By BosNewsLife Middle East Service

CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)– Christian aid workers say they are supporting thousands of Christian families in Egypt where many still struggle with mental and physical pain after more than 40 people died and countless others were injured in this year’s deadly Palm Sunday attack in the Nile Delta area.

This year’s anti-Christian violence was the deadliest in Egypt since the December 2016 attack on St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, the capital. “Incidents such as these reveal an ever-growing antagonism that is continuing to threaten the general security and safety of the church in Egypt,” said aid group Voice Of the Martyrs Canada (VOMC) in a statement to BosNewsLife.

VOMC said it “aims to bless 3,000 Christian families in nine villages throughout Egypt with a Christmas Blessing package” which
contains ‘practical supplies and a special gift for the children.”

The targeted families “live with the daily pressures of persecution while seeking to live out their faith in a hostile environment,” in the mainly Muslim nation, VOMC said.

“The Christmas Blessing project is a means of conveying our solidarity with persecuted Christian brothers and sisters facing severe challenges for their faith, and prayerfully providing them help, hope, and encouragement.”


VOMC explained that Christians in Canada were involved in the project as it was crucial to “remember the gift of God’s love, as demonstrated through His Son Jesus, [and to] be motivated to share this Good News with others around the world.”

The group also appealed for prayers. “Throughout this Christmas season, and as we soon commence the beginning of the new year, we ask that you, please continue to join our ministry team by remembering to uphold the persecuted Christians…” it wrote to supporters.

“We also ask that you remain mindful to pray for the members of our overseas team who are involved in this year’s “Christmas Blessing” distribution project, as well as all the recipients who will receive this added blessing on your behalf.”

VOMC said it wants that people who “seek to bless others, may, in turn, be blessed by the loving kindness and goodness of our wonderful
Saviour and Lord.”


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