By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife with BosNewsLife Middle East Service

Christians and Muslims remember slain Christians in Baghdad and shout anti-terror slogans, Tuesday, November 2. Via VOA News

BAGHDAD, IRAQ (BosNewsLife)– Iraqi Christians asked for prayers Tuesday, November 2 as a series of explosions killed at least 50 people across Baghdad, shortly after nearly 60 people this weekend in a gun battle at a Syrian Orthodox Church.

Investigators said at least 10 explosions rocked Baghdad neighborhoods late Tuesday, November 2. The combination of roadside bombs and car bombs also wounded at least 70 people, news reports said, mainly in predominately Shi’ite areas. Some of the bombs exploded near areas that include crowded markets and restaurants, witnesses said.

The attacks took place on the same day that hundreds of mourners gathered to pay last respects to the victims of Sunday’s attack in a Catholic church in Baghdad.

Christians said at least 57 people were killed and nearly 70 wounded after militants attacked the Our Lady of Salvation Church and took more than 100 people hostage Sunday. An al-Qaida-linked group, the Islamic State of Iraq, claimed responsibility.


Barnabas Fund, an advocacy group with close contacts with Christians in Islamic nations, told BosNewsLife that most Christians were killed on Sunday, October 31, when security forces stormed the church to free the hostages held by Islamist militants.

“The armed militants entered the Baghdad church, where around 100 people were taking part in an evening service, and immediately killed the church minister. The attackers demanded the release of Al-Qaeda prisoners and a number of Muslim women whom they falsely claimed the Church in Egypt is holding captive,” Barnabas Fund said. “But negotiations failed, and the security forces stormed the building. Worshipers, security forces and attackers died in the ensuing fighting.”

Middle East Concern, another group supporting the Christians in the area, said it has learned that Iraqi Christians have requested our prayers following the violence at the church.


“Christian leaders in Iraq are concerned that this attack might prompt further internal displacement of Christians within Iraq,” the group told BosNewsLife in a statement. It said Iraqi Christians requested prayers that “the bereaved will know the peace, presence and comfort of Jesus” , that “the wounded and traumatized will know the healing touch of Jesus” and that “those involved in providing pastoral care will know the Spirit’s grace and gentleness.”

Analysts and church groups have linked the attacks against Christians in part to Islamic militants view that minority Christians follow a “Western religion” and are seen as supporting the US declared war on terror.  When the US-led coalition invaded Iraq in 2003, there were an estimated 750.000 Christians in Iraq, but most have since fled their homes, according to several church groups and rights organizations.


  1. The terrorism against the Christian Arameans (Syriacs) in Iraq must stop!
    The Arameans are persecuted, expelled and murdered.
    The Americans and Europeans can not look away.

  2. In response to Fer. The attacks on Christians in Arab world will not stop. In fact they will escalate. Always remember the Muslim Faith holds that followers of other Religions particularly Christians and especially Catholics, are infidels and MUST BE ELIMINATED. Of course, America particular, will look the other way – Obama definitely supports the purge on Christians – he is a Muslim, remember??? May the God Lord receive the souls of His faithful in eternal peace and console the bereaved.


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