NEWS ALERT: China House Church Leader Released; Family Jailed Professor Flees To U.S.

By BosNewsLife Asia Service BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)- China has unexpectedly released the deputy chairman of a major organization representing the country's growing number of house churches, after he served six months of a two-year "re-education through labor" sentence, rights activists told BosNewsLife Tuesday January 24.  

Int. Concern About Detentions Chinese Christian Dissidents

By BosNewsLife Asia Service BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- The wife of Chen Guangcheng, a blind human rights lawyer under house arrest in China's Shandong province, has urged the international community to intervene, amid concerns about his health.

China Catholics Mourn Persecuted Bishop Zhang Huaixin Amid Concerns Over Detained Leaders

By BosNewslife Asia Service with additional reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos at BosNewsLife News Center and reporters in Hong Kong and mainland China dps-ch_anyang_thomas_zhang_huaixinBEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- Christians in China are preparing for the funeral of Catholic Bishop Thomas Zhang Huaixin who died at age 90 after a turbulent life that included decades of persecution for his devoted faith in Christ and rejection of government control over church affairs.

China Suspends Trial Of Detained Pastor; Lawyers “Mistreated”

By BosNewsLife Asia Service china_prayer_450x450BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- Authorities in central China have suspended the trial of a prominent evangelical church leader, while lawyers investigating the jailing of Christians in an "illegal detention center" have been tortured, trial observers and rights activists said Thursday, April 17.

Chinese House Church Christian Released After Nearly Dying

By BosNewsLife Asia Service BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- One of 10 Chinese house church Christians sentenced to jail and a labor camp in China's Shanxi province was free on medical parole Friday, May 27, as she nearly died after more than a year in detention, her supporters said.

BEIJING BRAINWAVE: Embattled Beijing Church Stubborn On Outdoor Prayers? (Opinion)

By church member Elizabeth special to BosNewsLife BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife Columns)-- Since the embattled Beijing Shouwang Church had its first outdoor public Sunday service in a snowstorm on November 1, 2009, the world has been watching. Now Beijing's largest underground "house" church is making headlines again. Some 300 parishioners have been arrested these last two Sunday's for worshiping outdoors, without state permission.   Why would its members insist to pray in the open air and risk being detained, fired, threatened, or forced to move out of their rented homes?

BREAKING NEWS: China Pastor Gong’s Health “Deteriorating” In Prison (BosNewsLife In-Depth)

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife House-church-movement-leader-Gong-ShengliangBEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- The health of the jailed founder of one of China's largest evangelical house-church denominations is "rapidly deteriorating" and he may die due to a lack of medical care, his daughter and other Christians confirmed Thursday, July 3.

China ‘Abusing’ Family Of Christian Activist Amid Crackdown

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife and BosNewsLife Asia Service BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- A Christian woman and pro-democracy activist in southern China says...

‘China Removes Church Crosses In Crackdown’; 5 Injured

By BosNewsLife Asia Service china BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- Chinese security forces violently removed two more church crosses in China's eastern coastal province of Zhejiang, injuring five senior church members, as part of a wider crackdown in the region, rights activists say.

Chinese Lawyer, Husband, Receive Long Prison Terms

By BosNewsLife Asia Service BEIJING, CHINA (BosNewsLife)-- Chinese human rights lawyer Ni Yulan was spending Friday April 20 in prison as she was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail, Christian trial observers told BosNewsLife.