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Preacher Alex Peverely has been preaching on several issues mentioned in the Bible.

LONDON, BRITAIN (BosNewsLife)– British prosecutors have dropped the case against a Christian street preacher, who was detained on charges of “hate crime” while speaking in Liverpool’s city center, BosNewsLife learned Saturday, July 5.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) withdrew the complaint against Alex Peverely, who was arrested after expressing Biblical views on same-sex marriage, said advocacy group Christian Concern (CC).

His troubles began earlier this year when he was reportedly approached by an employee of the nearby Playhouse Theatre who asked him to reduce the volume. The theatre had allegedly received a complaint from a customer.

Shortly after the conversation, Alex was apparently approached by two uniformed police officers who were informed that a “hate crime” had been committed by “a man shouting homophobic abuse.”


Police “illegally” detained the preacher saying that he had breached section 5 of the Public Order Act, said Christian Concern (CC), a Britain-based advocacy group supporting the preacher.

“When Alex refused to provide his name, he was arrested and bundled into the back of a police car
and taken to St Anne’s police station. During his stay in custody for approximately six hours, Alex was
interviewed by two police officers, including a detective sergeant,” CC said.

Peverely reportedly told police that he arrived in the city “to share the Good news.”

He said he was “under an obligation to preach truth – the love and the mercy of God and sin.” It is a two fold message, the preacher added. “They are in their sins, but Christ is the way forward. He is the way forward if they want to be saved.”


CC said the preacher had been told by police that the CPS has decided not to prosecute as “it is not
considered to be in the public interest”.

He was supported by the a lawyer of the CC-supported Christian Legal Centre. “This is another victory for the freedom to preach the Gospel,” said Centre representative Andrea Williams.

“We will continue to fight every case where preachers have been arrested for simply preaching the Good News of Jesus.”

Several other cases have been reported in Britain effecting preachers and Christians expressing their views in their working place. Some advocacy groups have warned of “growing persecution” of devoted Christians in Western Europe, including in Britain.

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