eritrea.

    But, if the litany of factual errors and falsification of events is excessive, the analysis he employs to deny the legitimacy of the Eritrean struggle to keep their unity is more abominable. It is these justifications he needs to be aware of, because we Eritreans paid for it dearly with many lives of our brothers and sisters.

    By the way, I know exactly what the UN Article says regarding these relevance issue, I know the give and takes of nations’ citizenships including The US as well. I suggest; spare your efforts and stop playing your religion politics.

  63. Dear DY,

    Besides a lot of angry words, I haven’t noticed any arguments in your comment to counter what we have been reporting, based on investigations in Eritrea. It’s perhaps no surprise, as everything has been fact-checked, including the law we mentioned, which bans several groups. The 2,000 detained Christians are not against the Eritrean people, as I have explained before. They want to spread the love of Christ among their fellow citizens. Those reporting persecution are not against the Eritrean people. They do criticize government policies limiting religious freedom. Apparently you have not read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 18 very seriously. There is nothing mentioned about what you call “give and takes”. It says that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” We are not playing politics, just reporting cases of persecution in many countries, including unfortunately, Eritrea.

  64. You are right, I am really not happy. Again all I have seen in this article is a crusade to vilify Eritrea as a nation and over two million Eritrean Christians, by grossly distorting the glaring truth concerning the religious rights of the Eritrean people, as main target. Article 18 is fully practiced in Eritrea. Some brothers and sisters confused by the act of evils have gone to the extreme. One of them is my cousin 21. She appears to be devoted Christian however she has refused to do national service. She claims everyone is responsible for her well being and all she needs to do is, pray to make it happen. My cousin and some of her friends have refused to serve their own nation or have tried to get away from service. We are in the process of building and defending our nation from enemies day and night, national service should be looked at as an example not an object of ridicule or against religion freedom. Eritrean youth are forced to defend and build their nation in this manner by necessity not by choice. You have chosen to insinuate and draw comparison to what is happening in fanatic non-Christian nations. Well let me enlighten you, Eritrea is a Christian as well as Muslim nation and we don’t kill each other. US troops who are in their third and forth tour of duties can’t refuse to do their service due to their religion, because of the Marshal plan. Look at the US depression of the 1920s and try to relate it and draw a historic comparison of countries in hardship and how they got out of it. Thus comes with give and take. Allow me to explain “give & take” with simple language. Going to the extreme; if a person becomes a terrorist (bad give) because of his/her religious believes, we don’t tolerate it. Then again, he/she can fully enjoy Article 18 (in jail), but you can not have this person exercise his national rights (takes) period. Don’t get me wrong our confused Christians are not terrorists indeed. To me all religions in Eritrea are not spared from your slanders. By spreading your kind of article, you have scold me of the truth I have witnessed through my own eyes, inside my own family and my own society. May God bless and enlighten you with the genuineness.

  65. Dear DY,

    I don’t know your family situation, so it’s difficult for me to judge. All I can confirm, as indeed you seem to suggest, is that the 2,000 Christians jailed in Eritrea are no terrorists. Again, I am not spreading slanders, but the truth on persecution in Eritrea and other countries around the world. The US and Marshall Plan have nothing to do with this news article. This was just a story on reported persecution of Christians in Eritrea. Nothing more but nothing less. I wish you Christ’s blessings for this New Year and beyond.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  66. Dear Stefan,

    I just want to appreciate you for the things that you are doing. I kindly request you to ignore those people who are trying to cover the truth and disrupt what you are doing. they will not stop and their arguments are baseless and pointless. they are just angry and self-centered people. they are angry because they dont want to hear any negative side of the government that they are looking forward to get favor from (which they will never get). they are self-centered because they dont feel the pain of thousands who are inside a hot shipping containers, hanged on a tree, imprisoned underground horrifying jails, shelas…can you imagine being in a so called “national service” for 15, 16… years. no vision no dream no plan of having family no plan of getting educated and accomplish dreams… i cant understand those people who are trying to show Eritrea is heaven. but that is not the fact, currently life in Eritrea is not enjoyable, it is like hell… that is why thousands are escaping at this very moment. you guys are tooooooo ignorant and selfish you have to be realistic and look for a solution, instead of assuming things. you ignorant people do you know what Stefan is doing? he is just doing what you suppose to do. to stand and to speak on behalf of the voiceless.
    It is not happening??? are we fine? don’t we have any problem? what does it suppose it mean? the government is not denying it, why are you denying? more than 2,500 innocent Christian citizens are been imprisoned just because of their faith. several churches are been closed by the government, thousand of bibles have been burnt in Sawa and in different parts of the country. yes, the same bible that the government recognized churches use. Not only the Evangelical churches but Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran churches are the victims as well. The Patriarch of the Orthodox Church has been removed forcefully, Catholic missionaries have been told to leave the country. Several people from Lutheran/kenisha church are been reported detained.
    it always wonders me thinking of those people who Know and have heard the fact that thousands of Eritreans are been detained in Libya, Egypt, Israel, Malta… and still they are escaping from the country. why is that so? have you ever asked why is that so? detained in those countries is 100% better than living in Eritrea or been under the harsh treatment of the is a matter of choice between evil and worst.
    let me say this one more time, don’t joke on tears of the innocent mothers fathers and our children, who are mourning day and night for the dark days in Eritrea. don’t joke on sweats of our beloved brothers who are in the deserts of Eritrea for undefined period of time. don’t joke on the lives of innocent ones who are perishing day and night in the deserts with out a reason.

