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This church was destroyed by Iranian authorities, Christians say.
This church was destroyed by Iranian authorities, Christians say.

TEHRAN, IRAN (BosNewsLife)– Iranian authorities seized thousands of Bibles in north-west Iran and destroyed a church in the Islamic country’s south-east as part of a wider crackdown on Christianity, Iranian Christians said in messages monitored by BosNewsLife Tuesday, August 16.

Iranian Christian news agency Mohabat News quoted Majid Abhari, an advisor to the social issues committee of Iran’s parliament, as saying 6,500 Bibles were seized in recent days between the cities of Zanjan and Abhar in Zanjan Province.

He reportedly told government news agency Mehr that the action was necessary as “missionaries with reliance on huge money and propaganda are trying to deviate [Iran’s] youth.”

Abhari added that the Bibles “were made with the best paper in the world in pocket size.” He said, “The important point in this issue that should be considered by intelligence, judicial and religious agencies is that all religions are strengthening their power to confront Islam, otherwise what does this huge number of bibles mean?”


Earlier in November of 2010 police officers and revolutionary guards seized 300 bibles from a bus after its inspection and burned them all in the village of Darishk, Christians said.

The seizure of Bibles comes amid mounting pressure on churches, including in the south-eastern city of Kerman, where authorities have destroyed a main church, added Mohabat News, which is produced by rights activists and Iranian Christians.

St. Andaryas, or Andrew, Church was built in 1950 in the center of the city when Reza Shah Pahlavi was Iran’s king, Christianssaid. “It was the place of worship for many people, thirsty for the Truth,” explained Mohabat News, which published pictures of its destruction.

Before the destruction, the church building was already registered as “a national monument” in 2009 and later converted into a taxi service office, according to pictures seen by BosNewsLife. Soon officials “didn’t care about it’s reconstruction” and destroyed the building “completely,” Mohabat News said.


There are concerns that church buildings in other cities will also be destroyed, Iranian Christians said.

While not addressing the reported destruction of the church, Iran’s government has made clear it wants to “defend” Iran’s Islamic values.

Iranian church leaders claim President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government is concerned about many Muslims converting to Christianity in a country where devoted Christians number at least 100,000, up from just about 500 known believers in 1979, according to church group estimates.



  1. Dear Mansoor,

    Just because you don’t like to read about one of the more ugly aspects of living in Iran under the current leadership, doesn’t make it “Zionist” and “fake” news. Unfortunately these reports are true and we have covered extensively other cases of reported persecution as well.

    Best regards,

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  2. Why would anyone burn the Bible when it is freely available on the Internet? Actually I recommend everyone read the Book of Numbers of Bible and learn about the Moses!

  3. How come it is not okay to burn a koran (like that crazy religious nut did in Florida) but it is okay to burns hundreds of bibles and destroy churches and throw Christians in jail? Do I see a double standard???

  4. nothing new to read the fake and nonesense news from zionist/neocons criminals in US media regading iran. But a note on that, niether your sanction or militarty threat or unleashing terrorist group around iran or terror of scinetist or corocodial tear for Bible and churches or Human rights claims or… will fool the majority of iranian. The country will go ahead in all sphere including nuclear technology. so get the red face for that.

  5. Another story about the failure of a man called Mohamed ,The Muslims will always be a failure
    they have been fighting for a thousand years nothing will change” there fake religion should be eliminated from the earth”” They are , and forever will remain in the stone age’, retards”””’

  6. when the florida pastor threatened burning the koran it was as if the whole world was going to collapse while the iranian degenerates burn hundreds of bible and nothing happens because the world have fallen prey to their terror antics and disregard for is becoming clear how peaceful the iranian authorities are at propagating the religion of peace.

  7. thank you
    Burning our flag in syria, now they want us to help, burning bibles in most muslim countries, and evidently backed by its people. We wont forget this, don’t want to hear you bastards cry when, people start to burn that rag you call a holy book.

    burn my flag, insult my country, we will defacate on the koran

  8. Its not true that there were 500 Christians in Iran in 1979. There has been a christian community in Iran for thousands of years. Armenians, Assyrians are the most prominent of the christians in Iran. They have their own churches and are represented in Irans parliament.

    Why should the Iranians burn the bible when the bible is a holy book for muslims? This article is spreading false information.

