By BosNewsLife Africa Service

NAIROBI, KENYA (BosNewsLife)– Christians in northeastern Kenya have asked for protection after Islamic militants killed a Christian teacher in an elementary school and kidnapped two colleagues as part of a wider crackdown, BosNewsLife learned.

Suspected fighters of the notorious al-Shabab group walked into the Fafi Primary School compound, 100 kilometers (62 miles) from Garissa city, where they shot to death teacher Elly Oloo Ojiema in front of pupils, well-informed Christians said.

After the May 31 shooting, the alleged members of the Somali rebel group kidnapped another Christian teacher, Joseph Kamau, along with a Muslim teacher who tried to defend him.

A colleague said the abducted Muslim teacher was trying to shield the Kenyan Christian saying he was willing to die with him. “The al-Shabab (rebels) got angry and told the teacher, ‘We are going to teach you a lesson for protecting the infidels,’ and immediately the two were carried away to an unknown destination,” the colleague said in published remarks.


Christians said that before escaping the school with the two captured teachers, the militants beat Muslims of Somali descent “merely” for housing Kenyan Christians. “We sound a warning to you that we shall not take lightly you who are accommodating these infidels,” one of the attackers allegedly threatened.

Rights activists say that the attack has increased concerns among Christians in Garissa, who were already on edge after years of guerrilla assaults by Somali rebels. Islamist militant group al-Shabab is battling the United Nations-backed government in Somalia and has carried out attacks in neighbouring Kenya.

A pastors group in Garissa, Kenya, reportedly this month urging the Kenyan government to provide more security. Christians said officials responded by promising to send security guards to protect community members during worship services.

Christians urged prayers for lives of the students and teachers and families who have been affected by the “tragic shooting” and abductions.


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