  67. Stefan Bos thank you and I encourage you to write the basic truth and reality what is happening in Eritrea. This poeple like Emanuel, DY and some others are criminal cadres of the cruel regime in Eritrea killing and torturing innocent individuals. Even recently they have banned any vehicle beloning to Catholic Church not to move inside the cities or from the city to city. it means priests who live in St. Michael keren Laelai has to walk on foot to lead the mass prayer in dearit. They used to do it before century when there were no Cars in Eritrea and during Mengistu when there was no Gas after Fenkil(Derg’s removal from Massawa) at the time This is practical and I am eye witness They are putting pressure to all churches who witness that they are different entities from politics and they try to intrude in all minor activities of Churches. The legitimate leader of Orthodox church is under house arrest and theyhave put a pupet insteade Many other Christians and Leaders are in prison without any charge. These kind of actions were common in Ethiopia during Mengistu’s regime finally the government collapsed and the prisoners were set free the same way one day this criminal government will collapse this or that way and Eritrea will enjoy freedom. I am surprised you guys mention a certain article and say that Eritrea is enjoying such freedom. Please you are liars in day light you probly you are the cadres who are commiting the crime otherwise no one with healthy concience can say that. Some of you are saying my sister 21 year old refused to do national service. You are a lier bad lier you think poeple doesn’t know the situation. We served our country with honesty and dedication for years and years nothing less than you think you did and still we are serving becouse ERITREA and the criminal government are different entities. We love our nation we love our poeple but the current leaders are commiting historical crime they will pass. Anyway don’i lie we are serving the nation. Don’t write as if poeple does’t know anything so that you fool those who doesn’t know. you are fooling yourself.
    May God give peace and harmony to our country. We ask the international; community to pressure the Ethiopian government to recieve the border demarcation and to put sanctions on the regime in Eritrea to respect human rights.
    Have a blessed week
    Fithi Yemane Sahil Ebay

  68. shenkum dekisu maletey kulatkum zerebakum firku hassot firku haki.

    If you want to know the truth ask…. Don’t pull “facts” out of your asses.
    I mean ask me. I really dare to say it. because you deserve it.
    blogers = losers

  69. Hi Tekebash
    I read your response to what I wrote. I am very sorry I don’t know if you for sure live in the specified city you said. I wrote an e-mail to you and you are not responding you said your e-mail you said is If you realy live in Mineapilis let as meet at the junction of Washington Ave S and 3rd avenue S in the small Cafeteria at the base.
    I know you will not come you are just a lier and perpetrater. You said if I am real Eritrean I wonder who you are to question me of my being Eritrean. You the dog sold for incentives from the criminal government. Let me tell you that is my real name my dad died as a hero and martyer and still I honor him and his goal was Eritrea to have freedom in all kind. My brother is in prison becouse he is a christian and I escaped from prison stayed in Sudan for years and resettled to Canada Winnipeg. Let me make it clear if you tell me what you have said in my face”Kara keitwelkaye” You are joking. I have done my duty and even more. I worked 5 years for free I am graduate from Asmara University. I served those five years after graduation. I was in front fighting against the invasion of Woyane in the three offensives. I know I have to protect my country and the UN has to pressure Ethipia to accept the boarder marking. You baseless enemy of the Eritrean poeple you call me Agame you are the one who is agame lemani endaekli ekli ziwedeke kitari ziabeka. You are closing your ears and acting like ERitrean becouse you are sold for incentives from the insane cadres who doesn’t know what they are doing. They do things as it pleases them they don’t think twice. This is history and will pass clean your concience from the garbage of history passing like gash river. I can see you are idiot without any know how about Eritrea. The poeple of Eritrea can endure whatever kind of difficulties, you enjoy when others suffer that is a mind like that of HITLER damn. You are never Eritrean more than any one. You call poeple Agame you are the one wedegeba who perpetrated their nation and poeple for the ruling regime for the sake of SIRNAI (Wheat bread) that is exactly what is happening with you. You fell as if someone is pinching your nose when someone writes truth about the atrocities committed in Eritrea. I am an eye witness I was inprisoned for more than a year in underground near Tesenei merely for the reason that I had a bible with me and I was a menber of Medhanie Alem Orthodox Church and I talked boldly to the commanders that we love our nation but we are also poeple who love to read the bible. If you want detailed facts let us meet. They have burned thousands of bibles killed many inside the prisons. This inocent individuals are not like you who live in confort and democracy and talk like idiots as if they are the only Eritreans. They are true heros who blocked successfully the invasion and stood in the side of all their brothers who are from other religions. So they deserve at least the right to live. not to be killed like a rat in underground.
    Writers of Bosnews to say even you don’t have a quarter of information what is happening in Eritrea, You are writing very small portion of what is happening so write the reality what you heared. Never get discouraged by this guys who sold their concience for small incentives. They don’t know Eritrea. Eritrea is ours and we will have it sooner or later. You know let the boarder be demarcated we will show you what we can do later. We don’t want to mess up while things are suspended and the Ethiopian government is occupying our territory. No Eritrean wants Woyane to enter Asmara that is what is holding us otherwise you wouls have seen us long time ago while the insane leaders are betrying the poeple and “hidri suwuat”