  9. Military burns unsolicited Bibles sent to Afghanistan

    Story Highlights
    Unsolicited Bibles sent by U.S. church were confiscated about a year ago
    The Bibles were printed in two most common Afghan languages
    Military feared they could be used for proselytizing, which is forbidden to troops
    Military didn’t want to risk any distribution of the Bibles and angering Muslims
    May 22, 2009 — Updated 0624 GMT (1424 HKT)

  10. Muslims and Christians are both victims of evil orchestrated by satan. Satan uses Muslims to kill Christians in order to destroy the Muslims in the fire of hell. Any act of terror against Christianity is an act against the true God–the God Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Christianity can never be destroyed. Jesus promised, “He who hates you hates Me…your enemies are my enemies… Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell”.

  11. To muslims,burning the bible and killing the christians is never a sin.They want the whole world to see things the way they saw it.They represented their father,Mohammed afterall,he killed and maim people during his days.A thorn cannot bear good fruit.What we are seing is what islam represented,murder and mass murder of innocent blood.They rejoice in waisting innocent blood.Islam is a religion of the devil.Every country that practices this religion is never free from terrorist activities.

  12. Bible is Christians own made none sense.its not the words of God.
    FOR CHIP:- Prophet Mohamed have never failed. And will never fail. The Fake religion is Christianity and Jewess.
    Islam Qur’an will never be eliminated from this universe. But the tree of Islam is growing every day and flowers are blooming. Recently the The head of studies at the Royal Air Force pilot training college, Dr Joel Hayward accepted Islam. Educated people like him will accept Islam. Not people like “CHIP” who have barbaric views and thinking. Islam is widely considered as the fastest growing religion in Europe.In Spain, the Muslim population has increased ten-fold in just 20 years. As recently as 1990, there were only 100,000 Muslims there; now there are more than 1 million.If current trends continue, the Muslim population of Europe will nearly double by 2015, while the non-Muslim population will shrink by 3.5 percent.According to the Migration Policy Institute, which is also based in Washington, at least 20 percent of Europe’s total population will be Muslim by 2050 (this figure would jump to well over 50 percent if Turkey joins the EU.)

    CHIP you are so stupid to thin that Islam will be terminated.

  13. Why is everyone getting so worried about a filthy cult started by a false prophet that promises virgins to advance an oppressive political ideology and has a nuclear program?

  14. Dear readers,
    It is amazing how much hate there is deep under. One article can trigger such a big rage from so many. Instead lets be self critical and admit that non of us really does well in favor of the other…..The great prophets (messengers or even men of wisdom as I would like to call them) and I am mean all of them, never ever worshiped hate. They all saw the opportunity to lead the mankind into a better direction but of course we humans need leadership in all stages of life…….and what is happening around us today is an evolution, a negative one I would say, in the reverse mode!
    Look at all these comments that you have posted, not a single one addresses the real issues. Religion is not about differences it has never been. Religion has become an icon or better said a symbol of power which has its interior enemies and exterior ones!
    Christians can kill each other in Ireland and Muslims can definitely blow up each other in Pakistan….but that does not bring up the anger or rage that the act in Iran has done. Saying this I do not sympathize with the violence against any population with different belief than mine but I would like to invite all the people who start writing without reading what they write to reflect for a moment on the message they spread.
    I would like to finish my comment with reminding you all that Iran once was the symbol of freedom of worshiping your belief and this is a historical fact so surely the evolution has gone backwards without doubt and truly the only way to invite a person to your belief is not through act of violence.
    Remember its always the quality and not the quantity that matters!

    Best regards,
    A person who respects different views!

  15. A little bit of advice to both CHIP and Islam Rules. You both are the problem not the solution. Hate be gets hate and this cycle will only continue because of individuals like you. Islam is not the problem nor is Christianity it is people. People are the problem and will laways be the problem. Everyone wants to be believe they have the right way of life and pick and chose what benefits them. If Ahmadinejad or if any other terrorist, millitant, extremist truly believed in their faith to be truly the right answer then such actions are neither needed nor allowed. But thats the thing they dont really believe do they, they chose and pick what to believe to match their personal agendas. Hypocrites, liars, thieves, muderers, and nothing but villany. This goes for both so called Muslims and Christians and Jews. If I truly had to say maybe there are 5% of true believers in every faith. 10% are the non-believers and individuals tired of the bs. 80% are just coming along for the ride because of tradition, parents, and sense of beloning to a group. 5% are the complete whack jobs who use the faith for a means to an end, ex. extremist, fundamentalists, terrorists.

  16. Bluebird..Thats because Islam is the only religion which can over take western and American civilization. We Muslims only have the truth in our hands. And justify me that Prophet Mohamed if False.

    I guess u have never seen the real world…you are like a frog in the well..

    Christian priests accept this.. the key to haven is “lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh, Muḥammad rasūlu-llāh”
    (There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of God )
    All my brothers i advise you all to learn Islam and be a Muslim.

