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Islamic extremism has increased in Pakistan, according to rights investigators.

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)– A Christian father in Pakistan’s Punjab province was without his home Monday, February 15, as his house was burned down by angry Muslims who killed his son in 2008, rights activists said.

Three Muslim brothers and their accomplices allegedly torched Walayat Masih’s house in the city of Gujranwala on January 26, eighteen months after they allegedly killed his eldest son, said U.S.-based advocacy group International Christian Concern (ICC).

Their motives were not clear Monday, February 15.

News of both incidents only emerged now as local local police told the victim “to keep quiet” about the violent acts, according to rights investigators. “Unfortunately this is a normal occurrence for Christians in Pakistan,” ICC said.


Masih reportedly informed local police about both incidents, but in both cases police “refused” to investigate the alleged suspects, ICC said. “No one has been arrested for these crimes.”

There was no immediate comment from local police, but authorities have come under international pressure to improve protection of minority Christians in the mainly Muslim nation. “Muslim radicals subject Pakistani Christians to various forms of persecution, including violent attacks, forceful land seizures and raping of Christian women,” ICC said.

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa and South Asia, Jonathan Racho, said in a statement that his group condemns “the failure by Pakistani police to investigate the death of Masih’s son and the burning of his house.”

“We call upon officials of Pakistan to immediately investigate the involvement of the three Muslim brothers in the killing of Masih’s son and burning of his house.”


  1. I urge you to act upon and investigate the complaint you have received with integrity and sound judgement, not letting any predjudice pervert justice being done. This is a human life and is precious. Acts of such behaviour can only be dealt with properly, else you will have a culture of revenge, hate and lack of respect for one another. Man should have the freedom to their own beliefs, no matter what colour or religion. It is a choice we have been given. Please be respectors of that. Uphold the law with integrity.

  2. Why would the police refuse to investigate and arrest the murderers of this man? Could it be unislamic to arrest a muslim for killing a man who was a Christian and destruction of the house? What would be the situation if the alleged murderers and burning of the house was carried out by a supposedly Christian in name, which never be as Christians are commnded to love and bless their persecutors? It is apparent that the full force of Pakistani govt. apparatus would have sworn into action and dealt with the culprits. Added to police investigation and arrest if the perpetrators were not Muslims, would be followed by Islamic mob actions through out the city of Pakistan, looting,plundering,raping,kidnapping,burning of churches and murder of any one with a connection to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a pity that crimes of these nature are permitted to go unpunished because of the collusion of the Pakistani security forces and deep seated hatred of Islamic police force towards its pakistani Christians, and that is why Pakistani Muslims would go out and murder, rape,plunder,loot,burn,desecrate and kill christians without the govt raising a finger in defence of the victims.
    What a shame when justice is not blind when Muslims murder Christians in the name of their most peacful religion the world has ever known? It is a paradox, to say one is peaceful, but quick to murder and destroy without any apparent reason. what a shocking peaceful religion.


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