    We are Eritreans, We are Christians and we deserve the rights as Eritreans.
    The day shall come.

  70. Fithi, you are bogus, you did not send e-mail. The only word I used to call the least was, you are agame. I did not get down to be cheap like you. I will tell you one more time. Iwill never doubt you are (Lute Agame), you know your unkle, Melese, behaves for Western govt’s like (Lute), you are no diffrent than him. Please don’t interfere in our country issue. I don’t believe you are religious person. You don’t know what I do for living, I don’t want to bluff, I have a good job and I don’t excpect a hand out from any one like you, source of false information for Bosnews life. Stop your nonsense.

  71. Stefan,
    I don’t anticipate you to know my family situation; however I figured you needed to be acquainted with the other side of the story. I supposed you had believed an individual such as the looser who was not worthy mentioning his name and who called me criminal cadre. I expected you to read between the lines and understood the comparisons. All the comparisons I presented to you have everything to do with your baseless article. The bottom line, the nonsense you are attempting to spread i.e. Christian persecution in Eritrea, 2,000 jailed, and so on is totally baloney. If you were reporting this deliberately, sorry I would call you a phony. If not please perform your research and facilitate your self with the following link: –

  72. Dear DY,

    Once again the article is not “baseless”. The article you mention is NOT a journalistic news piece but a commentary, repeating more or less the arguments you have made. The 2,000 Christians who are detained in Eritrea are NOT foreigners, although I can not exclude that besides this group there are also some foreign Christians held in the troubled African nation. You can call us whatever you want, but we will continue to report on persecution in Eritrea. In any free country, people can freely worship God the way they see fit. Not so in Eritrea. Again according Eritrea has been urged Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to follow its obligations including Article 18: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.”

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  73. Dear DY,

    I want you to understand this regarding Christianity and the things what we do as followers of Christ. Christianity is a life style and commandments that we received directly from our Lord Jesus Christ. He commanded us in Mat 28:19-20 “…go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things, whatever I commanded you. And, behold, I am with you all the days until the end of the world. Amen.” when you see any Christian preaching teaching or sharing his faith it is not an influence or ideology of westerns or whosoever… but we are just obeying the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    regarding the link that you posted, even though i have no idea about it, but as I have seen it what they are doing is called sharing the gospel in a strategic way. nothing less nothing more… but listing individual’s plan and talking about it doesn’t and can’t justify what you are doing toward the innocent Eritrean.

    what I personally advise you to do is to see what we are teaching and examine it according to the country’s interest, whether it is profitable for the country, does it promote development in the country? if it has negative impact in the country… have you ever seen any church standing against the government? have you ever seen a Christian refusing serving his country? have you ever seen a Christian that didn’t fought prayed for his country? is this what a citizen who fulfills his obligation deserve? instead what you people did is, since for some reason you are against the westerners and categorizing Christianity with them… you automatically start abusing your own sisters and brothers.

    dear DY have you ever read the Bible? have you ever checked history? when you read book of Acts which is found in the New Testament you will completely understand what is happening today. as i tried to explain earlier, foundations of Christianity is based on the commandments and teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ, and the disciples obeyed Jesus’ commandment and went everywhere preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. but they were facing a great opposition and persecution… the opposition accusations and persecutions that they were facing was not a result of the character they had or it is not because they had bad attitude toward their leaders or country it is just because the earthly system was against them. The bible records that what kind of persecution that they were facing. “Heb 11:36-37 And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings; yes, more, of bonds and imprisonments. They were stoned, they were sawed in two, were tempted, were slain with the sword…”. Yes, DY this had happened to the very first Christians.