  17. Unfortunately, just more “peace” from Islam, but no surprise. In no other religion was the author and founder of the faith a murderer (according to Muslims, Mohammed himself cut the heads off hundreds of people), and his “favorite wife” was 9 years old (Fatima). When your “prophet” is a killer and pedophile, is it any surprise that his followers are violent and insane? Deeply paranoid folks, because feel inside, they know that the Christian bible predates theirs by more than 600 years, and the hebrew bible by 1200-3000. Can’t change facts, no matter how many you decapitate. Please Go back to the paradise your faith has created – intolerable dictatorships run by corrupt mullahs. Let us enjoy what is left of the nice place ours created.

  18. who cares? look at the nut jobs in use buying the koran. you are both as bad as each other. and to bluebird, while what you say is not completely untrue, remember the bible claims jesus flew up to heaven, which is no less nutty …you are all nut jobs, americans more than most.

  19. Time for us to start burning their korans. Where is the OUTRAGE for the burning of bibles? and burning down Churches? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE ???? Come on America – Let’s let them know we are all ALIVE here in the US of A. They think they can do and say whatever they want, and we have to sit back and take it. Let them all burn in hell…

  20. How would folks react if Muslim fundamentalist were roaming around the Bronx trying to convert Christians?

    In Islamic nations they have Laws forbiding this activity. WHY can’t you understand this?

  21. Seriously? You all act like children. This “I’m right and your wrong” banter does not help. Try your best to live your ‘own’ life, and respect others. There are more important ways to be productive and to spend your time.

  22. islam teaches peace, we hear, and yet it encourages some outrageous acts like this.i have never seen such an intolerable religion,imagine what it is doing to my country, nigeria.

  23. Persecution is nothing new to Christianity, and it will not stop.

    Matthew 5:12
    Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

    Matthew 5:10
    Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

    I will not sink to the name calling and my religion is better than your religion crap, I will only say “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!”
    I pray that you come to terms with Christ before the end of your life, I would hate to not know Christ and die and realize he was the Truth.

  24. The difference is thar when Korans are burned the maniac Muslims go on a rampage and plunder, pillage and kill. They are trapped in the 7th century.

  25. Christians and Jews are allowed to practice their faith, but have to abide by laws of the land The shops sell christmas decorations they even have valentines day. They all have to abide by wearing head coverings for women but many wear them above hairline half the women wear makeup, jewellery. Iran has not driven Jews and Cristians from their land like many middle east nations have.

  26. In Britain many churches have been converted into offices flats and houses even been demolished, where do you think all the bibles, prayer books go sorry to say skips.

  27. Just because a religion has a lot of converts does not mean it is correct. Islam is not winning a lot of people by converts, it is winning a lot of people by spreading false information (i.e. that it is a religion of peace) and killing people who refuse to convert. The Koran says Allah is a deceiver. So how do you know that Allah is not deceiving you Muslims to believe that something is true. My Bible says Satan is the father of lies. Allah sounds like my Satan. If Allah is holy then you wouldn’t use deception.

  28. The Bible predicts the nations that would rise against Israel. Your Koran says Israel would never again be a nation. According to my Bible, the way to tell a prophet is that if what he says doesn’t come true, then he is a false prophet. Mohammed is a false prophet because Israel became a nation in 1948. My God works by miracles. When you see that Israel conquers all of you, then you will know the one true God. It says in the Bible, not in your names sake Israel, but in my (God’s) name sake. It says Israel defiled his name among the nations, but that in his name’s sake (so everyone will know the true God) he will defeat all the nations that battle against Israel. The fact that Israel is still in existence after all its gone through is a miracle. In 1967, little tiny Israel defeated Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Israel is tiny compared to all of them. Come on, if Allah is so great, then Israel would have been wiped out by now.

  29. The only reason there are so many Muslims is because all you do is have babies. But what amazes me is that you have babies only to kill them in jihad.

  30. “A pox on all your houses” as the saying goes. Religion of any kind is a fairy story for adults, too afraid of death. I don’t believe in any God, but I lead a good life. I try my best most of the time, do as little damage to people as I can. I don’t rob banks, kill, even drink much. You have one life to live, do your best, enjoy “what God gave you” if God exists and enjoy it even if he/she doesn’t. Just joking about “a pox on your houses”, –don’t want someone to declare a fatwa on me, or curse me to hell !

  31. Maria,
    Don’t be silly. Surely one of those people who converted to Islam would be able to tell if the claims made by Islam were fake. Allah means “The God”, which refers to the creator and is not Satan.
    Also, the Quran does tell about the rise of false Jews (zionists).

