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Al-Shabab fighters have killed Christians in Somalia and are now threatening churches in Uganda and Kenya.

KAMPALA/NAIROBI (BosNewsLife)– Christians in Uganda and neighboring Kenya faced more anxiety Friday, June 6, after authorities were warned by Western countries that an Islamic militant group was planning to attack churches.

Earlier the United States embassy in Uganda said they may face “specific threats” from al-Shabab, a Somalia-based militant group known for killing Christians, including concerts from Islam.

The threats against the two East African countries are due to each having peacekeeping troops in Somalia, Christians said.

“All the churches have been informed. The anti-terrorist police and police board in Uganda are providing security to the churches. There are further efforts to inform the people on what the explosives may look like so they can identify them,” a pastor said in comments distributed by the Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC) advocacy group.

He apparently spoke on condition of anonymity amid security concerns.


Al-Shabaab has vowed to eradicate all Christians in Somalia. Among the latest known victims was a young Christian woman was dragged outside her home and killed by a group of armed men in April.

VOMC urged its supporters to pray. “As our brothers and sisters in Uganda and Kenya face yhese intimidating threats, pray that they will not lose heart,” the group said.

It added that it was also important to ask God “to grant wisdom to authorities and security personnel as they work to shield church buildings from attack in these countries.”

And even the members of al-Shabab deserve prayers the group said, “asking God to move in their hearts so that they will cease their violence and believe in Him.”

There were no indications yet that many militants, if any, had changed their mind Friday, June 6.


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