    Starting from that point till today the Christian persecution is happening, all system of the world was against God’s system… everyone who is against God is against Christians. if you see throughout the history that is what you are going to learn. Even though i can’t talk about all but let me tell you about three more movements that have directly or indirectly affecting our situation.
    1 Communism
    Communism (ዴስነት) is a political system that was designed that has stood against God’s kingdom. It’s basic stand is based on denying existence of God. That is funny, the Bible tells us “Psalms 14:1 The fool has said in his heart, There is no God!”. These fool atheists had influenced so many countries. Their main goal was to try to eliminate Christianity, and wipe out Christians out of the face of the earth, they killed persecuted, harassed Christians in a way you can’t imagine or explain. so many communism influenced countries did the same thing to Christians. But standing today when we see back communism’s movement that used to look so powerful and unbeatable is history today, they are no more, but Christians are still existing and even expanding more… there is no one that can fight with God live. the funny thing is that we still have very few countries who are still following the communist ideology.
    Dear DY unfortunately your government has this atheists Mao’s doctrine. Any tegadalay you talk to (including you) doesn’t want to acknowledge God’s existence “ብቅልጽምና” and “ይክኣሎ” is your main slogan that denounces God’s help and support throughout the hard times we passed. “ኣበይ ዝነበረ ኣምላኽ እዩ?” that is what you say when someone talk about God. That is why you burnt the Bibles in Fnote-brhan in Sawa and different parts of the country, that is why you banned and closed the evangelical churches, I know that if you could you wish also to do that to the so called government recognized churches, that is why you have detained so many Christians, Pastors, Priests, and the Patriarch like a criminal without justice, the vast majority are held indefinitely and without charge for years.
    DY before you do things, you suppose to check on history first… why do you make the same mistake in history? you suppose to get a lesson from the past fallen system. Don’t you know that if a system didn’t work for the founde and it will not work for us too? The very sad part of this story is you are functioning backwardly… way centuries back, at this very moment countries are functioning more in a modern way…

    2 Derg (Mengstu)
    Without going very far Ethiopian past few years history could give you a lesson too. Derg that had adapter the communist ideology also did exactly the same things that you are doing today. Oppressing severely persecuting Christians just because there are Christians, so many have been killed so many have been beaten so many have been done… but Derg is no more and Christians have increased 10 times more. you are repeating the same history.

    3 Muslim’s Influence in Africa
    I don’t want to talk in detail about this issue. The Muslim’s agenda to control Africa is successfully working in Eritrea. Eritrea’s continues agreement with Islam countries is showing us what the future Eritrea looks like. Think of this issues:
    – No Muslim is forced to go to Sawa especially the females.
    – Currently more Christians (Orthodox, Catholic, Kenisha, and Protestants) are the only one forced to do military service.
    – They are the one who are fleeing from the country…
    – They are the one who are facing problems more than anyone. . . This and more issues that I don’t want to discuss here, shows what is Libya’s and Iran’s and other Islamic countries influence like.

    Finally dear DY this is my massage for you and for your bosses
    I want you to be more wiser by leaving you with this bible verse that talks about what a wise person would do. it is found in Acts chapter 5:34-40
    “Then stood there up one in the council, a Pharisee, named Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, had in reputation among all the people, and commanded to put the apostles forth a little space; And said unto them, Ye men of Israel, take heed to yourselves what ye intend to do as touching these men. For before these days rose up Theudas, boasting himself to be somebody; to whom a number of men, about four hundred, joined themselves: who was slain; and all, as many as obeyed him, were scattered, and brought to nought. After this man rose up Judas of Galilee in the days of the taxing, and drew away much people after him: he also perished; and all, even as many as obeyed him, were dispersed. And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God (ምስ ኣምላኽ እናተበኣስካ ተይትርከብ…). And to him they agreed: and when they had called the apostles, and beaten them, they commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go.”

    ኣምላኽ ንኤርትራ ይባርኽ!!!

  74. Fithi, Listen to what our beloved PIA, tune to Eri Tv. You are a lost cause. Don’t be nonsense, I am a registerd nurse that will tell you regarding my income. Fithi, you are fooling yourself. It’s obvious you and wicked like you live with hand out from Bosnews life as a source of false information. Once again, stop your nonsense, LUTE AGAME.

  75. Dear Tekbash,

    BosNewsLife gives nobody a “hand out” to support any opinion. We are an independent news agency. Readers may wonder who is spreading “false information” here. While we have mentioned many very respected sources indeed to substantiate our stories on Eritrea, you have so far been busy attacking people, making lot’s of noises. You are free to do so in this forum, unlike many people in Eritrea, who are persecuted for their faith and opinions.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  76. Tekebash,

    You Listen to your lord of the time. You are a jerk who claps his/her hands for incentives. I don’t believe you that you are a nurse. You would have at least felt the pain of the ones who are suffering. You could have applied your sense of Code of Ethics you idiot. A nurse is caring profession. But you are citing like a beach of Isayas. Mr. Aforki is a dictator of our times and always dictators have poeple who clap their hands for their evil acts. Go back to History to Hitler, Edi Amin, Pinoche and others. Idiot I don’t know who is Bosnews and so I found it searching through google but you follow each and every piece of word that uttered by your master because you will be executed if you miss one word and make wrong comments. Isayas is insane with Schizophrenia who is leading the country to a dangerous destination. However I trust my people and my brothers out there they will save the country but Isayas sooner or later will pass with all its puppets. About being Agame you know yourself that I am never Agame but possibly you are or have got some blood linkage. because your mom braids her back words and mom’s for Agame they do the same but not my mom does so. You probably speak the same language as they(Agame) do “le le gedifka” . So stop using that term to defame because you are defaming yourself. Use your concience come on. I read Shabait Shabia Hadas Eritrea PDF and I follow the news of my lovely country. But I can see you are blinded idiot who doesn’t know the state of the majority people because you live on incentives.