  32. nobody can be save by any religion,not even a church,so those who say islam is the true religion,by the time your in hell you and allah and all those who believe in ur religion,will see satan face to face,how come you kill people and its not a sin,how come u burn the bible but there is no reaction from all over the world,it only shows muslims are very naive,self centered,murderer,raping their own daugthers,and there;’s another one the honor killing,it only shows ur dull minded,hypocrites.liar(as what their doing in daily life like in libya they always tell the press that they already won the war where in fact you do not its just because of nato,as u can see khaddafi is still alive,and i dare you muslims you are not really patriotic you are cowards,your afraid to fight one by one,you always call for other muslim to fight for you where in if you are really brave even if ur alone or two you cant fight,but ur back fighter you will call legions of muslim and accuse others of hatred towards muslim inciting to kill people thats how coward you are,you muslim inutil,and there is no other god in these world only jesus can save and thats a fact and proven,its better to read the bible and your eyes will be open and you will distinguish whats right and wrong

  33. The bible speaks prophetic things because it is a gathering of works that were inspired by y
    the Holy Spirit, and is “the Word Of God” ! It isn’t from the imagination of the ‘prophets’! Like for instance it speaks of “Ishmael” the firstborn of Abram, before he was renamed Aberham.
    It says “He will be a wild ass of a man. his hand will be against every man, and every mans hand will be against his. And he will dwell among his brethren.” Genesis16:12 KJV. Now the thing is, that Ishmael was the father of all the Arab nations, from which arises Islam.And the Muslim “religion”! Christians need to study the basis for the faith they (I am one of these, also)
    proclaim.Also is the fact that Ishmael was born of Abram, so that all his seed is within the promised inherited blessing of Abram. “those who bless you, I (God Almighty) will bless, as well. And those who curse you, I will also curse.” Being a Christian means also an heir to this promise because we are adopted into the bloodline of David, and Aberham, Isac, & Jacob. The historical testimonies of the truth are the only way for human beings today to keep their sanity, and know what to expect in the future. To resolve oneself to saying “it’s all just religious craziness” only keeps one from ever finding out the truth of the matter. Jesus promised, “You SHALL Know the Truth. And The Truth SHALL Make you Free!”Unlike the Koran, the bible dares to say, “Thus says The Lord”! They need to know Jesus as Lord. But unfortunatly, so do so many countless so called Christians who only have joined a group of people who look “safe’ to join, without knowing the doctrine nor the history behind it. Nor comming to know Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said,”Who’s sins ye remit. They are remitted. Who’s sins ye retain. They are retained.” But “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you SHALL BE SAVED”!That goes for ANYONE! How ’bout YOU!

  34. I believe there is a God, but I have a hard time believing any of you hateful people know who he is or what he is about. If you think about logic and what makes sense for just a minute without letting your indoctrinated minds getting in the way, do you think God would condone any religion that hurts people? So you think we have been created to hate and kill eachother because we don’t have the same views? Try practicing loving eachother and being more tolerable to people. The violence and hatred in this world is mindblowing sometimes. You all sound like a bunch of little kids fighting about arguments you won’t ever win. Grow up people, and start using your hearts instead of your polluted minds. God would be dissapointed in all of you if he were watching and listening to what your doing. No one is perfect, but the world would be a much better place without all this garbage. GOD IS LOVE, it says so right in your books so read them.

  35. It is time to quit placating the Islamic world and send them a message once and for all that the civilized world has no further tolerance for their barbarism and inhumanity towards peoples of other faith or persuasions. If they cannot assimilate, then it is time to exterminate. We definitely do not have the same God when it comes to tolerance or concepts of freedom of choice – that what separates us from animals and what Moses led his people out of bondage.

    Iran needs to be dealt with in a single instance….send the warships and planes and dare them to raise their voices or hands against the rest of mankind…the world will be a far better place without the blasphemy and hypocrisy of their kind on this ever-shrinking planet.

  36. Dear Islam Rules,

    Better mind your ignorant ways or again the Cossacks will seed your kind where it belongs along with your devil-worshiping kind.

    You are not God’s chosen people and deserve being the bastards cast into the desert, the sons of of a shameless harlot.

    If you think you are better than the rest of mankind, think again at your present plight in life and being slaves to a few greedy and cruel leaders.

    God favors the meek and devout, not the loud and arrogant. America has achieved in over 200 years what you could not or sustained in 2,000 years. God has not abandoned you, as you have abandoned God and your children to hate, greed and murder.

  37. the amout of muslims in spain and europe etc grows because the amount of muslim immigrants grow fleeing you know what.. simple math duh ….

