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Ayatollah Ali Khamenei speaking on Iranian television.

TEHRAN, IRAN (BosNewsLife)– Iran’s Supreme leader made clear Saturday, October 1, that his country wants to destroy Israel as a Jewish state.

Speaking at Tehran’s annual international “pro-Palestine conference”, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated that as far Iran is concerned the “ultimate goal” remains to “liberate” all Palestine from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea.

“Do not forget that if the Palestinians, as they have already done in Gaza, succeed in liberating a part of Palestine and to manage their own affairs through elected representatives, then that is what they must do. But we must never forget the ultimate goal,” he stressed.

Delegates in Iran heard that a Palestinian state can exist “temporarily” as “part of” a “liberated territory”. Israel has expressed concerns that Iran may develop nuclear weapons to increase its influence in the region, despite denials from Tehran that its current nuclear program is for “peaceful purposes.”


The conference in Tehran came as talks were also underway at the United Nations Security Council on Palestine’s bid for recognition.

Euronews television quoted UN diplomats as saying “intense lobbying” has begun of three undecided council members on the issue of recognizing Palestine. They were not named.

The Security Council was set to meet again next week to continue discussions on the issue. (Follow BosNewsLife’s Newsfeed via Twitter.)



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  1. The fact that anyone in any part of the world contemplates the destruction of Jews (or any one group) again in any way shape or form, or that it is reported or discussed with any respect whatsoever, whether as a people or a state as an entity or as a community, leaves me with the profound understanding that nothing has been learned; nothing has been gained; nothing has been understood; nothing has been moved forward. The human race is as it always has been; a stand-alone in its capacity for evil, its capacity for self-deception; its capacity for hate. Shame on us. Shame on Iran. Shame on Islam. Shame on the Arab world. Shame on Hamas. Shame on Abbas. Shame on the UN. Shame, shame, shame. Shame on God.

  2. The spirit against Israel is the evil spirit of the anti-christ.Muslim’s are spiritual very sick.Pray for Israel in Jesus Name.


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