  77. Dear Fithi Yemane and everyone,

    While BosNewsLife does do not agree with Tekbash, we do not want to insult him or anyone with his opinion. We have allowed this comment as this is an open forum. We took out however the Eritrean words, as this forum is in English. Yet we are discussing whether this is a right decision. This forum is about a free flow of ideas, about democracy and a genuine concern about human rights. My personal wish is that Tekbash and others with the same opinion would understand or see one day the suffering of those persecuted for their faith. Not to insult them. But to have a genuine discussion on how to move Eritrea forward. We wish Tekbash well in his efforts to find out (Christian) truth. I propose to focus the discussion on that issue, rather than on shouting matches.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  78. Stefan,
    The whole world has been urged Under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to follow its obligations including Article 18: “Apparently, Member of Al-Qaeda or communist in the US ( if there are any) or for that mater Jihadist in Eritrea has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” Amen. Good luck on the solitary destiny, if one crosses the line and act against national security, believe me some other nationhood murder people for same reason unlike Eritrea. Let me spare you from wasted efforts trust me we worry enormously more that you do about our own nationals. We love not only our brothers and sisters but also our enemies. Please refer to the history of our struggle to reclaim our independence. I really feel pious to say, we the people of Eritrea released 79,000 enemy POWs and made peace with our gory enemies. I am talking about blood enemies who killed two of my own older brothers.
    Abrahaley, By the way I am a life time Christian student of Faith mission Dekemhare and gradate of The Bible Academy in Nazareth. I had spent some time in jail during the red terror in Ethiopia because of my eventual interpretation of my Christian believes, which at that time was against the interest of the communists. Retrospectively, I wouldn’t blame them for it, because they had their national agenda agaisnst which I acted. I’ve been their; I’ve done that. I’m well aware of what the bible says. I’ve been reading not only The Holy Bible but other books as well. I am educated at least enough to know my responsibility for my adopted nation and my country. I ought to give what belongs to the country-to the country and what belongs to God-to God. I shall not hesitate to give my witness the truth and renounce the deceptions. The Truth is, Christians have not been prosecuted due to their religious believe or Article 18 has not been denied to Christians. Eritrea has the right to exist, defend it self and preserve its national security. By saying that; it is not by choice, nevertheless every individual Eritrean has national obligation to fulfill the desire of our martyred brothers and sisters. Unfortunately for some folks this won’t work because they are selfish. Whether you like it or not selfishness is considered a sin in Eritrea. God Bless the peace loving and considerate people.

  79. Mr DY
    So called educated but lost your concience. you said the story about arrest of more than 2000 christians putting them in prison torturing is baloney. I am an eye witness one of the ones who were inprisoned in underground merely for the reason of having my bible in my military bags and being faithful. I openly objected the arrest of Christians and was put in prison for more than a year in total. A prison whre no one expects from his brother leave about communist dergue who came to kill our poeple and use our land. To tell there is a national security threat by these inocent individuals is absurd. You are saying you live in adopted country oviously enjoying all kind of freedom and you deny your brothers who are crying loud in undergraound cells without someone to hear and respond to their groning. This shows without any dout you are a failed follow you have denied christ and abandoned christianity. In our national language there is a proverb saying “zibelalu tsahli zisebir” which means you broke the dish you used to feed yourself. You said you were educated in Faithmision Dekemhare do you know howmany leaders from that church are in prison for years. You are such baseless defending criminals. These Christians never denied to go for military service even they serve their nation like any one with honesty and dedication. We have paid our lives I can say many times I would have died as my dad did I am just lucky that I live today. How come you make such baseless statements and acuse these innocent individuals with national security, come an please use your concience. You say you read and you know the bible but I add you denied its facts though.
    Repent your failure. Visit and see your brothers who tought and feed you in Dekamere maisuhul.

  80. I read all your comments and all tell that you are a failed Christian and betryed Christ like Jude the Escariot. You don’t know the situation in Eritrea at all. You call these brothers confused, however you are the one who is confused woo to you.

  81. Fithi, how is the state of your mind when you are writing, you are agitated and paranoid. You are fighting with every body. you told us so many times that you carry a bible and as you are good chirstian but what comes out from your mind does not fit. you called our hero and respected President Schizophrenia, you are out of your mind. I am sure you are smoking caocaine. Fithi, I told you several times, you are Lute Agame. Please stop talking about our country, Eritrea.
    By the way do you know the real defnition of Schezphrenia. Check the defnition, you will never use the word again because that is the true picture of you. I will prescribe you to have Seroquel and Depakote. After having these medication for some time then you will come to a sense and you will appologize every body.

