SAT-7 staff happy with returned equipment.

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service

CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)– Christian television network SAT-7, which airs throughout the Middle East and North Africa, wants to resume “normal activities” in Egypt after authorities returned confiscated broadcasting and production equipment.

“We are grateful that all the equipment has been returned in good shape, including the un-edited programs on the hard drives,” said SAT-7 Egypt’s Director Farid Samir. “We’re thankful that the local police station stored it all safely.”

And his network urged supporters to “Pray that the team will quickly be able to resume their normal activities, that the remaining legal issues will be fully resolved and that SAT-7 Egypt will face no further problems with the authorities.”

The announcement came more than three months after SAT-7 said Egypt’s “Censorship Police” had raided its studios at a time of reported pressure on devoted Christians in the country.


SAT-7 said authorities came to its offices with a search warrant on October 10, and removed much of the studio’s production equipment, including cameras and all the computers used for editing. Farid was temporarily detained, “facing charges associated with licensing issues”, but released after six hours, the network explained.

Following the raid, SAT-7’s activities in Egypt had been limited with no live shows running and relatively few programs recorded. However, the ARABIC and KIDS channels were able to screen live programs from SAT-7’s Lebanon studio and programs produced by partners, SAT-7 said.

“During the last few weeks, our spiritual muscles were stretched,” Farid explained, adding that “the support of the worldwide Church kept us encouraged.”

SAT-7 said it still does not know “why the Censorship Department found it necessary to remove all the equipment.” However, “We are thankful for the support we have received from local churches, our legal team and viewers— and for prayer and financial support from friends of the ministry across the globe.”

Farid said his network was looking forward “to again seizing the opportunity of serving God, and this is a blessing we do not take for granted.” Through this “difficult period”, he added, “we have experienced the mighty hand of God and the power of the unity of the Body of Christ.”

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