By Eric Leijenaar, BosNewslife Senior Special Corresondent reporting from the Netherlands 
Mark A. Gabriel left Monday, April 20, after the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) advised him to leave Europe, said Jewish-Christian pastor Ben Kok, who accompanied him to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
The 51-year-old Islam critic was to have stayed till at least April 25, said Kok in a statement to BosNewsLife’s Netherlands-based news partner
It was not immediately which group or persons were responsible for the threats.
Gabriel, which is not his real name, grew up as a Muslim in Egypt. However he reportedly became dissapointed in Islam while working as a teacher and imam at Cairo’s Al-Azhar University.
After he became a Christian, Gabriel fled to the United States where he received asylum.
It comes amid mounting concerns about the growing influence of Muslim extremism in Europe.
Mark A. Gabriel has fled the Netherlands.
Mark A. Gabriel has fled the Netherlands.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS (BosNewsLife)– A wellknown American scholar who converted from Islam to Christianity has interupted his tour in the Netherlands because of death threats, an organiser said Wednesday, April 22.


  1. Dear brothers and sister christians stand up, in the Name of Jesus!We are not alone HE is with us, HIS children.Jesus is the Winner over satan.So……..let’s open our mouth for HIM.
    Even they kill us, we are going to Heaven, to our Lord Jesus.

  2. I can gurantee this guy Mark Gabriel was never a Muslim and has always been Christian This is a popular ploy that poor Egyptians undertake. Head to the US of all places for fame and fortune – qualifications required: Ability to attack Islam!

  3. @Observer:
    why wouldn’t this be true? it is a known fact that christians are persecuted in islamic countries. nowadays, they can’t say anything about their faith not even in their country…
    you can’t say ‘of course i celebrate christmas’ to your muslim friend because he/she gets offended…
    God help us!


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