  82. Tekbash,

    I simply disregarded and wouldn’t even bother to respond to this brand of psycho or deceiver who dared to call me failed Christian and Jude the Escariot. Do such individuals label themselves as Christians? Although I am not here to judge but God, in my opinion they are disgrace to our religion and to our saver. Eventually, if they are truly Eritreans I have one word for them i.e. “egocentric”. These individuals or groups using “religious freedom” as a pretext, encouraged civil disobedience, provoked conflicts within long established religions harmony in Eritrea, “harvested” new churches, preached to paralyze our youth (not to defend the country), preached military disobedience inside the EDF etc. etc. forcing the Government to take action to protect its citizens by passing new set of rules in Feb. 2004. We are totally aware of such an episode.
    Saying that; don’t bother charming them thus waste your time. We know who the driver is and who behind the curtain is. They can fool us once, however if we let them bamboozle us twice then we are really fool. Eritrea can’t afford to be fooled furthermore be fragmented due to religion believes, since we already have paid heavily. Whether one like it or not the state of mind of the passed and today’s Eritreans is the same as the famous saying, “Ask what you can do for your country not your country for you.”

    I guess you have nothing for me. I hope you undersood my side of the stoty.Thank you and may God bless you.
    Peace out,

  83. Dear DY,

    No I have something for you. I can offer you the best of the best. For FREE. It is John 3:16 (New International Version): “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

    That Son, is Jesus Christ, the Lord. He loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you. That’s not religion, but a relationship. I wish you His peace en joy in your life always.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  84. DY & Tekebash
    Failed and liars. You say that you don’t judge any one while you say confused to our dearest brothers who did nothing and rotting in prison merely for the reason of their christianity. You don’t know any thing under cartain I am sure you are failed christian and betryed Christ for a reason of calling inocent christians CONFUSED. You DY you will pay the price in your time. Tekebash you are like your Master Schizo. Your Master has Schizophrenic characters which are seen publicly sometimes. Bipolarity sometimes elated and sometimes depressed, however don’t forget more than 50% Schizos are not manifested. If you know his family histry he had a brother who’s name was Amanuel everybody in Asmara knows him he had manifested Schizofrenia and became insane finally mad. Check your text books at all if you are a Nurse??? the first factor for schizo is genetic and it is 50% chance sibling to have it. I am responding to you what you deserve so don’t get agetated swallow it. Who you are to blackmail and defame others and when you are given an appropriate answer you get agetated and restless. You are naming medicine to give instead take it your self and you will know that you are in state of delutional disorder. You call everybody Agame Agame you are idiot hypocrite you don’t know your nation. Dy lost your conciousness Eritrea have never and will never be devided by religion our poeple are gentle(Chiwa). This hard time will pass and we will see you in Asmara. Check the state of your mind first and check what you have written initially. Don’t ever get restless when you get a reponse. You are the followers of the FOX but those who are in jail read the bible. Christ called Fos to Herodos. I know DY will understand this but Tekebash continue wondering.
    Thank you Bos news for exposing the truth. Continue

  85. To Tekebash and DY
    I am sure those in prison will not be harsh to you as I am. I am responding harshly becouse you deserve it, you are liars and foolish, either egnorant of what is going on in Eritrea or beneficiaries from the athrocities. There is no point you cover up while innocent blood is shed in daily basis. I repeat it either you are ignorants or beneficiaries of the Eritrean poeple sufferings. The one who is administering Eritrean Church in Asmara is Yiftahe Dimetros the son of Keshi Dimetros who sold Eritrea to Ethiopia and brought all the bloodshed we have passed and still paying for. The official Bishop who was appointed by Alexandria as it should be according to Eritrean Orthodox doctrine is under house arrest in his late 70’s. Your Master Tekebash goes to shamrok night club very often he hits people with beer botle and hunts litle girls in their early twenties. That is truth I am not making stories. However I never deny he used to be sharp and stright. If you have read your text book of Schizos who are not manifested that is how they are initially and they regress after 50’s. Now he is Tyrant and accountable for all mess in Eritrea if at all we can question an insane person. If you have healthy mind any one who steps in Asmara knows that our people are under horible governance and luck of law and luck of everything basic. I know you denay all the facts of the situation in Eritrea becouse either in delutional state or beneficiarry or Cadre.
    Do you know that the Eritrean Security hired the spys who used to work for dergue to spy again for their poeple that is awefull and nonsense.
    I am harsh becouse I choose to you bloodless enemies and appointed pupets who carry the colours of your master. Otherwise I am sure those who are sufferinf in prison they are genuine Christians and they are more than Stefan Bos is answering to you they are so nice and honest. Inocent Christians who love to read the bible and pray. They love their nation more than you do and they are not security threats at all. They defended and will defend their country earnestly they are not Jevova witnesses who denied to do national sevice and to vote for their country no no at all. they voted for freedom they did national service and they defend their country what do you think Eritrea needs more than that. You have not done those full responsibilities you are just judging and calling CONFUSED, Agame Threats to national security to theses people. You are the one who is cousing nation security threats by making the wrong right. Eritrea is our Country and we will experience full freedom sooner than you emagine. DY repent please of betrying your brothers. To betry your brothers means automatically you have betryed Christ. I am Just calling Mr. Aforki FOX for his actions, don’t critisize me look at yourself whom you are supporting.
    Stefan Bos there is a new wave of arresting inocent christians going on in Asmara and all over Eritrea please investigate the situation and shed light on it.
    Thank you