  38. My own reflection on this whole thing has humbled me. I have no problem proclaiming that ours is a religion of peace, but daily events around the world leave me very sad. Tune to any channel in the world (whether Western, African or Arab) and you see countless people masked or unmasked brandishing dangerous weapons and shooting indiscriminately, they always chant “Allah akbar! The same scene everywhere in the world. The contradiction is simply irreconcilable! I’m worried also that the number of people who remain Muslims do so for fear of state-enforced retribution should they convert from Islam, not because they love the religion. The liberty to choose my religion should be a sacred one.


  40. America, the political correct land. Lol. When it comes to issues affecting muslims, that is when foolish Americans/brits will be claiming political correctness. Muslims are protected by the two word “Political-correct” and “bigot”. Anytime you complain about islam, you are a bigot.

    Foolish Americans should wake up before its too late. Is there no “political_correctness” in Iran ? Government engaging in religion fanatism.

    Why is America like that ?
    1. Their politicians and public figures have been bribed by arab oil business men. I read about an American black hip hop star converted to Islam after a sheik paid him millions of dollar.
    2. They want to be friendly with the muslims “the christian way – love ur enemy” an opposite to islam way “Muslims must not make friends with the infidel, the next infidel is a dead one”. When America come to their senses, they will have peace

  41. If everyone would just mind their own business and stop yapping about this and that and believe in the 10 commandments and believe in the Lord. you can’t go wrong.

  42. Dont you know that not everyone that say there are christian are. I can say Im an elephant, and even live in Africa & be born there. Does that make me one. Not everone in the U.S. are christians even if they say they are. One must A. ask God for forgiveness. B. believe Jesus died on the cross for their sins. C. it will result in a commitment to God ( Jesus. ) Jesus said ” you will know them by their fruit. ” If you dont know them personally you cant see if their lives bear fruit

  43. destroyed bibles? I wonder if Westerners will riot and burn a bunch of their own shops and kill a bunch of thier own people…lol…call me in a couple of centuries when they catch up to us culturally, intellectually, spiritually, artistically and technologically.

  44. If a Americans want to burn the Koran in the US then go ahead, i can tell u consequences will b bad!U think u can hit any arab nations? then whose goin to supply u with all the oil u need? who do u think gives u the loans to feed ur fat money loving pigs?…. Iran is not America wot happens in Iran should not concern u aswell if it were me ill b more worried about wot ur goin to eat when arabs stop giving u their money to pay ur growing depts… stupid fools u think u know everything? no u dont! just keep on watching and reading hopelessly for there is nothing u can do about it… **** off othr ppls countries mind ur own things … IN IRAN THINGS R DONE N WILL CONTINUE TO B DONE THE IRAN WAY N THERE IS NOTHING U CAN DO ABOUT IT>>sooo shut ur stinking holes up!

  45. There are bad feelings between Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

    There are bad Christians who kill, bad Muslims who kill, and bad Jews who kill.

    However, I am more concerned with the the spread of Communism than with any religious view.

    Watch the video “The History of Bloody Communism” (Documentary by a Muslim scholar) and you will see the danger in this great “false” religion. You can view all the parts on youtube.

    This false religion (which worships people, not God) is the biggest danger to our society. It nearly took over the whole world in the 20th century and was responsible for 200 million deaths. And this religion is still around today and making a steady, slow comeback!

  46. The problem is that the CULT call religion of Islam was created by a bypolar, murderer and confuse Christian called Mohammed who truly belief and was convinced in his ill mind that he was the Messiah.
    As a result, the book of Koran is full of contradictory messages which is used by Muslims Imans and Extremist as they see fit. In the Koran, Islam is a religion of peace YET there is a lot of passages condoning and ordering the KILLING OF INFIDELS, who happen to be and mention by name, Christians and Jews. All non believers are subject to be killed. So a true Muslims in order to be a true Muslim is supposed to follow and obey its words. Muslims are ordered in the Koran to conquer and convert to Islam all its subjects by the sword.
    So Islam is a political, military, imperial and religion movement bend to conquer the world.

  47. Man needs to evolve out of religon, wich is a gigantic source of ignorance of scientific fact.
    poof, the world is created, poof , man is created.


    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Once again the few bad muslims are burning Christian Bibles and churches, while the ( silent good muslims ) are saying nothing. All muslim nations are controlled by the bad muslims, while the good muslims says nothing except we are racist. Unfortunately, by saying and doing nothing is condoning what is happening.

  49. Todays 09-11-11
    Read Psalms 91 verse 1
    He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High. Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.


  50. I’d should test with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I take pleasure in reading a publish that may make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!


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