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Nigerians, including Christians, have been suffering amid Islamic violence.

ABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)– Two fighters of the Islamic militant Boko Haram group were in custody of Nigeria’s military Saturday, March 24, following attacks on three villages in which 10 people died including a pastor, Christians said.

Nine other members of Boko Haram died during a fire fight with the military Thursday, March 22, in the aftermath of a failed attempt to a police station, a bank, and the home of a senior police official in Tudun Wada Local Government Area (LGA) in Kano State, according to eyewitnesses and rights activists.

The military response came after suspected Islamic militants attacked three villages in Chikun LGA area on March 15 using heavy AK 47 rifles to koll ten villagers, Assemblies of God (AOG) pastor, Innocent C Mari, said the Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) advocacy group.

The attackers reportedly also looted the church building and set fire to musical instruments during the attack in Kunfara village, in which two other men also died.

Additionally five men were shot dead and two injured in Dayi Village, while three men were killed and one injured in Dakunu Village, rights investigators said.


Later, on March 18, a man died during a shoot-out in Ungwan Yelwa in Chikun LGA area in Kaduna State between police and four gun men believed to be members of Boko Haram, though State Police Commissioner Mohammed Abubakar, reportedly denied they belonged to the militant group.

Christians looking for loved ones in the violence have become increasingly desperate. Helen and Dakim Gyang Bot said they can onlu assume that the voice on the other end of her cell phone that told them “we have killed her” was telling the truth.

In published remarks they said it has been seven months since their 24-year-old daughter disappeared during a wave of Islamic extremist violence here, Helen and Dakim Gyang Bot can only assume that the voice on the other end of her cell phone that told them “we have killed her” was telling the truth.

The body of Simi Maltida Kim has not been found, and those who answered the active Catholic’s cell phone shortly after she disappeared on September 1, 2011 did not indicate why they killed her.

However her church believes their daughter was killed because of her Christian faith in Bauchi city in northeastern Bauchi state where she was a final-year student of Science Laboratory Technology at the Federal Polytechnic.

An instructor reportedly troubled her about her faith in Christ and allegedly failed her on an exam in an effort to get her to recant her faith in Christ.


Islamic violence, often encouraged by Boko Haram, has killed at least over 100 Christians in recent months, and forced thousands of Christians to flee.

“We urge the security services to intensify and continue their efforts towards disrupting and ending Boko Haram’s violent campaign and restoring lasting peace and stability to the country,” said CSW’s Advocacy Director Andrew Johnston.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian, has condemned the violence and pledged to beef-up security, though Christians have complained about a lack of security in key areas.

Boko Haram, or ‘Western education is a sin’ has made clear it wants to impose a strict form of Islamic law across the country. Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation with more than 160 million people.

It is divided roughly in half between the predominantly Muslim north and the mainly Christian south, according to official estimates.


  1. Do u think that Boko Haram are killing only christain in the north? Majority of the muslim are muchlly affected in boko haram‘s attarcks. The must devilly attarck in kano that morethan 200 people kills how many christains & how many muslims, pls confirm.

  2. With deep regret and heart felt sorrow, i wish d family of simi peace.on the same date 01/sep/11,was a tragedy/shocker in d family of Duniya Audu when a similar respond on d background of Esther Duniya {RIP} phone along thesame Bauchi Jos road and i quote:{ita arniya ce mun kashe ta}meaning she is a pegan we have killed her.Till date,the body of Esther is no where to b found.But one thing is sure, Esther died as a Born again christain with the fear of GOD as her priority.May ur soul rest in peace,AMEN.

  3. And the Federal Government wants to dialogue with these mad beasts called Boko Haram?

    That’s a laugh! Dialogue with ungodly, uncivilized maniacs who understand only the language

    of violence and blood-letting!

    Since our political leaders can’t think of better solutions to the problems of Boko Haram,

    I wonder why they have not considered currying favors with the religious criminals with

    millions of dollars and the highest possible national honors.

    Well, children of God, let’s wake up and cry louder to the only One who really cares and

    can deliver us from these religious, blood-drinking monsters – the true God of heaven and



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