  86. Two Christians were reported to have died under harsh conditions in Eritrea’s military confinement this month, bringing the total of known deaths within the past four months to three believers.

    Mogos Hagos Kiflom, 37, and Mehari Gebreneguse Asgedom, 42, both died in the northeastern Mitire Military Confinement camp in the eastern African nation of Eritrea, sources told the Christian persecution watchdog group Open Doors USA.

    It is not known exactly when Kiflom was arrested or when he died, but Asgedom is said to have died on Jan. 16 from ongoing physical torture and complications related to his diabetes.

    The men, who were both members of churches, were brought to Mitire Military Confinement that was said to be built with the purpose of punishing Christians who persist in their religious activities despite the government’s ban.

    Christians across the country are moved to Mitire where they reportedly suffer from physical torture and forced labor.

    Last November, a man in his 80’s was arrested along with 34 other members of the Kale-Hiwot Church in the southern town of Dekemhare and were brought to Mitire. Those arrested repotedly included in the group are 17 women.

    Another 15 male members of the Kale-Hiwot Church in Keren, the second largest city in Eritrea, were arrested on Jan. 11, 2009. At the time of the report on Wednesday, the Christians were still kept at the local police station with the possibility of being moved to Mitire……

  87. hello everyone

    i wanted to request you to continue supporting Christians on your prayers. not only Christians but also those who persecute them… that God may touch their hearts and turn their face to Him.
    please keep praying for God’s comfort for the families of those ministers of the Gospel who went to the Lord.

    may God bless you as you do so…

  88. DY, you are right I should not waste my time responding for this lUNATIC and Congenitial liar.
    As I told him before he should take the medication I prescribed for him. I had sympathy for our southeren neighbour who are suffering from inferiority complex. This guy is one of them and suffering from the smae problem and led to his psychotic diorder. Inferiority is a very difficult disease to treat. It is a long time treatment and I advice him to take the drugs appropriately.

  89. Tekebash, fake nurse bogus for yurself. Those drugs are not prescribed by nurses. They should be prescribed by a Pschiatrist or MD if you are realy a nurse you should have known your limits and would have not talked about prescriptions. I don’t have any inferirity cmplecation. However you are obssessed follower o Mr. Aforki who is a rude tyrant of our time. Come an comprehend things by yourself, the incentives you get from the criminal cadres will not help you forever. Dy knows what I am talking about but is fallen fellow. Be fair to anyone with whatever race and religion don’t be idiot and think about your yourself only. feel the cry and groning of others who are suffering in prison whether they are arrested becouse of religion politics or journalism. Go to Asmara and comprehend. You are the one who is LUNATIC idiot.

  90. Thank you Fithi, now you have admitted to whom you belong, to those despised Agames. With your own words, you stated, “to be fair what ever race.” I knew it was painful when I always told you are, Lute Agame. You Lunatic Agame, it is a matter of time you will pay the price. It’s true, a psychatrist will prescribed a psychotic medication. You have to be happy I informed you the right medicaion for your disorder. I doubt if you have a doctor, you seem you live with a welfare help. By the way, one story I have, are you one of those people who are confused aboout their sexual identity, the reason I say, they behave like psychotic and fight with everybody.

  91. Tekebash
    You are cheap you can’t even comprehend slight clarity which is diverted from from your master’s agenda. I have never abused Agame to anyone but if you refer what you wrote you are the who have been abusing people agame. I was saying I am not agame becouse i am not in teh first hand and I understand the context of what agame you mean or any one means when it is used as an an abuse in Asmara it means “a begger” of which you are in Mineapolis. Those drugs take them for your self and share them with your master Schizo. You are manic with delutional disorder you need to be hospitalized and chained in St Mary (kidisti mariam sembel) Hospital. What brings here sexuality disorder, I think you are using projection defence mechanism, Which is you call others of the fauld which you are suffering from. If you had aprropriate sexuality and behaviour you would have had a wife and she would advice you from this kind of wild behaviours. Idiot I work hard and also I go to University I never wait incentives like you do. Manic Obssed with Isayas you feel and behave like he is your father as the manic patients do when they are agetated and elated (grandious delution). If you want to know the reality in Eritrea go to Asmara if you are blinded by the incentives continue wondering. don’t mix up things know and feel the reality.

