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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife

The 56-year-old Palestinian Ambassador Jamal al-Jamal has been killed in explosion in Prague.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC (BosNewsLife)– The Palestinian Foreign Ministry says it will send a delegation to Prague to help investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of the Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic, who died Wednesday, January 1,  in an explosion.

Czech investigators say thewas the victim of a blast, which rocked his Prague residence on New Year’s Day.  The explosion was set off when he opened an old safe that had been left untouched for more than two decades.

After the accident, the diplomat was rushed to hospital, but he later died of his injuries. His 52-year-old wife was shocked but survived unharmed.

The safe reportedly came from a building in Prague, which had been used in the 1980s by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).


The PLO, which had close ties to what was then Czechoslovakia and other Soviet-satellite states, has been linked to attacks in the 1980s.

Yet, Czech officials were quick to point out that the explosive device found in the Palestinian ambassador’s residence may have been part of the safe’s security mechanism.

“We are still investigating, but currently believe it was definitely not a terrorist attack,” said Czech Police chief Martin Cervicek. “Still, this (explosives) is a thing you shouldn’t find at any embassy and we will continue a probe.”

Palestinian officials also hope to receive answers about the mysterious blast.


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