By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife

Wim Pijl has been fired by The Hague for refusing to oversee gay marriages.

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS (BosNewsLife)– A Christian civil servant has been fired by the Dutch city of The Hague for refusing to oversee same-sex marriages on Biblical grounds.

Wim Pijl, 67, said Tuesday, November 15, he would take legal action against the dismissal despite parliamentary support for gay weddings.

“For me this is a personal case,” explained Pijl. He also told reporters that God opposes same-sex marriages. “As a Christian I learned from the Bible that there is only one marriage, between a man and a woman.”

The Hague city government said through a spokesman that it had no other choice than to dismiss Pijl as he had “refused to take back his remarks.”


Additionally, Dutch parliament effectively sealed his dismissal Tuesday, November 15, with most legislators voting for a law proposal that would force officials overseeing marriages to officiate at gay weddings.

The Netherlands has 104 civil servants refusing to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, according to Dutch gay rights group COC.

Tuesday’s motion was tabled by the left-leaning opposition GroenLinks, or ‘GreenLeft’ party. The ruling People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) opposed the move, but failed to get a parliamentary majority.

“I am intensely sad and very disappointed about this decision,” said Pijl in a reaction.


Last week, Pijl reluctantly performed a marriage ceremony of two men, saying he had not been told ahead of time that he would preside over a gay wedding.

“I can not discriminate gay couples, but I am discriminated against because of my views. I will seriously look into possible legal action against the dismissal,” said Pijl, who is also a former city councilor of a Christian faction.

Pijl is supported in his case by the RMU trade union which said it was “shocked” about the situation.

The Netherlands became the world’s first country to legalize gay marriage in 2001.


Dutch Town Urk Supports Officials Opposing Gay Marriage


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  2. Dear Julian,

    While we can have a discussion about their lifestyle, I don’t think that gays are more or less filthy than me or you. The Bible says that Jesus died and rose up from the death for all sinners so that “whoever believes in Him shall not die but have eternal life.” (John 3:16). That includes gays or hetero’s. Whether my son or daughter would be gay or hetero would not change my love for him or her. Just as Christ loves his children, even when they sin. I agree with you that the Pride Parade is a crazy event. God will one day judge not only The Netherlands, but the whole world. The good news is however that those who believe in Christ will not face death, the penalty for sin, according to the Bible.

    Stefan J. Bos, BosNewsLife

  3. CHRISTIANS, LEAVE THESE DAMNED MARXIST COUNTRIES. They will NEVER change until Jesus returns, they will become the Antichrist government through the UN, their Darwinist Marxist head office where the Antichrist will arise from.

  4. People, Brothers and Sisters

    Can we not see that this is how the enemy wants us to argue and bite at each other? Since the beginning, the enemy has planted seeds of hate and war based on religious, pious stands.
    If we were on the scene when the woman who was caught in the very act of adultery was about to be stoned, would be be holding a stone or would we joyful that the Messiah said, “Thy sins are forgiven, go and sin no more.”

    A wise old preacher used to say the following:


    The more a person resonates with a subject, matter or person the more passionate they are about it… I’m not trying to sound “new age”.. That’s just the way it is.. So, why not express love, forgiveness and tolerance? Also remember, the same measure that you and I use to judge others will be used to judge you.

    I certainly don’t agree with a lot that is going on in the world but somehow, someway I was born to deal with the circumstances. I am more than equipped to love, in spite of..

    Enjoy the remainder of 2012. Don’t forget to tell someone that you love them!


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