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Boko Haram has threatened to carry out more deadly attacks against Christians.

ABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)– Nigeria’s feared Islamic Boko Haram group has ordered Christians in the country’s north to leave within three days or face more deadly violence, while also threatening to confront security forces sent to quell the unrest in the region.

“We are…giving a three-day ultimatum to the southerners living in the northern part of Nigeria to move away,” he explained, referring to Christians,” said Boko Haram spokesman Abul Qaqa in comments monitored by BosNewsLife Monday, January 2.

He added that his fighters are ready to confront soldiers sent to the area under a state of emergency declared in parts of four states by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian.

“We find it pertinent to state that soldiers will only kill innocent Muslims in the local government areas where the state of emergency was declared,” Saturday December 31, the spokesman stressed. “We would confront them squarely to protect our brothers.”

Human rights activists have expressed concerns about the ultimatum, saying many Christians born and raised in the north have nowhere else to go.


Boko Haram, which means “Western education is a sin: has been linked to several attacks on Christians, most notably the bombings on Christmas Day that killed as many as 49 people, according to new figures, most of them at a Catholic church as services were ending.

Last week Christians were seen mourning their dead at the bloodstained St. Theresa Church in the town of Madalla, near capital Abuja. The priest of St. Theresa’s, Isaac Achi, reportedly told the crowd that the Christmas Day attack made him really cry for the first time in his life.

“I’ve never cried before, but yesterday, I cried,” he said. “This morning, I cried, but with all of you around today, I’ll not cry again. Yesterday more than 40 army men protected me while I slept.”

Two other churches, the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church in the volatile, religiously mixed town of Jos, and another church in the town of Gadaka in the northern state were also targeted on December 25, with news agencies quoting residents as saying there were many wounded there.

Nigeria’s close to 160 million people are divided between the mainly Muslim north and predominately Christian south. “Qaqa said Boko Haram wished “to call on our fellow Muslims to come back to the north,” raising concerns about more tensions.


“The President had never visited any of the theaters were Muslims were massacred,” the spokesman added naming areas where “scores of Muslims” were allegedly killed in post-election riots in April.

While Boko Haram has been carrying out increasingly deadly attacks for months, including an August suicide bombing of UN headquarters in Abuja that left 25 dead, the Christmas violence sparked intense fear and outrage.

It also led to warnings from some Christian leaders that they would defend themselves if such attacks continued, raising deep concern, news reports said.

BosNewsLife learned however that main Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) along with the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) and state governors stressed the importance of prayers for “peace and unity” in Africa’s most populous nation.

Boko Haram has made clear however that it wants to establish a state based on Sharia, or Islamic, law.


  1. The reality is that, the federal government under the leadership of Mr President Goodluck Jonathan is much concerned only on what happened to the christians in this country. May be other people belonging to other religions like muslims are not Nigerians or human being. Look at what happened in southern Kaduna, Jos, Maiduguri, Bauchi etc.after the election and nothing have bing done to date.

  2. It is quite shockin that human being dont fear God if d muslim have regards for there god they would not kill innocent soul. If they have hatred for the president let them go to Aso rock. they are not practicing religion even Mohammed did not support them.

  3. In the first place do we have a president? if BOKO or whatever they called themself say they dont want Western education, let them close all the higher institutions that we have in those places, or if they want to part from Nigeria let them go, we need peace in this country

  4. When the Igbos wanted to have Biafra, the Hausas said NO, it is ONE NIGERIA; all because they were in power. Now they don’t want us to remain ONE NIGERIA. Buy why? Well, it is too late to say otherwise. We must remain as ONE NIGERIA. Any Hausa who is not ready for the ONE NIGERIA should be prepared to die because we are fully prepared to fight to protect this country to remain as ONE NIGERIA.

    For your information, we are not fools. We know what is going on and we know what to do to wipe out all the Moslems in the north within 7 days! We have been patient for too long but not any more. If the Moslems bombs the Christians again in the name of Boko Haram, I can assure you that we, the Christian Youths will retaliate by bombing the Moslems in the north on a Friday when they are praying. I can assure you that it would be very very bloody and it would take place in all the parts of the north at the same time.

    If you claim that your religion is a religion of peace and you kill fellow human beings and still shout Allah Akbar, I must let you know that you are foolish to call that a religion of peace, whereas it is a religion of Satan. Throw one more bomb at the Christians and we will surprise you with a rainfall of original bombs, not locally made bombs. After our first counter attack, I can assure you there would no longer be any Boko Haran again.



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