Christians have in the past protested against the reported persecution of Copts in Egypt.

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife

CAIRO, EGYPT (BosNewsLife)– A physically disabled Christian man was beaten in Egypt due to his conversion to Christianity and later detained by police, friends said.

The man, who was named only as Brother P. amid security concerns, “was lured from his house by his neighbors and beaten due to his conversion to Christianity,” explained advocacy group Middle East Concern (MEC).

More details were not made available about the location of the attack due to safety worries.

The case underscored broader concerns about attacks against minority Christian converts and other believers in the Muslim-majority nation.

“His house and belongings were also damaged. Brother P. has a physical disability that prevented him from escaping. Other Christians who tried to help him were also attacked,” MEC added.

He reportedly complained to police, informing them that his conversion was the reason for the attack. However, “police then detained him, but lawyers managed to locate him and secure his release,” according to MEC investigators.

MEC urged its Christian supporters to pray that Brother P. may experience “the Lord’s peace and wisdom during these challenging times.” Prayers were also asked for “his emotional, physical and financial recovery as most of what he owns was damaged or destroyed.”

MEC said it wishes him “wisdom whether to continue to press charges and for justice to be done if he decides to do so.” Rights activists have expressed concerns that Egyptian Christians will experience more pressure during the upcoming Ramadan, the annual Muslim month of fasting and prayer.


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