  92. Fithi, You could not belive how we were laughing, my wife and myself when we were reading your response. It’ s unfortunate to be born, Agame. I understand how you feel being inferior. From your writing it’s clear, it is a long, long time treatment. I have been telling you so many times the disease is a long time treatment and just keep taking the medication and you need counselling too. Fithi, I am sure you have been harrased by other Eritreans. You have to live with it.
    One thing I have noticed you have been searching all psychotic disorders in order to write for your response. This is by itself is a manifestation of the grave nature of your disease.

    You did not answer my question, if you have confusion with your sexuality. Your behavior is a manifestation of a crises in your sexuality.

  93. Tekebash
    You are just stupit hypocrite. We Eritreans we don’t have such a character like yours. Whether they are Agame or not we don’t care what we care is our sovereignity you idiot. Don’t despise people you are one of them whom you always despise. I don’t live in any boarder with them. There is no point at all to stress on someones race and always insult with it idiot if at all you if you are a nurse???? You said you have a wife I don’t think so if you have one she is donkey like if she agrees with your atitudes. We used to call dergue soldiers donkies becouse they were acting like that. Shame on you. Psychiatric vocabulary I use to respond to you I have them in my learned knowledg becouse I am a medic student and had Bsc from Asmara University. You are a fake nurse respect races and religions so that you live in peace with others. Use some part of nursing ethical values and have respect to people.

  94. Fithi, I can see now you are getting wild and close to get naked and run on the street. You are barking like a dog. There is no question I repeat that you are LUTE Agame. It is going to be painful through out your life to be born from these depised race. Fithi, take those drugs, before things gets out of control. I was disgusted when you said we Eritreans, shame on you that is what you Agames crave to be like Eritrean. You lunatic, please read what you write in the first place if that fits to be religiuos peroson but you are psycho, you don’t know what you are doing.
    Your website is Aiga and Tigrinet, write for them where you belong.

    Please Don’t say we Eritrean, I almost vomitted.

    Last but not least. You have signs of high testestrone, get some sex as you are Lute, you know what I mean.

  95. Tekebash
    You are cheap person. I will not respond or check what you write again. Now you made it clear that you insult people by their race and religion that is it. It tells me and everybody who reads this article that you are cheap and stupit idiot. I am Eritrean I am not Agame. I would have said I am Agame if I was there is nothing to be shameful about. You say that you are educated and you can’t comprehend this basic human right. To insult someone by his/her race in the area where you live will cost you lifetime inprisonment. You are such a donkey stupit ass. I can see you are wild stupit like your master Mr. Aforki. Schizo with bipolar personality. You are the one is getting naked and run on the street. Bye idiot and Cheap person.

  96. Fithi, I told you the truth and it hurts. You are angry, agitated, and you are paranoid. This is exactly what happens to people who feels inferior. You use the word, cheap, idiot, and stupit frequently, does this sound a healthy person mind? Obviusly not. (Delusional)

    Fithi, I did not ask you to respond, I am just going to continue to expose any Agame who interfer in the business of my country. Last but not least, I don’t want to insult my beloved PIA, who is making history. The president is larger than life.
    You are suffering not only being Agame but also loosing your manhood (being Lute).
    Keep reading my note, don’t bother to respond.

  97. Dear Tekbash,

    Your words that “the president is larger than life” seem to suggest you have not understand the Christian faith. Jesus says in the Bible’s New Testament John 14:6:
    “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” And in John 3:16, you can read more about the key to salvation and eternal life: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (Both from the New International Version of the Bible). I certainly hope that Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki is “larger than life,” which would suggest he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and therefore eternal life. But judging from his government’s actions towards those believing these verses, that seems not be the case. Some 3,000 Bible believing Christians have now been detained. Finally I would suggest to end the verbal attacks between you Tekbash and Fithi as it does not add much to the arguments about this news story. BosNewsLife will anyway continue to cover the plight of those persecuted for their faith, including in Eritrea.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife News Center

  98. Eritrean Pastor, ha, ha, ha, you are laguhable. Are you religous person or poletician? it does not give sense to appreciate a poleticaly motivated website who works hard to destroy the existance of my country. I lived enough in this country and nobody will deceive me. Mr. Pastor have common sense, unless you are Ethiopian or sold out Eritrean.

  99. you know friends i can’t remember who said that some one says peace like charity starts from the house god bless eritrea we are divided among each other why we remember what mother tressa said becouse we forgot that we belong to each other.pleace all eritrean we must belive that power is from god . if we belive so, como on friends lets for eritrea.

  100. Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free,am surprise some Eritreans are pretending there is not happening in Eritrea.Tell me why will a whole national football team travel to Kenya and all the team refuse to return back to Eritrea????????????and this is not the first.My heart bleeds anytime I think about the future of the youth of Eritrea,their only future is to become a Militia.The Day of Isayas are numbered God save his people.

  101. Thank you for another fantastic article. Where else could anybody get that type of information in such a perfect way of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am on the look for such information.


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