Hungary Opens Trianon Memorial Park For Lost Territories

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (BosNewsLife)-- Hungary has opened a memorial park south of Budapest to commemorate the Treaty of Trianon which deprived the country of almost two-thirds of its territory and millions of Hungarians.

Saudi Arabia Releases Detained East African Christians, But Many Still Jailed

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA (BosNewsLife)-- Saudi Arabia released five East African Christians who were detained for

NEWS ALERT: American Pastor Disappears In Beijing After Protest

BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- As the Beijing Olympics drew to a close Sunday, August 24, with televised fireworks and a multi-million dollar show, there was concern over rights abuses of Christians in Communist-run China, amid reports that an American pastor disappeared.

NEWS WATCH: Romanians Vote Against Removal Of President

BUDAPEST/BUCHAREST (BosNewsLife)-- Romanians have voted against the dismissal of their president, Traian Basescu, on charges of abuse of power.

Greece Archbishop Dies At 69

ATHENS/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- The head of Greece's powerful Orthodox Church, Archbishop Christodoulos, who eased centuries of tension with the Vatican but angered ultra-Orthodox members, died Monday, January 28, after losing his battle against cancer. He was 69.

Pakistan Christian Girl Suffers Gang Rape For Faith in Christ, Rights Group Claims

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- A 12-year old Christian girl in Pakistan was recovering Sunday, October 2, after she was allegedly

Egypt’s US Ambassador Condemns Detention Christian Rights Activists

CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)-- The United States Ambassador to Egypt, Francis J. Ricciardone, has expressed concern about the detention of two Christian rights activists who could face up to 15 years imprisonment on charges including "insulting Islam, jeopardizing state security," and preaching Christianity, BosNewsLife established Monday September 3.

NEWS ALERT: Efforts Underway To Free South Korean Christians In Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Desperate efforts continued Tuesday, August 7, to free the remaining 21 South Korean Christians held as hostages in Afghanistan, after two of them were killed by militants of the Taliban movement.

Nigeria Bishop “Survives” Fourth Assassination Attempt, One Killed

ABUJA, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in Nigeria were anxiously looking towards the future Tuesday, April 25, amid reports that an Anglican bishop survived a fourth assassination attempt while

Christians Around The World “Fast” And “Pray” For North Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians around the world on Friday, June 1, began 40 days of "fasting" and "praying" for the youth of North Korea, amid ongoing concerns over reports of