U.S. Commander Urged To Help Free Detained Afghan Christians

By BosNewsLife News Center KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Human rights campaigners on Friday, December 17, urged the U.S. commander in war-torn Afghanistan, David Petraeus, to pressure the Afghan government to release two detained Christians who face the death penalty for "apostasy", or abandoning Islam.

NEWS ALERT: Released Christian Convert Flees Afghanistan

By BosNewsLife Middle East Service KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- An Afghan man who faced the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity has fled Afghanistan where he was released on bail after international pressure, his friends said Wednesday, April 20.

Detained Afghanistan Christians Facing Death Penalty

By BosNewsLife News Center KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Two Afghan Christians who were arrested for their conversion to Christianity remain behind bars despite diplomatic efforts by the United States to secure their release, a Christian rights group said Wednesday, February 23.

Afghanistan Debates Execution Christian Converts

By BosNewsLife Asia Service with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos afghanistanKABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Afghanistan's tiny Christian minority faced more danger Monday, September 23, after a key legislator suggested that those who convert from Islam to Christianity "are to be executed," Catholics familiar with the situation said.

URGENT BREAKING NEWS: Afghan Facing Islamic Court, Execution, For Christian Faith

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- A disabled Afghan man jailed since May for his Christian faith was to face an Islamic court Sunday, November 21, without legal representation and amid fears he may be executed for converting to Christianity, trial observers confirmed.

Concerns Mount Over Kidnapped Catholic Aid Worker In Afghanistan

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Corresponjudith-PTI-380dent BosNewsLife NEW DELHI/KABUL (BosNewsLife)-- An abducted Catholic aid worker from India remained missing in Afghanistan Thursday, June 23, despite fresh appeals for her release. Judith D'Souza, 40, was reportedly kidnapped in the capital Kabul on June 9 by a crime group specialized in abducting foreign nationals.

‘Growing Number Of Christians In Afghanistan’ Despite Death Threats

By BosNewsLife Asia and Middle East Services with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- A growing number of Afghans, including politicians, are embracing Christianity and meet in "house churches" despite death treats and attacks by Islamic militants, according to Christians rights activists and news reports monitored by BosNewsLife Friday, May 4.

NEWS WATCH: European Journalists Condemn Killing Pulitzer Photographer In Afghanistan

By BosNewsLife News Center reporterssKABUL/BRUSSELS/BUDAPEST (BosNewsLife)-- The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) on Friday, March 4, condemned "the cold blooded killing" of a prominent German photographer in Afghanistan, ahead of Saturday's presidential elections.

International Petition As Afghan Christians Face Execution (BosNewsLife In-Depth)

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Christian rights activists launched on Monday, February 7, an international petition urging Afghanistan to release detained converts to Christianity, amid fears they may be executed.

NEWS ALERT: Afghanistan Postpones Trial Christian Convert; Execution Pending (UPDATE)

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife
KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (BosNewsLife)-- Afghanistan has postponed the trial of a disabled man who faces the death penalty for allegedly converting from Islam to Christianity, trial observers and officials said Tuesday, November 23.