Vietnam Christian Dissident Released; Evangelist Palau On “Historic” Visit

By BosNewsLife Asia Service HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- A Vietnamese Christian lawyer and dissident has0311-vn-a pledged to continue her fight for more democracy in the Comnunist-run Asian nation, after leaving prison where she spent three years for challenging the authorities and advocating a multi-party government, BosNewsLife learned Tuesday, March 30.

Evangelist Palau Joins Vietnam’s First Protestant Celebration In Decades

By BosNewsLife Asia Service with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- International evangelist Luis Palau travels to Vietnam to participate in the country's first Protestant church founding celebrations since the end of the Vietnam War.

Vietnam Detains Bible Students, Expels Missionary

By BosNewsLife Asia Service HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- Rights activists say Christians in Vietnam face increased persecution after a foreign missionary was expelled and Bible students were detained by security forces

Christian Hmong Tribesmen Detained Amid Questions Over Massacre

By BosNewsLife Asia Service with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- Eight ethnic Hmong tribesmen remained in prison Thursday, May 3, after a court in northwestern Vietnam sent them to 30 months imprisonment for what the government called "disturbing social order and inciting separatist unrest last year."  

Vietnam Detains Christian Tribespeople

By BosNewsLife Asia Service HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- Three Christian ethnic minority tribespeople were reportedly in custody Thursday, May 10, on charges of "anti-state activity" as part what rights activists view as a wider government crackdown on indigenous Degar Montagnard people.

Catholics Protest Vietnam Sewage Plant On “Church Land”

By Voice of America (VOA) Correspondent Marianne Brown reporting from Hanoi, Vietnam, special to BosNewsLife. HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- A tense calm has returned to the streets of Vietnam's capital Hanoi after hundreds of people marched through the center in an ongoing dispute between the state and the Catholic Church over the use of land.

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Declares All Properties Belong to Government

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife vietnam1BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (BosNewsLife)-- Vietnam's Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung says his government will not accept demands from the Vatican to return confiscated properties to the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Mr Dung made the comments in Budapest Friday, September 18 following trade talks with his Hungarian counterpart Gordon Bajnai.

Vietnam ‘Government Assailants’ Attack Christian Center, Several Detained

By BosNewsLife Asia Service with reporting by BosNewsLife's Stefan J. Bos aVietnamPolice HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- Rights activists say violence against a Christian center and the detention of several believers in southeast Vietnam is the latest in a series of attacks targeting devoted Christians and unregistered churches in the Communist-run nation

Evangelist Graham: ‘Thousands Turn To Christ In Vietnam During Historic Festival’

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent BosNewsLife HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- U.S. evangelist Franklin Graham says thousands of people accepted his invitations to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior during a historic Christian festival in communist-run Vietnam where authorities have oppressed religious minorities. "As the Holy Spirit worked in hearts, at least 4,500 people over two nights came forward publicly during the invitations, both inside the sports complex and outside in the extended area, to make life-changing decisions for Christ," he said in a statement following the December evangelism event in Hanoi, the capital.

Vietnam Pastors Survive Attack; Recovering Of Injuries

By BosNewsLife Asia Service vietnamese_church_06-07-09HANOI, VIETNAM (BosNewsLife)-- Two Mennonite church leaders have survived an attack by five men in Vietnam but are still recovering of their injuries, Christians told BosNewsLife. Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang and his associate pastor were reportedly assaulted with bricks and rocks and, after collapsing to the ground, kicked relentlessly near their Bible college north of Ho Chi Minh City.